My Year In TV Shows // A Look Back At 2017


About a month and a half into the new year, let’s look at some of the many shows I started and watched last year! There are new shows I just discovered, new ones that kept my attention for more than an episode or two, old favorites that are still running, and a few great re-watches. I talked about some and them and just let the posters and some GIFs do the talking for the rest.

Warning: this is a long post – there are a lot of GIFs, and I regret nothing. But I’ve toned it down from what it’s been in the past, and I decided to just showcase the shows that made more of an impression, not simply all the shows.


Gone Too Soon

F a k i n g   I t   ( 2 0 1 4   –   2 0 1 6 )

I may be happy that Katie Stevens was able to go on to a wonderful new show (see The Bold Type below), but I will miss this odd little MTV show. It should have gotten a chance to be bigger and have more character who are wonderfully confused and diverse. I hope the whole cast manages to go on and find great new shows.

G i r l b o s s   ( 2 0 1 7 )

The protagonist could be really annoying and a bit of an entitled brat, but you still found yourself cheering for her. It’s too bad that Britt Robertson didn’t get a chance to explore the character even more – I think she was the main reason I was able handle to handle Sophia sometimes.

N i g h t   C o u r t   ( 1 9 8 4   –   1 9 9 2 )

Thank you, random channel on my TV that has really old shows. This show was over by the time I was born, but I’m still able to marvel at some of its timelessness and really laugh at the parts that aren’t so timeless (the fashion, oh the fashion and the hair). I like how diverse and quirky this show can be, although I refuse to watch it when they round around to the first couple seasons because it doesn’t have all the characters I like.

P i t c h   ( 2 0 1 6 )

Before I praise this show, I’ll admit it – I never watched the last few episodes because I knew I couldn’t handle the cliffhangers and all the feelings, knowing that it would never continue. This really was a great show about baseball and girl power and relationships. I hope that Kylie Bunbury gets the chance to have another starring role, because she definitely wasn’t the reason that this show didn’t get a second inning (sorry, had to go there).

S p i n   C i t y   ( 1 9 9 6   –   2 0 0 2 )

Another discovery on that old show channel. This is a fun workplace comedy that happens to take place in a mayor’s office. It’s also another older show that manages to be a lot more diverse than I expected from an older show. Unlike Night Court, Spin City is a show that I can only watch the first four or five seasons of – replacing Michael J. Fox with Charlie Sheen is not a move I like, even if Michael J. Fox needed time off because of his Parkinson’s. He just had this fun energy that the whole show mirrored, which was why it was so fun.


S t i t c h e r s

It should be illegal for networks to cancel shows without warning, because then you get cliffhanger endings that we’ll never get the answer to! If you can’t tell, that’s what happened with the third season of this show – we’ll never know if protagonist Kirsten lost her memories or not! And we had a new character I was starting to like (Kirsten’s half-sister) and a budding lesbian/bisexual relationship with a main character who I thought threw out a line about dating a girl because shows like to pretend they’re edgy, but then they actually went there! Why couldn’t they have kept going there?!


S w e e t / V i c i o u s

I’ve actually only watched one episode of this show. *hides* In my defense, by the time I could catch up, they had cancelled it and I didn’t want to break my heart by falling in love with it even more than I already had. Someday I will watch it all – maybe when the world rights itself and someone else, like Hulu, picks this show up? I HAVE HOPE! Anyway, it’s about two girls basically becoming college vigilantes in order to go after guys who sexually assault girls. It would have been so much more popular if it were released in late 2017 instead of early 2017 – just try it again, TV gods!

Gone Too Soon – the Rewatch

D o n ‘ t   T r u s t   t h e   B   i n   A p a r t m e n t   2 3

You’d think that, when they put all two seasons on Netflix/Hulu (it was on Netflix, then they took it off while I was still rewatching, so I switched to Hulu), they’d fix the fact that these episodes aired wildly out of order – the protagonist would have a job, then she’d be searching for a job, then she’d be back at a job; playing-himself James van der Beek would be on Dancing with the Stars, then he wouldn’t, then he would again. That being said, I think I enjoyed this show more the second time around, even with how terrible the characters could be – am I maturing or becoming more immature?


S e l f i e

This show is the most amazing show in the world (Okay, there are other great shows, but we’ll ignore that right now), and it’s criminal the way it was never given a chance. Not a great title, especially when it premiered and everyone equated selfies with selfish and annoying people, but I loved this adaptation of My Fair Lady that had John Cho as the leading man and Karen Gillan as the protagonist who needed help becoming more likable. I think she was plenty likable from the beginning, if a bit narcissistic, and I was always cheering her on, especially when the show didn’t try to portray her as a horrible Millennial Stereotype. The romance was great, especially with an Asian love interest, and I will always love Karen’s cover of Sia’s “Chandelier.” This show should have gotten way more than 10 or so episodes. Also, I love this argument that Karen’s Eliza was autistic in a way that we rarely see on TV (doesn’t understand social cues and has trouble relating to people, but still “thrives” because she’s traditionally attractive and extroverted.) And just so you know, you can watch all these great episodes on Hulu – if they ever take it down, I think I might seriously cry.


(Just a Few) Returning Favorites

B l a c k i s h


B r o o k l y n   N i n e   N i n e


C r a z y   E x – G i r l f r i e n d

Enter a caption

F r e s h   O f f   t h e   B o a t


F r o m   D u s k   T i l l   D a w n


T h e   G o o d   P l a c e


Y o u ‘ r e   t h e   W o r s t

New Shows

A g a t h a   R a i s i n

T h e   B o l d   T y p e


T h e   D e t o u r

T h e   G i f t e d


G r e a t   N e w s


H a r l o t s

L i f e   i n   P i e c e s

Image may contain: 12 people, people standing and text

T h e   M a y o r


T h e   M i c k


O n e   D a y   a t   a   T i m e


R i v e r d a l e


R u n a w a y s


S a n t a   C l a r i t a   D i e t

S c h i t t s   C r e e k

S c r e a m


A   S e r i e s   o f   U n f o r t u n a t e   E v e n t s

S t r a n g e r   T h i n g s


T r i a l   &   E r r o r

W y n o n n a   E a r p


Y o u n g   S h e l d o n

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing, child, text and outdoor


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