Retrospectively Reading (24)


The Books I’m Currently Enjoying

NoParkingAtTheEndTimes HusbandsSecret SixOfCrows

It feels like I’ve been reading this books for a while, but I really haven’t. No Parking At the End Times is an ebook, so I haven’t been too interested in reading it because my Nook is broken and I can only read it on the computer, and I just haven’t felt like it, which seems unfair to the poor little book. I’m liking all of these books so far, though, so that’s all good.

The Best of the Best This Week…

Skulduggery2 WhatWeLeftBehind Bitten Skulduggery3

Hmm, not too many for two weeks, but not bad either. It’s surprising seeing that three of the four books are paranormal – I’ve definitely switched to contemporary as my majority when it comes to genres, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love my paranormals as well! What We Left Behind didn’t blow me away quite like I wanted, but it had a lot of interesting things to say about gender and sexuality, which I could certainly use more of in my books. Bitten wasn’t as great as Armstrong’s YA fare, but I’m definitely curious in seeing where the series goes, and how Armstrong continues to grow as a writer, since this was her first book, if I’m not mistaken, and her YA books came years down the line. And I continue to enjoy my Skulduggery Pleasant reread, which comes as no surprise to me.

…and the Unfortunate Rest

Lock&Mori ShadowStudy

*sigh* I wanted to like these books, I really did, but neither caught my attention and they were threatening to push me into a slump, especially Shadow Study since it’s so long and a fantasy, which isn’t one of my favorite

The Books on the Reading Shelf

FridaySociety Skulduggery4 Skulduggery5 Skulduggery6 SkulduggeryPleasant7 Skulduggery8 WeWereLiars IslaandtheHappyEverAfter JellicoeRoad PerfectCouple ItsAWonderfulDeath Insatiable TheKnockoff Possession TheChoice TheTalisman TheProphecy TheBecoming TheFinalEclipse

This time I’m showing all the books I have from the library and plan on rereading soon so that I can hopefully guilt myself into finally getting to them all because there are so many! And school’s out, so I should really be reading MORE. We’ll see if that actually happens.

The New Books I’m Anticipating

Just Released

This was the last book on my to-read shelf that came out in 2015, so now I’ll just have to wait for the new year for new releases to start overwhelming me again! I jest, I’m definitely looking forward to all that.

Just Added

Stolen ThisIsMyBrainOnBoys TheDisenchantments

Not too many new books on my shelf, either. The Disenchantments is actually an older one that I took off my list but got added again when I went to the wonderful thing that is Half Price Books and got the paperback edition for only $2! Now let’s just hope that I actually like it…

The New Covers and News of the Book World

Seriously, none again? What, is everyone busy with end of the year things and holidays just like me? Unacceptable!

A Picture, Rather than 1,000 Words

I’ll try to start taking more pictures again now that school is out – maybe of my recent purchases, like the nice-looking The Disenchantments? We shall see…

In the Spotlight: the Posts that Got Me Thinking this Week

“Thoughts on Taking A Year Off From a Numbers Based (G00dreads) Reading Challenge” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner: I love doing challenges, but Jamie had some great points about how nice it is to not have the pressure of a challenge hanging over your head the whole year.

“One Bad Apple – How My Words Are No Longer Mine Alone” @ Pop! Goes the Reader: I’ve always loved seeing Jen’s graphics and wallpapers, but I had never really thought about how much thought she put into her words as well, and it’s really sad to see what she went through with a recent plagiarism problem.

“Playing With Format, Perspective, and Voice” @ Pretty Deadly Reviews: I also like books that play with format and such, although second person doesn’t tend to work for me – either way, there are some books on this list I might want to check out now…

“The Joys of Reading Aloud, or, I Love the Sound of My Own Voice” @ A Reader of Fictions: It’s funny, because I remember reading together as a family when I was younger, especially Harry Potter, but I still struggled with audiobooks because I get bored with them. I do like reading some stuff out loud when I’m alone, though, normally boring school stuff that I would otherwise not pay enough attention to.

“I Can’t Remember What I’ve Forgotten” @ A Reader of Fictions: I tend to remember things from books, at least for a year-ish or so, but there are definitely times when I’m trying to write a review and realize I don’t actually remember some or most of the character’s names and it’s only a month later, tops.

“2015 YA Book Cover Choice Awards | What Covers Came Out As the Victors?” @ The Novel Hermit: Look at all the pretty covers that won!

“10 Types of Characters I Love To the Moon and Back” @ Paper Fury: I love a lot of these characters as well and need more of them in my books.

“The Thing About Goodreads Ratings” @ Pretty Deadly Reviews: I thought this was an interesting conversation about who ratings on Goodreads are really for, and who Goodreads is for in general.

“From My Quote Notebook {3}” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner: It was pretty. *shrugs* That’s all.

“How Relatable Do Book Characters Need to Be?” @ Paper Fury: Being able to relate to a character at least a little bit is a big part of reading for me, but that doesn’t mean a book is bad just because I can’t find that relatable quality – but what does it mean for me individually? That’s what I was thinking while reading this post, anyway.

“How to Conquer the Library” @ Paper Fury: I obviously don’t do a great job of conquering libraries and apparently need to make some changes – now if only conquering the library would make me read faster…

“A Toast to Time & the Future” @ Rather Be Reading: It’s sad to see that Rather Be Reading is apparently going to close, but it’s great to see that the co-bloggers behind it have gotten so much out of it over the years.

“The 2016 Book Blog Planner” @ Stay Bookish: I wouldn’t buy this because I know I wouldn’t use it enough to make it worth it, but Hazel’s book blog planner is gorgeous and seems like a great buy for people who actually keep up with planners and such – and did I mention it’s beautiful and gorgeous and pretty to look at?

“Recovering from the Blogging Blues” @ So Obsessed With: It’s always interesting to see how other bloggers are dealing with slumps and related blogging and reading problems.

“Do You Think About Star Ratings While Reading” @ Paper Fury: I don’t do it as much as Cait, but as I read, there are definitely times when I stop in my head to ask myself how it’s going and what rating I think I might give. Some books inspire this more than others, but it definitely happens.

“Second Love Interest Syndrome” @ A Reader of Fictions: I just love posts about the different kinds of love interests, and this can definitely be a frustrating trope – come on authors, why would you ever chose a different love interest than the one I want? I have been pretty lucky for the most part, but sometimes things happens and the wrong couple ends up together, and that’s just not right.

2 thoughts on “Retrospectively Reading (24)

  1. Aww, thank you for sharing so many of my posts!! *gives you cake* YOU ARE SO NICE. I’m clicking on a fair few of these links too because zomg, I’ve clearly missed out on some great discussions out there! And YAY FOR SKULDUGGERY. I only started his books recently and they. are. the. best. XD The humour! I literally am snorting out loud…Valkeryie is like my favourite thing ever at this point. 😉
    Wah, though, I’m sad you didn’t like Lock & Mori. I REALLY want to read that one but I haven’t yet because I’ve heard such dodgy things about it *sigh* I guess not all books are as good as they promise?! 😛

    1. Thank you for writing so many posts to include!

      I’ve never read the last two books of Skulduggery Pleasant and I’ve managed to avoid spoilers so far, but I need to know how it all ends! The humor has always been my favourite part!

      *sigh* Yeah, it just didn’t work for me, unfortunately. Maybe it’ll actually work out for you, though – it’s probably worth a shot!

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