Retrospectively Reading (60)


Well, it’s the end of a (very inconsistent) era – not the blog, but this feature, Retrospectively Reading. This was my answer to all the various weekly wrap-up posts that many blogs used to do, but I’m not the only one who stopped doing these as much. Once I stopped doing this every week and did it once twice, maybe even just once a month, it was like a different version of my Monthly Rewinds, so it seemed redundant. So, at the end of this month, my Monthly Rewind post is going to look a little different, because it’ll become a mix of the regular categories as well as some of the categories from these posts that I want to keep. I doubt anyone will really miss this feature, but I’m a little sad to see it go – but I’m glad to have one feature that has everything I want instead of two posts that overlap a bit too much.

So, enjoy the last Retrospectively Reading post, and get ready for a very long Monthly Rewind at the end of January!


TheBigF CatsCradle thiswillonlyhurtalittle Lumberjanes10

I had the unrealistic goal of finishing all of my 2018 books and starting all new books on January 1st, but that didn’t happen. The Big F and Cat’s Cradle are both books I started in 2018, and the other two books I finished these week were also 2018 reads. *shrugs* It wasn’t realistic for me, so I’m okay with that. I’m about halfway through the former and about 100 pages into the latter, so it’s going well, and hopefully I’ll finish them in the coming week. I just started listening to This Will Only Hurt a Little on audiobook because there weren’t a lot of options on Scribd (for some reason, some titles disappear and have a “coming on This Date” message for no reason, and I have to wait half a month for them to show back up) and one of my sister’s favorite shows is Cougar Town, which means I enjoy it as well, and Busy Philipps was on that. And finally, I just started Lumberjanes: Volume 10 – Parents’ Day – I’m happy to be reading another book in this delightful series.


Mediator1 Mediator2 CuckoosCalling LadyKillers Mediator3 DownAmongtheSticksAndBones TheProphecy HarryPotter1 BygoneBadassBabes DearRachelMaddow Mediator4

So many great rereads (The MediatorHarry Potter!), plus some new ones in between – a great way to finish the year and start the next.


America1 TwoDarkReigns Batgirl4

There were also some books that were good but didn’t wow me, but I’ll take that.


MyTrueLoveGaveToMe TheDirtyBookClub OddOneOut TheDeathofMrsWestaway BeyonceinFormation SawkillGirls

And then there are all the books I DNFed, some sooner than others, because I didn’t want to end the year or go into the new one with a reading slump. These books just weren’t for me, and I don’t regret moving on.


books new to my shelves

TheBoyIsBack SexObject

I made a post-Christmas trip to Half Price Books to shop for my dad’s birthday, but of course I picked up some books for myself while I was there! I grew my Meg Cabot collection again with this delightful book I read last year (or the year before? 2017, I think) and I found Sex Object, a memoir I read back in 2017 or so, in the clearance section, and I could use some nonfiction in my collection.

And I just noticed how yellow this little haul way. They were meant to be bought together.

from the library

LoveALaMode Unmentionable Trainwreck YouDontKnowMeButIKnowYou

I have some other books on my “might read” shelf that I got from the library, but these are the main ones that I hope to read within the next couple of weeks.

DeadQueensClub JustForClicks YoudBeMine

I have a few eARCs to read for once! The first one comes out at the end of January, so I hope to start it next week or sometime soon.


Just Released

There are a lot of new January releases coming next week and later, but none have come out since the last RR post, so this is blank.

Just Added
Gwenpool5 daisyjonesandthesix nojudgments

New comic book, new from Taylor Jenkins Reid, and A NEW BOOK FROM MEG CABOT!

Can you tell which one is the best addition to my to-read shelf? I don’t think I was very subtle…


LoveFromAtoZ thebonehouses

There haven’t been a lot of new covers, but that’s not surprising with so many holidays during the past month or so. I ended up with two very different covers – a cute one of an upcoming contemporary and a creepy one for an upcoming paranormal book, both from authors I’ve read in the past (S.K. Ali and Emily Lloyd-Jones).



“2019 Book Blogger Spreadsheet Template” @ Reader Voracious Blog | I’m a fan of bookish spreadsheets, and this very detailed one is no exception.


One thought on “Retrospectively Reading (60)

  1. Thank you so much for linking to my spreadsheet, that is so sweet and I am so glad that you found it useful! I hear you on the weekly wrap-ups, I also favor doing monthly one(s) instead personally but I do love reading wrap-up posts in all forms. Good luck with your revamping of monthly rewind and happy reading!

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