Bookopoly // Intro + May 2019 TBR


As often happens, I’ve been inspired by my fellow bookish people – this time, I was inspired by Becca of Becca and the Books. She created an amazing Bookopoly board (obviously inspired by Monopoly) and uses it to figure out her monthly TBRs. Well, I love Monopoly and like mixing up my TBR planning a bit, so one day when I was home alone and had nothing happening, I decided to make my own. I made it for the most part in that one day, but I still had the rest of March to get through, so I finished it up in the last week or so, because creating things always helps to inspire me, and I want that great motivation.


This is my board – it’s not the nicest board, but I made it all, so I’m pretty happy with it. I got many of the ideas for various squares from Becca, but I also tailored it more to my own interests (ie, less fantasy-related and such). I made the board out of a shoe box, so it’s not a square, but a rectangle, so some of the sides are smaller and have less squares because that’s just the way some things go. If you want any close-ups or have questions, feel free to shoot me a comment here or on my Instagram, where this picture was posted.

Now onto the mechanics of my Bookopoly! I’m not going to go into the basic instructions for it, because anyone who has played Monopoly should know and I’m lazy, but the specific book-related rules are below.

M y   R u l e s

  1. Ten rolls each month = ten books (obviously I try to read more than 10 books a month, but this is meant to be a basic frame for my monthly reads)
  2. If I roll a double, I add another roll (that’s why you’ll find THREE bonus books down there)
  3. I have to have a passing grade – I need to read AT LEAST 60% of the books I set out to read at the beginning of the month (unless there’s a legitimate reason for not getting 60%); if I don’t, then there’s a CONSEQUENCE
  4. What is that consequence, you might ask? Yeah, no idea, I better not get below 60% anytime soon

So far, those are all the rules I have, but I won’t be surprised if I add more rules the more I use this. Only time will tell…

Now, onto the books!

99PercentMine SummerBirdBlue Clue SkulduggeryPleasant9 IfImBeingHonest
firstthen PaperbackCrush Ruby4 TheCruelPrince ToBeHonest 

1. Adult: 99 Percent Mine (library)
2. Diverse Setting: Summer Bird Blue (my shelves)
3. Graphic Novel: Clue (my shelves)
4. Five Star Prediction: The Dying of the Light (my shelves)
5. Most Recent Purchase: If I’m Being Honest (my shelves)
6. Read a Library Book: First & Then (library)
7. Adult: Paperback Crush (library)
8. Romance: Real Live Boyfriends (my shelves)
9. Paranormal: The Cruel Prince (my shelves)
10. Contemporary: To Be Honest (library)

And, because I rolled THREE doubles, I added three more books:

TheVanishingStair Remembrance TheTruthAboutKeepingSecrets

* EXTRA ROLL #1 * Goodreads Random (#95): The Vanishing Stair (my shelves)
* EXTRA ROLL #2 * Adult: Remembrance (my shelves)
* EXTRA ROLL #3 * Mystery: The Truth About Keeping Secrets (my shelves)

So, I hope this is a successful way of deciding my monthly TBRs, but I have to get through the first month (which is also the last month of school – is that going to be a problem? Quite possibly) before I can even think about next month’s TBR.

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