Monthly Rewind // April



Spring break finally happened – one of the many differences with teaching in a Catholic school (which is a bit weird for someone who was always raised in the Catholic church but is pretty much nonpracticing for many reasons now) is that spring break always happens with Easter, which means it’s really late if Easter is late, as it was this year. It was hard getting to that point – all of the kids and teachers were ready for it to happen already. So I didn’t get too much reading done until spring break started, and then I didn’t read as much during as I wanted, but I finished a whole bunch at the beginning of break, which helped. I’ve been a lot better at being on Instagram lately, though, so I still feel like I’m being productive, whether I was on here or not.


Books Read This Month: 17
Books Read for Challenges This Month: 17
Books Read From My Shelves: 5
Library Books Read: 11
Total DNFs: 4
Pages Read This Month: 4,805
Average Rating This Month: 3.85
Highest Rating This Month: 5
Lowest Rating This Month (Excluding DNFs): 2

Total Books Read for Challenges: 62
Total Pages Read: 17,796
Total Average Rating: 3.97


TheGildedWolves GirlsofPaperandFire Ruby2 thedevouringgray GiantDays8 GiantDays9 RestoreMe MyLifeNextDoor HarryPotter4

This month was a nice combination of new books and rereads, as well as genres (just looking at it, I see multiple fantasy books, graphic novels, a couple contemporaries, and a few paranormal books). That’s what I like to see!


YoudBeMine ThatsNotWhatIHeard ReignoftheFallen EasyPrey
WhatWeBuried GirlsWithSharpSticks AQuestionofHolmes
* Not pictured (because those cover dimensions for comic collections mess up my aesthetic too much) – The Best of Foxtrot by Bill Amend

This is less what I want to see, but at least most of these books were okay. Yes, there were multiple DNFs, but I didn’t hate any of them. There was a 2 star read in here, though (Easy Prey, you were going so okay, why did you have to have that ending?), so these weren’t all middling books.


This TBR is mostly based on my first month of Bookopoly (read more about it here), so you’ve probably already seen most of these books here. Hopefully they’ll all be up in the “read” category at the end of this month!

library books

ToBeHonest 99PercentMine firstthen PaperbackCrush

My library haul this month isn’t too bad, for once, which is good, since I have the last month of school to get through. There will be plenty of fun things, as well as students who are just ready to be done, so I already know I’m going to be exhausted and won’t have a ton of reading done during the week.

from my shelves

Clue TheWickedKing TheVanishingStair SummerBirdBlue

I don’t normally read that many new books from my own shelves, so I hope that changes this time around.

eARCs and rereads

Remembrance TheCruelPrince Ruby3 Ruby4 SavingFrancesca seriousmoonlight

But there are plenty of books from my shelves that I want to reread, because of course! I’m also trying to finish the eARC of Serious Moonlight, but since it’s already out, I can now switch between the ebook and a library copy of the book.



I got this book just after I did all of the Bookopoly rolls, so it didn’t make the cut, but after some good buzz, I’d love to read this one as well before May is over.


CoverComingSoon CoverComingSoon CoverComingSoon CoverComingSoon GiantDays10 GiantDays11
The Heir Affair (Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan) // Girls of Storm and Shadow & Girls of Paper and Fire #3 (Natasha Ngan) // The Devouring Gray #2 (Christine Lynn Herman)

Look at all of these uncovered books! There are a bunch of sequels on here, which is no surprised, considering some good series-starters I read this month.

physical shelves

TwoCanKeepASecretTheBoyWhoStealsHouses Royals  

Blame this all on a Barnes & Noble coupon and me wanting to buy The Boy Who Steals Houses, which isn’t sold in the US, which meant I had to go to the Book Depository, where I figured “why not buy some other books while I’m already here?” I don’t have Red, White, and Royal Blue since it’s a preorder, but I decided to preorder it because of all the great buzz and the fact that I want to support more authors, and I know preorders can be very important to authors. Not everyone has the money – I don’t have the money much of the time – but when I do, I want to use it to support authors, so that’s my excuse. 🙃


HerRoyalHighness LoveFromAtoZ TheresSomethingAboutSweetie
RedWhite&RoyalBlue TheseWitchesDontBurn

There are so many books coming out next week that look fluffy, diverse, and overall wonderful. The ONLY reason I didn’t preorder Her Royal Highness, which I’m so excited for, is because I got the new paperback of Royals/Prince Charming, and I’m really trying to wait for this book to come out in paperback so that they match. If my library doesn’t get a copy right away, though, I can’t make any promises…



64/100 (64%)

YoudBeMine TheGildedWolves GirlsofPaperandFire Ruby2 thedevouringgray ThatsNotWhatIHeard ReignoftheFallen GiantDays8 GiantDays9 EasyPrey RestoreMe WhatWeBuried GirlsWithSharpSticks MyLifeNextDoor HarryPotter4 AQuestionofHolmes


31/50 (62%)

TheGildedWolves GirlsofPaperandFire thedevouringgray ThatsNotWhatIHeard GiantDays8 GiantDays9 EasyPrey AQuestionofHolmes


44/100 (44%)

TheGildedWolves GirlsofPaperandFire Ruby2 thedevouringgray ThatsNotWhatIHeard ReignoftheFallen GiantDays8 GiantDays9 EasyPrey RestoreMe WhatWeBuried AQuestionofHolmes


4/12 (33%)

YoudBeMine thedevouringgray


3/20 (15%)

none this month!


30/25 (120%) – CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

Ruby2 MyLifeNextDoor HarryPotter4


25/25 (100%) – CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

Ruby2 RestoreMe MyLifeNextDoor HarryPotter4

15/12 (125%) – CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

TheGildedWolves GirlsofPaperandFire ReignoftheFallen EasyPrey WhatWeBuried GirlsWithSharpSticks


19/25 (76%)



15/25 (60%)

none read, but I did purge 10 books from my Goodreads shelves


BingoSpringMiniI’m getting there. I haven’t blown through this season’s Bookish Bingo as quickly as I have the past year or so, but 7 squares left isn’t impossible, so I’m not fretting yet.

I really could have covered “A Book You Own” by now, since I’ve read multiple books that I own in the past two months, but they always work for something else, so I just haven’t. Once again, though, I’m not worried about filling it – as I write this, I’m already reading a book of my own (of course, it also works for “Black Cover,” so we’ll see where I put that book when I finish it). So, hopefully I’ll cover them all by the end of the month!


When I yanked the door open, I took a quick series of steps back and to the side.

In time to keep the blood-soaked figure from falling directly on top of me.

It would be fair to say that, after the events of the past few years, my nerves were still somewhat shot. So I hoped I would be forgiven for yelling, “ABSOLUTELY NOT,” before I leapt quickly backward.

– A Question of Holmes (Brittany Cavallaro)


COV&V_JKT_Trade_032819.indd TheKingofCrows

Not many new covers this month. I really like Children of Virtue and Vengeance, especially the girl’s white hair, which really represents Zélie well, and I think I like it a bit more than the first book.

As for The King of Crows, I can’t decided if I like it or not – as silly as this sounds, I almost wanted them to redesign the series for the last time to celebrate the final book in this always-changing series. Mainly, though, I wish they would just go back to the original design and make them all match that, though.


GirlsofPaperandFire PrinceCharming TheDevouringGray

f i n d     m e     o n     i n s t a g r a m


“What Happened in March (ft. The Boy Who Steals Houses is Nearly Here + Book Tour News!” @ Paper Fury | I’d love to check this post out again later, with all its links to different interviews and posts from Cait about publishing and such.

“What It’s Like to Write an #OwnVoices Novel (ft. Autism Pride Month!) @ Paper Fury | I’d love to write some books with protagonists who have anxiety just like me, so this is a pretty inspirational post.

“Seven Submission Tips From a Literary Agent’s Slush Pile” @ Well-Storied | Writing advice is always welcome, even when I haven’t written much all year.

“Rainbow Bookshelf Tour (ft. New House, New Shelf Setup, Same Internal Scream) @ Paper Fury | It’s always nice to look at bookshelves tour, whether for inspiration or to guilt me into reorganizing my own shelves.

“March-April Bookish Bullet Journal” @ Bookmark Lit | And it’s also nice to look at bookish bullet journals, which is why I included this link!


1 // Good Girls I’ve started watching this show again after watching the first or two episodes and mostly enjoying it but not totally sure. It’s on Netflix, though, and the second season is out, so it seemed like a good time, and I’m definitely enjoying this entertaining, quirky, and weird show about women doing bad things for good (and sometimes not-so-good) reasons.

2 // On My Block I’m rewatching season 1 of this amazing Netflix show now that the second season is out – and it was just renewed for season 3, so that makes my rewatch/new watch even better!

3 // Winter 2019 Playlist

It’s actually been spring around here for a while, but it’s only really started to feel like spring over the last couple of weeks (and that’s my excuse for getting this playlist up late, not laziness, obviously).


It’d be really nice if my first month of Bookopoly ended with 100% success!

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