Darling Santa, Please Bring Me Books // Top Ten Tuesday


Unlike last year, I’m looking at books I already know and love rather than books I’m looking forward to – but the graphics are still quite Christmas-y, so don’t worry!


These are all the standalones that I’d like to put on my bookshelf and generally hug. Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless and The Art of Lainey were both fun and fluffy books that I’d just like to reread when I need a bit of a pick-me-up. Magnolia had a little bit of romantic angst, but it was a fluff fest compared to the emotional Love Letters to the Dead. I enjoyed it, but I mostly want it so that I can stare at the gorgeous cover and reread some of the better letters that the protagonist wrote to various dead people.


And here are the series I need to complete or just generally want! I don’t have any of the books in the Pivot Point duology or the Cormoran Strike series, and I obviously need to remedy that. I have the first book in the Queen of Babble series, and it doesn’t match the other two books’ covers (unless there are other versions I don’t know about), but I got it for a nice, low price, so I don’t mind too much. The Reptile Room is the only book I still need in the Series of Unfortunate Events, and once I get it, I plan on finally rereading the series. I have the first and third book in the Shatter Me series, but I still need Unravel Me to have a pretty collection of eyes. Boundless wasn’t my favorite book in the series, but I’d still like to complete the collection and try rereading them all again to see what I think of them again.

We’ll see if my family finally breaks their unfortunate tradition of not buying me books (seriously, why not?!), but if they don’t, then Santa is hopefully listening…


3 thoughts on “Darling Santa, Please Bring Me Books // Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Your list just reminded me that I’ve been meaning to read The Cuckoo’s Calling for literally YEARS. I need to get on that ASAP! Anyways, merry Christmas and happy reading! 🙂

    1. It was amazing! If you like mysteries like me, it will totally keep you guessing until the end, and it has some great characters, not to mention Rowling’s regular beautiful writing, even in a grimmer setting like this series.

      Happy New Year and happy reading to you as well!

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