Retrospectively Reading (49)



Skulduggery6 GirlsMadeofSnowandGlass DivorcePapers

The end of the year means that I’m trying to get to all the books from various challenges and personal lists before 2017 officially closes. I’m hoping to read at least Skulduggery Pleasant #7, so I need to finish my reread of Death Bringer first, which I’m enjoying just as much as I remember when I last picked up a Skulduggery Pleasant book. Girls Made of Snow and Glass is going slower because it’s a fantasy book and those always go slow for me, and I just started The Divorce Papers, so we’ll have to wait and see what I think of it and if I manage to finish it before December 31 ends.


shopaholictotherescue ChinaRichGirlfriend TroubleMakesaComeback LairOfDreams Noteworthy RebelHeart DearMartin

Blue books have been good to me the past few weeks, eh?



And there haven’t been too many books stuck in the middle – I enjoyed There’s Someone Inside Your House, but it took the mystery a while to get started and it had the cliched “secret from the protagonist’s past that she hypes up so much that it has to be a let-down and not nearly dramatic enough once you finally find out what it is.” Still, it’s nice to see something new from Perkins, especially something so different.


Witchtown foreverinterrupted

Two books that just weren’t working for me; Forever, Interrupted wasn’t all that bad, but I just didn’t want to put myself through the emotional roller coaster of being in the head of someone who just lost her newlywed husband, so I decided not to.


books i need to reread


Truth About Forever DistanceBetweenUs EverythingLeadstoYou

Maybe 2018 will be the year of rereading?

books i own but still need to read

SkulduggeryPleasant7 Skulduggery8 GoingTooFar tellmethreethings TheBigF BeforeTheDevilBreaksYou

And reading my own books?

from the library

Final cover.indd CanYouKeepASecret ASemiDefinitiveListofWorstNightmaresBadGirlsWithPerfectFaces GenuineFraud

Eh, could be worse, and there’s always a chance that one or two of these books might have to go back unread and be checked out at a later date.




Just Released

Whichwood notnownotever GoldieVance3 Lumberjanes7

A lot of racially diverse books for the win!

Just Added
RichPeopleProblems SevenWaysWeLie

On the first day of Christmas, my bookish TBR gave to me… not too many books to bury me alive!


SavetheDate BatgirlBirdsOfPrey2 MySoCalledBollywoodLife LeahOntheOffbeat UndeadGirlGang

The new covers are slowing down a bit for the end of the year, but there are still some good ones, like colorful stories about interesting looking girls and some nice pins to represent a girl gang.



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“HOW I GOT MY AGENT (!!!): A Tale of Hogwarts Houses, Micro Dreams, and Anxiety” @ Writer of Wrongs

“How My Writing Habits Have Changed in 2017 #CueExistentialCrisis” @ Paper Fury

“Planning For A Great New Year” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner

“F/F Recommendations & TBR for SapphicAThon” @ Stay Bookish

“If We Were Having Coffee” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner

“Unreleased Book Cover Love” @ Bookmark Lit

“Books On My To-Buy List to Complete My Collection” @ Nose Graze

“My Top 5 Tools to Get You Writing” @ Well-Storied

“Bookshelf Tour + See How My Bookshelf Has All Growed Up Over 4 Years!” @ Paper Fury

“How to Create Strong Pacing for Your Story” @ Well-Storied

“Gift Guide: Gifts for (Mostly) Everybody on Your List” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner


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