Back to Form // Spring Bookish Bingo 2019 Wrap-Up

Summer is here! As I write this, it’s the end of my second week of summer break, so I’m really in the summer mood – which means it’s the perfect time for a new Bookish Bingo!


Before I get to new books and the new board/challenges, though, I have to show off my Spring Bookish Bingo board, because it’s full! It was close – I only filled that damn “novella” square on May 31st – but I managed it in the end.



But we’re not here to rest on our laurels – it’s time for Summer 2019 Bookish Bingo! There are some tried-and-true challenges, like “reread,” “LGBT,” “romance,” “2019 debut,” and “page to screen,” and some very summery topics, like summery colors (pink, blue, orange, etc.), “beach or island,” and “sunshine on cover.” I feel very confident about some of these and not so much about others, but what’s new?

Ruby4 BingoLove daisyjonesandthesix
romance          |          WOC author          |          historical

Thanks to this post not going up at the very beginning of June, I’ve already read books that fill three of the challenges, and by the time this goes up next week, one or two more squares might be filled as well, so I’m making decent progress already.

But let’s see all of the books on my to-read shelf that I still probably won’t read because why stick to a plan!

Pink Cover

RedWhite&RoyalBlue WeAreOkay Shade1

Animal in Title



HexHall Royals SavingFrancesca


TellMeHowYouReallyFeel GoldieVance3 HerRoyalHighness

Series Finale


Graphic Novel

Saga9 TheWickedTheDivine7 lumberjanes11

Orange Cover

10thingsicanseefromhere ThePlaceOnDalhousie

2019 Debut

AllofUsWithWings WilderGirls DontDateRosaSantos IWishYouAlltheBest

Fave Author

SkulduggeryPleasant10 GiantDays10 BridalBootCamp

Blue Cover

Chaotic Good Comps14.indd TheWickedKing LoveFromAtoZ Unbecoming

Beach or Island


Illustrated Cover

CharlotteCutsItOut OntheComeUp TheseWitchesDontBurn TechnicallyYouStartedIt

Cover Change

TheNewGuyAndOtherSeniorYearDistractions flameinthemist SixFeetOverIt

Food on Cover

cherry AmericanPanda

Page to Screen

ChillingAdventuresofSabrina2 Shrill Archie4

White Cover

InSearchOf defyme littleblackdresseslittlewhitelies SomewhereOnlyWeKnow

So many books – can I finally read them and  get them off my to-read shelf? Only time will tell, as is always the case. I really need to think of better outros for these posts…

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