What Books Should I Revisit This Year?


We’re already three months into the year and I haven’t reread any books yet, so obviously, I should come up with a list of way too many books that I can’t possibly all get to, right? Well, even if I shouldn’t, that’s what I’m going to do – let’s look at the many books I want to try and reread this year, with some titles I’ve been meaning to reread for a long time.

Before we look at the books, though, let’s look at some words: specifically, words about me + rereading. I love rereading, but in the past few years, I haven’t been able to reread nearly as much as I would like before there are so many new books, coming out every single month! Blogging lets me know about so many new books, which is awesome but not so much for my rereading. So, I currently always have one of my own books in my reading rotation – so far, it’s only been new books I own and haven’t read yet, but I have some rereads waiting in a stack, rather than on the shelves, in the hopes that it’ll guilt me into finally rereading them.

I also want to reread series, and I did a decent job of doing that last year, but I quickly discovered that binging isn’t the best thing for me: I run out of steam. So, I switch things up – I’ll read Book #1 from a series, then a standalone or another book from a different series, then Book #2, then a different book/series, and so on. I don’t know why, but it works for me, keeps me from burning out. I think I’ll continue to do that this year, especially since there are various series I want to reread this year, along with rereading some books so that I can finish the series.

Anyway, on to the books!

Truth About Forever DistanceBetweenUs EverythingLeadstoYou

Book: The Truth About Forever (Sarah Dessen)
Have I Reread It Before? No
Why Do I Want to Reread It? I managed to reread my first Sarah Dessen book last year or the year before, and this was my first Dessen title ever, and it remained one of my favorites even after reading plenty more, so I’m excited to see if I still enjoy it just as much. Plus, as is often the case with Dessen books, I remember loving all the side characters, so I want to revisit them.

Book: The Distance Between Us (Kasie West)
Have I Reread It Before? No
Why Do I Want to Reread It? Besides Kasie West’s paranormal debut, this was my first fluffy West title, my introduction to her great contemporaries, and it’s a shame that I haven’t been able to revisit it yet. I remember loving the main character’s dry wit, and I want to see more of that humor.

Book: Everything Leads to You (Nina LaCour)
Have I Reread It Before? No
Why Do I Want to Reread It? I loved this book – I’m talking 5 stars. I kept expecting things to go downhill, either for me personally or in the book, but it was a lovely story that happened to have two girls falling in love, all without too much romantic drama. I want to relive that magic.

TheDiamondofDruryLane CatAmongthePigeons DenOfThieves CatONineTails BlackHeartOfJamaica CatsCradle

Series: Cat Royal (Julia Golding)
Have I Reread It Before? No (and Books #5 and #6 haven’t been read yet)
Why Do I Want to Reread It? I haven’t read the last two books of this series yet, so I want to reread the first four books and then finish the series. I picked the first book in this series years ago, so it’s possible that this series might be a bit young for me now, I don’t know for sure. It’s set in the late 1700s, and I don’t really do historical, but there are some nice adventures for a sassy girl named Cat Royal, so I think I’ll enjoy myself.

InkIsThickerThanWater TheRevengePlaylist Magnolia

Book: Ink is Thicker Than Water (Amy Spalding)
Have I Reread It Before? No
Why Do I Want to Reread It? I’ve reread Amy Spalding’s first book, The Reece Malcolm List, and I’d like to reread it again, but I should reread the other Spalding title I have first. I remember not liking this as much as her first book (although this was technically her first one, it was just published second), but I still enjoyed it, so I want to have some nice family feels.

Book: The Revenge Playbook (Rachael Allen)
Have I Reread It Before? No
Why Do I Want to Reread It? I need all the “girls getting revenge on football players supported by rape culture” feels. I want to reread both of Rachael Allen’s books, but this is the one I’m most excited about.

Book: Magnolia (Kristi Cook)
Have I Reread It Before? No
Why Do I Want to Reread It? This was a nice, fluffy book about a hate-to-love romance – sometimes, you just need the fluff.

Ruby1 Ruby2 Ruby3 Ruby4

Series: Ruby Oliver (E. Lockhart)
Have I Reread It Before? Yes (once)
Why Do I Want to Reread It? I love this series, but I’ve only actually read it twice. That’s unacceptable, self. Plus, I want some nice romance and anxiety representation, and I know this series has this. Too bad I haven’t fallen in love with anything else E. Lockhart has written like this quartet.

InHonor FindingAudrey WestingGame

Book: In Honor (Jessi Kirby)
Have I Reread It Before? No
Why Do I Want to Reread It? I want to reread another of Jessi Kirby’s books, but I’m interested in the romance aspect of this one for the most part – it seems like a good one to pick up whenever I’m really in the mood for romance.

Book: Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella)
Have I Reread It Before? No
Why Do I Want to Reread It? This is another book that’s great for the mental health representation as well as some great family comedy and feels.

Book: The Westing Game (Ellen Raskin)
Have I Reread It Before? Yes (a lot)
Why Do I Want to Reread It? This book has so much nostalgic love, but I really do think is a great love, even without all that nostalgia. I would love a movie or miniseries version of this – apparently, there is one, but it wasn’t very good and was made at least twenty years ago or so, so I’m not interested in that. I am very, very interested in this book, though!

Mediator1 Mediator2 Mediator3 Mediator4 Mediator5 Mediator6 Proposal Remembrance

Series: The Mediator (Meg Cabot)
Have I Reread It Before? Yes (not the novella and #7)
Why Do I Want to Reread It? I’ve reread this series so much, and for the past five years or so, it was my summer tradition. I took a break last year, though, so that I don’t get burnt out, so this year seems like the year. Plus, I haven’t read the new novella and seventh book since they came out two years ago, which was my last reread (obviously).

WheretheStarsStillShine TopTenCluesYoureClueless Catching Jordan StealingParker

Book: Where the Stars Still Shine (Trish Doller)
Have I Reread It Before? No
Why Do I Want to Reread It? This was such a magical story of family – and I remember almost nothing about it, other than generalities like that. I need to remedy that and finally reread it.

Book: Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless (Liz Czukas)
Have I Reread It Before? No
Why Do I Want to Reread It? Like some of the other books I’ve mentioned, this book is just nice, fluffy fun. It seems like a good one to finally reread after I’ve read something heavier, especially some issues-heavy contemporary book. It’s a nice, self-contained character story that makes me think of some great teen movies or an episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine or Superstore.

Books: Catching Jordan + Stealing Parker (Miranda Kenneally)
Have I Reread It Before? No
Why Do I Want to Reread It? I haven’t finished reading all the books in this companion series, but you don’t really need to reread to read new books, especially the newer ones, which are part of a new “generation,” with the main characters in these books heading off to college and such. No, I want to reread Stealing Parker because it was my favorite in this series by far; I wasn’t as big a fan of Catching Jordan, but after seeing it at a library book sale, I decided why not and want to check it out again, because it has a childhood friend romance going on, and I love those. Maybe it’s one of those books that I’ll like more the second time around? I’ll have to reread it to know for sure.

Well, maybe I’ll check it on this post sometime around December or January and see how well I actually did. I’m sure I won’t do great, but honestly, as long as I actually get to a handful of these books and series, I’ll be happy. I want more rereading in my life again!


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