There are various regular/semi-regular features on this blog. Some of these features were created by other people and appear on many different blogs, while I came up with a few of my own that aren’t necessarily unique and probably appear on many other blogs with different names. Anyway, here’s a list of all the features so that you can check out other people’s posts as well.


This is a feature where I explore books/series that most people love that I just couldn’t get into. It might seem like I’m doing these posts just to be petty, but I really try to explore why I didn’t like the book and figure out why it works for so many other people. It’s about introspection, not bashing! Luckily, there isn’t a huge number of books on which I’m a black sheep (I’m using black cat because I have one and it sounds a bit more unique), so this isn’t a regular feature – I just write it whenever I think of a book that works well.


A lot of bloggers use this feature and there’s even a Tumblr for it or something similar, I believe, so this isn’t something I came up with on my own either. Basically, it’s exactly what it says – confessions about blogging or reading or whatever I feel like confessing. Odd habits, strange plans, whatever – I’ll talk about them her. This isn’t a regular feature, it’s just “hey, I feel like confessing about the weird things I do today” feature.


This is a specific Discussion feature where I talk about a certain archetype in YA that I don’t like, like the inaugural “Broody Couple and Fun Friend.” This definitely isn’t a regular feature because they take me a while to write, so they’ll pop up suddenly like a fun little surprise!


WonderfulWriting MarvelousMe

This is a fairly broad “feature,” but it’s something I think I want to do more of in the future. A lot of book review blogs have regular discussion posts about just about anything, and that’s what this feature is for me – I write about whatever I feel like whenever I feel like. Some are deeper discussions than others – it all just depends!


At the beginning of every month, I do a quick wrap-up of some of the books I didn’t review from the previous month. Normally it’s a lot of DNFs or books I just don’t have much to say about, but sometimes I’ll throw in a book I reread as well. This is always the first review of the month, so it’s a very regular feature.


This feature is fairly common, but I mostly based my on The Perpetual Page-Turner and Radiant Shadows. For now I’m including most popular song, top books I just read, books I’m excited about, new releases I’m excited about, and a goal for the upcoming month. I might change my mind about certain parts, taking out and adding things as I see fit, but it’s just an interesting way for me to recap my past month and look forward to the upcoming month.


This feature is “mine,” although plenty of other book review blogs do posts of new releases. This isn’t a regular feature, I just do these whenever I feel like. They’re mostly month/bi-monthly editions, sometimes depending on the last time I’ve made one or the next time I might be able to do so. I post the covers, release dates, links to Goodreads, and short explanations of why I want to read that book.


Even though there are a lot of great, new books I want to promote on my blog, I also want to shed some light on older books that I also plan to read. As a result, I came up with the Rewind Edition. It works the same as the regular edition, although without the release dates since they aren’t really that important because all the books are already out. I don’t do this as often since I only have so many books to show, but I’ll do it whenever the mood strikes.


This is my new Sunday/weekly recap feature. I wanted to do something that was more my own and included more things than the books I’m reading and just read in the past week. This feature is my chance to also show off some of my pictures from my Instagram account as well, so that forces me to take more pictures!


This is another feature that is “mine,” although it has different elements that I’ve gotten from other blogs and such. With this feature, I look at older, favorite series of mine that I’ve read all the books in and want to highlight further. It has multiple parts – ranking all the books, favorite quotes, favorite characters, spinoffs or sequels I wouldn’t mind, and more. These are long and time-consuming posts, so I’ll do this once a month at most, perhaps even every other month if I’m too busy with other posts.


This is another of “my” features where I make graphics of quotes. That’s really about it, but it has pretty quotes and graphics, so I don’t think I need to say much more.


This is a very popular meme originally hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and now found on That Artsy Reader Girl. Obviously it takes place on Tuesday, and it involves different topics for which you choose ten books/authors/etc. I don’t do this every week – I pick and choose topics I like and sometimes I get busy – but I’m getting better at doing it weekly, plus I have some old topics that I can use in place of topics I don’t feel like doing.

Retired Features

this weekly roundup post was created by Jordyn of Ten Cent Notes

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