Retrospectively Reading (40)



AStudyinScarlet LongMaySheReign onetrueloves thehatinggame harkavagrant

I know this looks like a lot of books – and, let’s be honest, it is, but I can explain.

I saw a post on Bookmark Lit that mentioned an app called Serial Reader that lets you read classics a little bit at a time. Since the first Sherlock Holmes book has been on my to-read shelf for a while, this seemed like a good way to finally read this without taking away from my time reading books published in this millennium (not, I’m not a snob about old things, why do you ask?).

I’m also working my way through a lovely eARC of Long May She Reign, so it’s a bit on the backburner and not my main focus. I’m mostly reading One True Loves and The Hating Game, two pretty great adult romances, so they’re holding my attention for sure. I also threw Hark! A Vagrant into the mix because it’s a graphic novel and is a nice, quick read and I want to actually return a lot of books to the library once in a while!


TheUnexpectedEverything aweekofmondays itsnotmeitsyou TheBoyIsBack stepasidepops thefangirlsguidetothegalaxy batgirl1

So many great books to start off my year! Lots of graphic novels/unusual format and great contemporaries – some nice inspiration for the rest of the year.


archie2 shopaholictiestheknot BloodPromise

Books that passed the time and entertained me for the most part, but nothing to write home about (but something to briefly mention on this blog, so I guess the phrase doesn’t quite work).


ShuffleRepeat RebelBelle

These books weren’t bad – there were actually multiple things I really liked about them – but they just didn’t interest me and I didn’t want to push myself to read them and fall into a slump, so I decided they simply weren’t for me. I definitely get the appeal, though.


books i need to reread

Skulduggery6 BeautyQueens TheRevengePlaylist Truth About Forever DistanceBetweenUs EveryBreath EveryWord

I haven’t reread anything yet this year – very disappointed in my reader-self.

books i own but still need to read

SkulduggeryPleasant7 Skulduggery8 BloodRedRoad GoingTooFar EveryMove findme theyearoftherat

Maybe if these books had due dates like library books, I would actually get to them in a reasonable and timely manner.

from the library

Gemina littleblackdresseslittlewhitelies LookBothWays HouseofHades shopaholicandsister TheNest FinnikinOfTheRock afterido thehundredliesoflizzielovett shopaholicandbaby

I am very slowly getting less and less books and getting my library stack smaller – for example, I returned six books this past week and only got four more. Yay me!

Teen Wolf


TheShipFromBeyond thehateugive Fireworks yourewelcomeuniverse elizaandhermonsters thesecrethistoryofus

O.O I went on a little mini-requesting spree and got some beautiful lovelies like the took-way-too-long-to-come-out second outing from Francesca Zappia!


Just Released

I didn’t have a lot of books I was looking forward to this month that came out – they were either at the very beginning or this coming Tuesday. Good – maybe I’ll catch up with all the released books.



yeah, no

Smiles gif set.  Because this fandom needs to lighten up, every once in a while. (I know it's hard...)

Just Added

covercomingsoon covercomingsoon 52reasonstohatemyfather mylifeundecided thekarmaclub batgirl2 batgirl3

Not too many books added lately – well, I did add a few others, but I’ve already read them or gotten them from the library. I’m just in the mood for some fun fluff, as you might be able to tell.


notnownotever dearmartin

Hmm, not too many covers AGAIN, but at least there were a few. I’m not super-impressed by either of them, but I’m really happy that they feature POCs – unfortunately, there are many books about POCs that don’t actually have them on the cover, although this is slowly improving. The colors and the faces barely crammed onto the cover don’t work for me with Not Now, Not Ever, but I do like how Dear Martin has the flashing police lights and such that remind you what this book is about and its importance as a result.


I don’t have any recent pictures – I need to get back on that.


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