How I Track My Reading


Like many people in the bookish community, I like being organized and keeping track of many things, especially books. Just by reading this blog, you already know that I have my monthly wrap-ups that compile all of my reading for the month, but it’s easy to guess that there’s more to my list-making than these posts and Goodreads. So, I decided to go through the many (and many) places that I keep track of my reading, from digital places like spreadsheets and posts to my bookish planner and bullet journal.

It may take me at least five minutes to write down my latest book everywhere, but I wouldn’t have it any other way – at least, for now. I’m a very fickle person.

Anyway, on to the screenshots of many, many spreadsheets and such!

And I don’t really do these in any particular order – I typically do all the computer things first and the physical writing last, since I often do that before I go to bed, but that’s really the only way I worry about the order of my tracking, and even that can change sometimes. Again, I make very little sense!

I’m using Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for this, which I finished (rereading) in early February. So, you can tell how long I’ve been putting off on finishing this post…

Capture2>> Goodreads

Like most people in the book community, I used Goodreads religiously. Unless I’m somewhere without internet, I update my “Currently Reading” shelf as soon as I finish something.

This especially helps, since I can quickly check things like how many pages there are (in case the book isn’t physically in front of me or I was reading an ebook or audiobook) and when I started it, since I also like to keep track of how long it takes me to read each book. I can also quickly check my “reading shelf” shelf, or my more recently “February TBR” (or whatever month it is) shelf to see what books I have on deck and should check out next.

Basically, Goodreads is a vital part of my reading life, and the week or so that I stopped going on it because there were international protests against Amazon, who owns Goodreads now, was one of the hardest weeks, which I hate to admit.

You can see some of the images I have saved for various aesthetics and other graphics I make for my Tumblr – shameless plug 😊

>> Bookish Bingo

For the past year or two, I’ve been doing Bekka from Pretty Deadly Review‘s Bookish Bingo challenge, so if I can fill in a prompt, I pull it up with my free editing program, GIMP (it’s like Photoshop, but FREE – and less fancy). For the winter bingo, I’ve been covering each square with a light blue square with some red dots, which I just threw together with a free texture I got somewhere. As you can see, I’ve already filled most of the board, so there are less opportunities for me to read a bingo-related books right now, but Harry Potter worked for “Friend’s Fave” (which seems like a bit of a cheat, but whatever).


If you read this carefully, you can see how horribly late I stay up when I’m not working the next day – which is why I never get enough sleep when I am actually working. 😴

>> Monthly Review (and any other wrap-up posts)

Now that I don’t do my semi-sporadic Retrospectively Reading posts, my monthly wrap-up posts are the only post that I regularly update (depending on the book I just finished, I just update some other posts, like my year-long look at all the series books I’ve read in 2019). I put the book up in the “Best of the Best” category or the good-but-not-great-and-sometimes-not-even-great “All of the Rest” category, and then I put them under each challenge they qualify for, plus every book is included in my “100 Books Read” total.

Reader Voracious Blog Spreadsheet
My Shelves Spreadsheet

>> Spreadsheets & Powerpoints

Here is where you’re going to get a LOT of pictures, because I keep up a lot of spreadsheets. Really, you only need one, but what’s the fun in that?

So, all of my spreadsheets were made by me except for the top one, which comes from Reader Voracious Blog. I’ve changed some things, especially the colors (which I did after the screenshot above was taken), and I don’t use a lot of the pages, but I like the charts that are automatically generated. It’s new to me this year.

Another new one for me at the end of 2018 is the “My Shelves” spreadsheet, which is more of a TBR sheet where I also keep track of all the books I own, which is definitely a work in progress. Like, seriously in progress. I’m also experimenting with color-coding, but I don’t always remember which color is which – mainly, it’s for the *aesthetic*.

Capture7 Capture5

I didn’t worry about making the above pictures big enough to read (although they get bigger if you click on them) because my “Wonderful Books 2019” and “The Wonderful World of Books” sheets are pretty similar. The former is all about my reading for 2019 specifically, like diversity stats, my Top 100 of the year, and some challenges, while the latter has things like 2019 releases and a complete list of books on my “to-read” shelf on Goodreads.

Capture8 Capture9

And, because I don’t have enough, I have a regular Excel sheet and a Powerpoint that I can use without the internet! Yep, I use a Powerpoint like a spreadsheet – because I can. 🙃 They have basically the same things, just with some variety, like the Powerpoint is all about genres and I use the spreadsheet to keep track of things like which books have reviews already written for, as well as more stats.

BookPlanner>> Bookish Planner

I bought two planners at the beginning of the year – one I use for school and scheduling stuff, and a Happy Planner that I use for reading. I write down when I start a book, finish a book, and DNF a book; I also try to add some extra stuff, like if it’s a reread or a favorite (although I kind of forgot about that recently) and keep track of my monthly TBRs and new releases. Mainly, it’s pretty and I like looking at it…

BookBulletJournal>> Bookish Bullet Journal

I started using a bullet journal at the beginning of last year, but I ran out of steam at the end of January or so, because I was too busy with school. Around September or October, though, I started using it again, but just for my reading. I always have a monthly TBR page, a quotes page, and a monthly reading page, with some extra things mixed in, like Read-a-Thons and Seasonal Bingos and such. I try to change up the monthly themes and colors and such, and it’s just nice to flip through it every once in a while.


Wow, so many places to keep track of my reading, and yet, I love it. It’s just a way for me to check on the same book in some many different places when I finish a book – it all makes me feel so accomplished.

Now, if only I spent more time actually reading.

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