Monthly Rewind // May



I got a job! That’s the big thing from May – that, and the end of school. I’ve done two long-term sub jobs at the same school, and at the end of the year, they offered me a permanent position, so for the first time, I’m going to have my own classroom (!) from the beginning of the year to the end. I’m excited and terrified. Before we get to that, though, I had to make it through the busy and stressful and fun last few weeks to school. Now I’m ready to just get all the reading and relaxing done.


Books Read This Month: 16
Books Read for Challenges This Month: 16
Books Read From My Shelves: 10
Library Books Read: 6
Total DNFs: 3
Pages Read This Month: 4,164
Average Rating This Month: 3.92
Highest Rating This Month: 5
Lowest Rating This Month (Excluding DNFs): 2

Total Books Read for Challenges: 78
Total Pages Read: 21,960
Total Average Rating: 3.96


PaperbackCrush PrincessDiaries1 Clue  Remembrance TheCruelPrince TheVanishingStair SkulduggeryPleasant9 PrincessDiaries2 Ruby3

There were plenty of rereads, but a lot of new and good books as well, so a nice balance.


ToBeHonest firstthen 99PercentMine seriousmoonlight SummerBirdBlue ShadowMe

There were also quite a few DNFs (none of them were bad, just not for me) and so-so books, though, I guess in an attempt to keep me a humble reader.


library books

TheAwkwardPathtoGettingLucky lumberjanes11 GirlsOntheVerge HeartSick BingoLove Saga9 HeroineComplex SummerofSalt

I have plenty of books from the library that I rolled on my Bookopoly board, both ones I already had and just made work and ones that I had to put on hold. I feel like I haven’t been reading a lot of library books lately, so I hope to do better this month.

from my shelves

 TheWickedKing CharlotteCutsItOut DontDateRosaSantos
RedWhite&RoyalBlue DontFailMeNow NightMusic

There are a lot of books from my own shelves that I want to read, though, so we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully I’ll finally get to The Wicked King – it’s been sitting on my shelves, unread, for too long!

eARCs and rereads

Ruby4 HexHall Demonglass SpellBound PrincessDiaries3 PrincessDiaries4 Royals SavingFrancesca

And there are always plenty of books to reread, both from my Bookopoly rolls and some other books I want to get to now that it’s summer and I have a break.



The one, lone book that I couldn’t fit into any of my Bookopoly prompts – still, you might get read, if I read fast enough…



FoolishHearts TheUnhoneymooners SkulduggeryPleasant10 SkulduggeryPleasant11 Shade1

A combination of books I bought, books that are sequels to ones I read this month, and a book that’s been getting a lot of hype (I don’t think I need to mention which one that is…).

physical shelves

FoolishHearts TheBeautyoftheMoment LoveFromAtoZ DontDateRosaSantos
AlwaysNever_BOM_4p.indd RedWhite&RoyalBlue TheWicked+TheDivine2 Shade1

There was a Barnes & Noble sale and I wanted to celebrate the fact that school was almost over, so I went a bit over the top with my book buying this month. Lots of reading to do!


TheRestoftheStory TellMeHowYouReallyFeel TeethInTheMist GiantDays10

Cute and happy romances and contemporary books and covers – and then we have another creepy book from Dawn Kurtagich. Teeth, you may not fit in, but I’m still excited.



80/100 (80%)

ToBeHonest PaperbackCrush PrincessDiaries1 Clue  Remembrance firstthen TheCruelPrince 99PercentMine seriousmoonlight TheVanishingStair SummerBirdBlueSkulduggeryPleasant9 PrincessDiaries2 Ruby3 ShadowMe


39/50 (78%)

ToBeHonest PaperbackCrush Clue  99PercentMine seriousmoonlight TheVanishingStair SummerBirdBlue SkulduggeryPleasant9 ShadowMe


54/100 (54%)

ToBeHonest PaperbackCrush Clue  Remembrance TheCruelPrince seriousmoonlight TheVanishingStair SummerBirdBlue Ruby3 ShadowMe


5/12 (42%)


6/20 (30%)

ToBeHonest 99PercentMine seriousmoonlight


36/25 (144%) – CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

PrincessDiaries1 Remembrance firstthen SkulduggeryPleasant9 PrincessDiaries2 Ruby3


30/25 (120%) – CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

PrincessDiaries1 Remembrance TheCruelPrince PrincessDiaries2 Ruby3

18/12 (150%) – CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

PaperbackCrush Clue SummerBirdBlue


26/25 (104%) – CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

PrincessDiaries1 Clue  TheCruelPrince TheVanishingStair SummerBirdBlue SkulduggeryPleasant9 PrincessDiaries2


15/25 (60%)

none this month!


BingoSpringI have a specific Bookish Bingo post coming up, so I’m not going to go into detail here, but all you need to know is that I just managed to complete this board at the end of May – like, last day.

The new one is already up, so hopefully, by the time you read this, I’ll already be making progress on a square or two.


“It had been Clarabelle’s turn to clean, but Clarabelle had a unique way of doing things that made sense only to her. Her way of cleaning, for example, entailed taking everything that was messy and moving it to another side of the room. It took as much time as cleaning would actually take, but the end result was far less useful.”

– The Dying of the Light (Derek Landy)


FoulIsFair Jackpot One of Us is Next FINAL cover.indd GirlsofStormandShadow

Come on, Girls of Storm and Shadow – you’re breaking the rest theme. Not the face theme, though – all of these covers have people, even One of Us is Next, even though the faces themselves are missing.


BookHaul TrulyDevious BookBulletJournal

f i n d     m e     o n     i n s t a g r a m


I’ve been behind on checking out posts – oops.


1 // On My Block Now that season 2 is out and this show has been renewed for season 3, I’m finishing season 1 and watching the newest season as well of this delightful Netflix gem.

2 // Stranger Things My sister got my parents to start watching this show, and we’re already through season 1, even with her working a lot – binging works for my parents in small doses.

3 // Sims 4 I always go through phases where I play all the Sims and then times when I don’t play it at all – the last couple of weeks have been the former. I wish I could play Sims 2 as well, but my computer can only handle one at a time, and since Sims 4 still seems so new and exciting to me, even after a couple years, it’s the lucky one right now.

4 // Living Single And, once again, thanks to my sister being home, this is another show that we’ve been watching a lot of – she introduced it to me back when she was home last summer, but we had to take a break. This is basically Friends before Friends was a thing and with a lot more diversity and less problematic elements.


As I already said, reading and relaxing. And maybe actually posting. *hangs head*

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