Retrospectively Reading (56)


Just as I suspected, my blogging has slowed down now that I’m working (and it’s only a long-term sub job, so it’s not as demanding as a full-time teaching job would be), but my reading has stayed pretty high, mainly because I’ve been reading a lot of graphic novels. I’ll try to write more posts, but I’m not going to pressure myself to do that – reading and enjoying blogging is more important to me than being consistent with blogging.

So, this is my not-apology for inconsistent blogging. I’ve been more consistent with bookstagram, so you can always check me out there, and of course, I’m always on Goodreads.


TheKissQuotient AnEmberIntheAshes ListenToYourHeart TheSevenHusbandsofEvelynHugo Batwoman1

I think my “I’m super busy at school and tired at home” feeling is the reason for reading so many books at once. I’m almost halfway through The Kiss Quotient and Listen to Your Heart (I think KQ is fine but not really expectation-smashing like some people have been saying and I’m enjoying Kasie West’s latest), plus Batwoman: Volume One (but, of course, that’s much shorter), and I’m at the beginning of the other two. I’m enjoying everything, so I don’t really know why I felt the need to start so many books, but it’s working for me right now, so I don’t care. I’m doing my own reading mood.


PeopleLikeUs Lumberjanes9 TheWayYouMakeMeFeel AlwaysNever_BOM_4p.indd EveryHeartaDoorway TheWickedAndTheDivine6 ChildrenofBloodandBone BatgirlBirdsofPrey3 HarleyQuinn1 Jughead1 Jughead2 Jughead3 SavetheDate Betty&Veronica

You can always tell that it’s been a while since I did one of these posts when I have so many books to show. Of course, they could all be in the next two categories, but luckily there have been plenty of four star books, and some even higher.


TheCaseForJamie Nightwing HarleyQuinn2 TheLoveGap

There have been some good not great books as well, but I’ll take that too.

I even included The Love Gap on here, but it was actually a DNF – I put it in the middle category because, while I enjoyed the 100 or so pages I read, 100 or so pages of dating talk was enough for me. Those 100 pages were fine, but I think this is a book better suited for people who don’t identify somewhere in the demisexual side of sexuality.


Unbelievable Geekerella BakersvilleDozen MyFairGodmother NeverHaveIEver

This has a lot of DNFs (and one 2 star – sorry, The Bakersville Dozen, but you didn’t work for me), but they were really all “you just don’t work for me” books, and I’m happy that I was able to realize that and set them aside before they pushed me into a slump.


books new to my shelves

TrulyDevious TheCheerleaders SaintsAndMisfits KillerInstinct AllIn thesweetterriblegloriousyearitrulycompletelylostit ThreeDarkCrowns TwoDarkReigns SummerBirdBlue

There have been some great sales lately, so combine that with the fact that I was celebrating my (short-term – I need to remember this for the sake of my wallet) new job and you get a lot of books! I think these are all the books I got, but I may have forgotten one or two. Some are books I’ve already read and loved (#3 – 7), while the rest are books I want to read as soon as possible. The first two and the last are the most likely to be read because they seem fall-esque, but I want to reread Three Dark Crowns (and One Dark Throne, which I don’t own) before I read the newest book in the series (which I bought in hardcover instead of waiting for it in paperback because IT WAS SIGNED – I just randomly saw a bunch of signed editions at Half Price Books). So, I have a lot of reading to do.

from the library

NotTheGirlsYoureLookingFor GentlemansGuidetoViceandVirtue WhattoSayNext BatmanDetective1 HiddenPieces HarleyQuinn3

I also have a lot of library books, but these are some of the main ones that I’ll probably get to the soonest. Well, that’s the plan, anyway.


none at the moment!


Just Released

HiddenPieces GiantDays8 TwoDarkReigns LethalWhite

People always say “there are so many books being released in the fall!” *shrug* Maybe it’s because those always seem to be a lot of fantasy and fantasy-adjacent books, and I just don’t read those much. Still some good books to look for, though!

Just Added

IfImBeingHonest DownAmongtheSticksAndBones BeneathTheSugarSky TheWickedTheDivine7 HarleyQuinn2 HarleyQuinn3

As you can see, I’ve been adding some books from series I’ve being reading, as well as the next book from a set of debut authors I just read (see above: Always Never Yours).


NightMusic TeethInTheMist RedWhite&RoyalBlue

Still not many covers have come out lately, but the ones that have are wonderfully creepy and also cute. If you can’t tell, the middle one gets the creepy title, not the cute one.


I like this picture of my basic September TBR until I remember I’ve barely read any of them and the month is over 2/3s over already. At least it’s fall-esque. And Luna is always a good thing.


“Excellent Adaptations: Crazy Rich Asians (with book review) + To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” @ Bookmarklit | I was lucky enough to go to Crazy Rich Asians and then watched TATBILB the next day when it premiered on Netflix, so it was nice reliving those a bit by reading these reviews/comparisons. I want the sequels to both now.

“The Writing’s On the Wall: The Other Side of Lost by Jessi Kirby” + “The Writing’s On the Wall: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han” @ Pop! Goes the Reader | Both of these posts have some gorgeous wallpapers inspired by a book I’ve read and one I haven’t (I think it’s obvious which is which).

“Talk Nerdy to Me: Six BookTubers Whose Work Brings Me Joy” @ Pop! Goes the Reader | I’ve gotten into BookTube lately, so it was interesting to see some recommendations, especially since Jen was so articulate in why she loved each of these girls.

“Ways to Keep Learning Long After You Leave School” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner | The podcast recommendations are what really interest me about this post, but in general, I get the feeling of wanting to keep learning – as a teacher, I’m still learning, but it’s a bit different when you’re the one teaching instead of learning.

Bookish Things I’ve Learned About Myself” @ Bookmark Lit | It can be interesting to see the different parts of blogger’s bookish personalities, especially when I can compare to myself (hello, arcs + mood reading = not good things), and even when I can’t (no organization in bookshelves?!).

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