One of the best ways to get to know someone is by seeing what their favorite books are – at least, that’s a really good method when you’re in the book blogging community! These are some of my favorite books in alphabetical order by author’s last name, so that I don’t have to decide which books I like better!

17FirstKisses TheRevengePlaylist GiantDays The Summoning TheGathering Brazen BeautyQueens Diviners Mediator1 PrincessDiaries1 Stay PerksofBeingaWallflower LockandKey Truth About Forever howtokeepaboyfromkissingyou MyLifeNextDoor ToAlltheBoysIveLovedBefore EverythingLeadstoYou Skulduggery1 MagicorMadness Ruby1 SavingFrancesca Moxie SinceYouveBeenGone SaffysAngel TTYL WestingGame LightningThief HarryPotter1 SeriesofUnfortunateEvents1 Reece Malcolm List ArtofLainey SmartGirlsGetWhatTheyWant TheWrongSideofRight TroubleIsaFriendOfMine Impossible


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