Reading Buzzfeed-Recommended Books // Copying BookTubers

A new bit of motivation means new features that might never be seen again!

I watched “letting a buzzfeed quiz decide what books i read” by Riley Marie on BookTube, and I was inspired. I know that translating a video into a written post won’t necessarily work, but I wanted to try it, so this is the result. As you can tell from the title of this post, as well as Riley’s video, I want to see what books Buzzfeed thinks I should read. I’m typing up this intro before I even see what books it suggests, so we’ll have to see if this post crashes and burns before I even start the books…

Taking the Quizzes

First up is “Which New Book Should You Read Over the Long Weekend,” which was written back in July, so luckily all of the books should be easier to get from the library now than they would have been. Let’s get to the questions!


1. Choose a Fandom OK, we have some fandoms I don’t care about AT ALL (hello, BTS, Supernatural, and British football?), some fandoms I’ve liked in the past or think are fine, but don’t love (Sherlock and the MCU), so we’ll go with the nostalgic option, the sometimes problematic but always beloved Disney.

2. Choose a Destination Well, I’ve only been to two of these places (New Orleans and Mexico), and New Orleans is a city, not an entire country, so I was able to explore it a bit more, so I think I’d be interested in revisiting New Orleans and getting the chance to stay longer than a day – but mainly, I want some more beignets. 🥐 (I know that’s a croissant, but I couldn’t find a beignet emoji)

3. Choose a TV Show I’ve seen three of these shows (Nancy DrewThe Haunting of Hill House, and the new Charmed), and while I like them all, there’s only one of these shows that I’ve really been in the mood to reread lately, so Nancy Drew wins! I mean, it’s a delightfully dramatic and spooky CW show, so that’s totally my brand.

4. Choose a Job Well, my real job (teacher) and dream job (writer) aren’t on here, so I think I’d be interested in photography, since it seems like the most creative option. Private investigator would be cool, if I weren’t worried about potentially risking my life, and all the rest sound boring and/or terrifying (cult leader, obviously, sounds terrifying, but as someone who HATES public speaking, a lawyer would be horrible as well).

5. Choose a book Hmm… I’ve only read two of these books, and while I definitely enjoyed the To All the Boys trilogy, I’ve been in the mood to reread The Royal We since the sequel just came out, so I’ll go with that option.

6. Choose a nemesis If we were talking about real life, I’m my own worst enemy, but if we’re talking about which one I want to read about, I’m definitely not in the mood for serious books that remind me too much of my own insecurities. Reading about a literal demon, on the other hand, definitely sounds like an interesting premise…

7. Choose your *ideal* 4th of July Plans I obviously didn’t do much this year because of the pandemic and such, but my ideal plans would probably be making art, or something else creative, and chilling with friends if I’m feeling in the social mood.

Time for Quiz #2, “Answer 8 Questions And We’ll Tell You Which New Book to Read This Month“! You can see the results of both right below, I just wanted to keep up the *suspense* a little longer.

1. Choose a Job Another job question, and this time my own job, teacher, came up. I still wish I could pick “writer,” especially since this is all about books, but oh well.

2. Choose a TV Show Once again, I’ve only seen three of these shows (Never Have I EverJane the Virgin, and Once Upon a Time), but I’ll go with the show I’ve enjoyed the most recently, Never Have I Ever – it had its faults, sure, but it was very addictive and fun to watch, and I’d like to read a book like that.

3. Choose a Source of Conflict First enemies, now conflict. Well, I definitely don’t want to read about grief or political oppression right now, so I’ll go with curses, which would I would enjoy exploring.

4. Choose a Book From Your Childhood I saw the Harriet the Spy movie, but never read it; again, I saw the Holes movie but only read the book last year, with my class. I enjoyed the Ella Enchanted book and movie (but don’t compare them – they have almost nothing in common other than being about a girl who is forced to obey everyone and ends up having a dead mom and evil stepmother), but I read so many Baby-Sitters Club books, so I have to go with that for the *nostalgia* once again.

5. Extracurricular Activity I didn’t actually do any extracurricular things in high school other than art club and Latin club, neither of which ever did much or even had more than one or two meetings, so I guess student newspaper is the closest to what I’d be interested in.

6. Choose a Setting Sorry that you can’t see the images well in this picture – you can just out the quiz to see them better. I think the forest and path picture look like the one I’d most like to be in, so we’ll go with that.

7. Choose a Genre of Music I’d say the genre I listen to the most is definitely pop, so this one is an easy question, for once.

8. What ~Vibe~ Are You Looking For? Ooh, ~vibes~ sounds interesting. I’ve been in the mood for creepy mysteries and thrillers lately, so engrossing and eerie all sound interesting, but I think I’ll go with suspenseful – hopefully that’ll get me the books I want, since the other quiz didn’t quite work out well, as you’ll see in… just… one… second…

The Results


I’ll admit, I’m a little disappointed with The Vanishing Half. Yes, I’ve heard so many great things about it, but it also sounds a lot more serious than what I’m in the mood for right now. Come on, how did Disney, Nancy Drew, and literal demons lead to this result? This post shows all the results you could have gotten, and there are many books I’m more interested in, so I retook the quiz once with a couple different answers, got The Vanishing Half AGAIN, took it a THIRD time with a couple more answers, with an emphasis on *spooky* because that’s what I’m in the mood for right now, and finally got a new result: Mexican Gothic. Maybe I’ll read The Vanishing Half someday, when I’m in the mood for some more literary and serious, but when I’m in a quasi-reading slump, I want to read books with over-the-top premises.

And then, with the second quiz, I was still a bit disappointed – I WANTED CREEPY MYSTERIES AND THRILLERS! However, this sounds like a decent second place, a cute and fluffy contemporary. Unlike The Vanishing Half, this seems like a faster book that I could rush through and smile at, so I’ll give Today Tonight Tomorrow a try. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I got a fluffy comedy after choosing Never Have I Ever and pop music, but seriously, how is a book with “brilliant, hilarious, and oh-so-romantic results” anywhere close to a suspenseful vibe?!

Here comes the point where I actually have to read the books. I wrote the intro and quiz results on September 12th, and now I’m getting around to writing up my thoughts on the books in MONTH

9/21 I picked up my hold of Mexican Gothic today – how long do you think it’ll take for me to finally read it?

*          *          *

9/26 OK, it’s time to start Mexican Gothic, and I’m feeling very excited about reading this spooky book as the leaves change and things get a little chillier. I also want to make sure not to take too long with this book, since I had to wait for my hold to come in, so I have a feeling there could be more holds on it from the library.

I’m one chapter in, and I’m definitely intrigued. I’ve heard that this book gets off to a slow start, including from the video I was inspired by for this post, so I hope knowing that going in will keep me from getting annoyed or anything like that.

I also started the audiobook of Today Tonight Tomorrow as I went to bed, and I’m about three chapters in. It seems cute enough, so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy myself with this fluffy contemporary.

*          *          *

10/13 I’ve been slowly savoring Mexican Gothic, and I finally finished it today! It did go a bit slow for me, but adult books normally do for me, so it didn’t seem overwhelmingly slow, like I expected from some reviews. I also was never shocked by anything – I enjoyed it from start to finish, but nothing happened that made my jaw drop.

I really enjoyed the main character, Noemí, which can be rare for mystery/thriller/horror books – she not only had a personality other than “borderline depressive/alcoholic/dismissive of other women while trying to low-key solve a murder” (and I don’t mean that as a slight against depressed characters – they can be done well, and mysteries rarely seem to do that), but she was a feisty and feminist young woman in the 1950s.

I’m definitely interested to read more from Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and I’m happy that I got this from the first quiz (you know, after I redid it to get a better answer 😳).

*          *          *

10/18 I can already tell that, if I do this type of post again, I need to try and update more regularly – it’d be a lot more interesting than coming back at the end and saying “Hey, I finished, I just never talked about it!”

To be fair, though, I didn’t finish Today Tonight Tomorrow, I just finally admitted the truth: I’m DNFing a book for my first experimental post. *sigh*

There wasn’t anything wrong with it – the book is a fluffy, hate-to-love story about the last day of high school and involves a school-wide scavenger hunt, which all sound like great things. There was humor (although most of it just never seemed to land for me), but I was listening to it as an audiobook. I’ve always had a difficult relationship with audiobooks forever, and even though I’ve started doing more of them, it’s still never my first choice, and I’m picky about which ones I can listen to from start to finish. There wasn’t anything wrong with the audiobook, but because it felt like a so-so book, I just never wanted to listen to it, which made it difficult to care about the book – it was just a vicious cycle.

So, this one didn’t work for me.

So, how did this whole experiment work? I ignored my first result and redid it, I DNFed a book, and I never managed to update regularly, so you didn’t get to see my thoughts in semi-real time.

Will you be interested in this kind of post? Who knows! It definitely works better as a vlog-style experience, where you can see the reader regularly update and film their thoughts in real time. That being said, I liked how it came together and has plenty of content by the end of this whole thing. I’d definitely do it again – in fact, I’ve already saved another Buzzfeed quiz, this time one I found instead of what’s in a video.

Did you enjoy kind of following along with me on this journey? Will anyone actually read this? Only you can tell me!

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