Books On My Spring 2019 TBR // A Belated Top Ten Tuesday


Yes, yes, this is quite late and not the topic for this week (I don’t remember what the actual topic is, but I know I wasn’t super-interested in it, so I’m doing this instead), but I missed this original topic because of all my March traveling and such, so I’m doing it today instead! I’m hoping that spring goes better than winter, as you’ll see down below…


firstthen SummerBirdBlue ThatsNotWhatIHeard IfImBeingHonest

As always, there are plenty of contemporary books – who’s surprised. I only have one of these books on hand right now – I preordered Summer Bird Blue and still haven’t gotten to it, oops – but I also preordered If I’m Being Honest, which comes out in late April, so I really want to get to both of those sooner rather than later. I know my library has First & Then, which will be my second Emma Mills book (although it’s her first book), and I just have to hope that my library also has the latest Stephanie Kate Strohm book; she can be a bit of a hit or miss author for me, but this newest one sounds more like her books that I really like, so I hope this is a new favorite from her.



I was already planning on reading this nonfiction book, but now that there’s a Hulu show based on it, I’m even more intrigued. I don’t know much about it other than the fact that it explores how women are affected by sexist ideas like “loud, opinionated women are shrill and gossipy” and other related topics.


SkulduggeryPleasant9 defyme

Two books from my shelves – one that’s sat there for a couple years now (I love you, Skulduggery Pleasant, even if I’m horribly slow at catching up on your books!), one that was a preorder that just arrived last week. These are pretty different books, but I hope to get to both of them before the start of summer.


Clue SomethingStrangeAndDeadly KingOfScars

And here’s the odd grab bag of TBR books – we have a graphic novel retelling of a board game and/or movie (I’m really not sure), a historical zombie story that I got from a library sale years ago and need to get to or admit that I’m never going to read it, and a recent book that’s the beginning of a companion series to two very popular fantasy series with characters from both. The only thing these books have in common is that I have all three on my shelves and they all need to get read.


Winter 2019 TBR

The Books I Read and DNFed

ThisAdventureEnds AVeryLargeExpanseOfSea TheUndomesticGoddess LittleWhiteLies CatsCradle

Well, I read 5 out of 10. Not horrible, but that’s technically a fail, since it’s only 50% complete. It’s a mixture – I really loved This Adventure Ends, enjoyed A Very Large Expanse of Sea, Little White Lies, and Cat’s Cradle, and DNFed The Undomestic Goddess, so these books don’t really have anything in common in synopsis or my own experiences.

The Books I’m Currently Reading

Yeah, I haven’t gotten to any of these books since the beginning of March. Oops…

The Books I Still Need to Read

BeneathTheSugarSky SkulduggeryPleasant9 TheWickedKing GoldieVance3 Clue

Yes, two of these books appeared above, because I REALLY NEED TO READ SOME OF THESE BOOKS ALREADY. Really, all of them, but I wanted to throw in some new books because there are just so many books that I want to read and never seem to get to without a little extra pressure.



2 thoughts on “Books On My Spring 2019 TBR // A Belated Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Great list! I hope you manage to get to all the books you want to get to – I keep meaning to read Shrill.

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