Retrospectively Reading (52)


One more week of school, one more week of school, one more week of school! Well, it’s really two and a half days, but I’m counting that as three because I have to get up early for all of those three days, so they count. Anyway, the point of my rejoicing is that I hope my reading will pick up once summer officially starts. I haven’t been as bad as I was back in February or so, but I’m definitely not reading as much as I normally do. In between naps and school, I just don’t have enough time to read as much as I’d like.

Of course, since I haven’t posted one of these posts in a while, there are still plenty of books in here.


TheTrialsofApollo MySoCalledBollywoodLife LoveHateAndOtherFilters Moxie

Modern Greek mythology, Bollywood movies, Muslim protagonists who are more than their religion and race, and girl power – lots of books, lots of nice diversity and stories. Now I just need more time to read them all…


BatgirlBirdsOfPrey2 notnownotever RestoreMe TheLastOfAugust ATaxonomyOfLove TheBrightsiders ThePurityMyth NiceTryJaneSinner howtokeepaboyfromkissingyou Lumberjanes8 Brazen TheCruelPrince

Wow, I really haven’t posted one of these in a while – I feel like I read some of these books, like Not Now, Not Ever and Restore Me YEARS ago (OK, months ago, but in a school year, months can be a long time). There were some surprises, like Brazen and The Cruel Prince, as well as books I was pretty sure I’d love or love all over again, like How to Keep a Boy From Kissing You (reread) and the newest Lumberjanes graphic  novel (continuing series).


YoungAvengers2 RoyalCrush KissingGames 

And there are always those books that aren’t bad, but aren’t great – they’re nice to read for a while, but you aren’t sad to close them when they’re done.



After reading reviews, it was clear that I would fall in the “not a fan” category of this love/hate book – I didn’t care about the characters and didn’t find the writing magical. It was better to cut my losses and move on.


books i need to reread

DistanceBetweenUs EverythingLeadstoYou TheDiamondofDruryLane CatAmongthePigeons DenOfThieves CatONineTails

Let the Cat Royal rereading begin, and soon (by which I mean, this probably won’t happen for another month or two, but I’m optimistic).

books i own but still need to read

Skulduggery8 SkulduggeryPleasant9 GoingTooFar TheBigF TheWayYouMakeMeFeel BlackHeartOfJamaica CatsCradle

I also bought some new books since I last posted one of these (but I think only one of them is showing up here – The Way You Make Me Feel).

from the library

TheCaseForJamie RagingStar thesweetterriblegloriousyearitrulycompletelylostit TheSummerOfJordiPerez WhattoSayNext LeahOntheOffbeat Obsidio ToughMothers

I have a lot more books from the library, but they’re all “might reads,” and since so many books go back to the library anyway since I always have less time to read than I expect, I’m too lazy to resize the covers for this post. They’ll show up if I actually get around to reading them.


none at the moment!


Just Released

GiantDays7 SummerOfLies LeahOntheOffbeat TroubleNeverSleeps HiddenPieces MyPlainJane TheWayYouMakeMeFeel UndeadGirlGang

The summer book extravaganza has begun!

Just Added
WhattoSayNext TheCaseForJamie CoverComingSoon CoverComingSoon CoverComingSoon Lumberjanes9 Lumberjanes10 CoverComingSoon
A Question of Holmes (Brittany Cavallaro) // Two Can Keep a Secret (Karen M. McManus) // Red, White, and Royal Blue (Casey McQuiston) // Virtually Yours (Sarvenaz Tash)

I feel like I haven’t been adding a lot of books to my to-read shelf lately, so it’s nice to see that there were some there, especially books from authors I haven’t read – I’ve been so hesitant to add unread authors to my to-read list, instead just putting them on my maybe-read shelves.


SummerOfLies TheLyingWoods KingOfScars

WHY AREN’T THERE MORE COVERS YET?! It’s been at least two months since I last did one of these posts, and yet only two covers.

Also, Leigh Bardugo continues to have all the luck when it comes to covers.



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