Time to Start Back at Zero // 2016 Challenges

It’s that always fun time of year – new challenges! As always, I have some old classics, like the Debut Author Challenge and my regular 100 Books on Goodreads, but there are a couple of new ones on here – plus, I just wanted to show off my challenge graphics and all the pretty covers.

Debut Challenge

MyLadyJane IfIWasYourGirl ArtOfBeingNormal ScarlettEpsteinHatesItHere Firsts

Sophomore Challenge

TheInsideOfOut TheRoseAndTheDagger KingdomOfAshes CharlotteCutsItOut

Backlist Challenge

PantsOnFire JellicoeRoad KillingMrGriffin TheSugarQueen

Diverse Challenge

RoyalWeddingDisaster UnderTheLights ChinaRichGirlfriend BloodPassage MostLikelyToSucceed BoyInTheBlackSuit FuturePerfect HelloILoveYou UnderAPaintedSky

Retellings Challenge

TheWicked+TheDivine2 TheWitchAndOtherTalesRetold HouseofHades AStudyInCharlotte

Mental Health Challenge

IllGiveYoutheSun ItsKindOfAFunnyStory SavingFrancesca Ruby1


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