Retrospectively Reading (50)


Two posts two days in a row – I’m on a roll! And yeah, it’s not Sunday, but I posted my late Monthly Rewind yesterday and I wanted to get this up before this post got even more out-of-date (we’re talking books I read back in 2017, so many eons ago), so here we go, on a Monday. Hopefully the next one will be up sooner – once I finally start having time to read again.


SkulduggeryPleasant7 PrinceInDisguise TheAfterlifeOfHollyChase

I’m enjoying all of these books, and yet I haven’t picked up any of them for days. School and a need to sleep, not to mention watch TV, have kept me very busy indeed.


DivorcePapers Lumberjanes6 Skulduggery6 tellmethreethings BeforeTheDevilBreaksYou Lumberjanes7 GiantDays5 GiantDays6 GoldieVance2 ASemiDefinitiveListofWorstNightmares LoveLifeAndtheList

At least the year ended and began with some great books, especially a lot of graphic novels. I even managed to read multiple books from my own shelves – yay, me!


thesecrethistoryofus CanYouKeepASecret

There were also some books that passed the time but are a bit forgetful in the long run.


GirlsMadeofSnowandGlass Final cover.indd AndThenThereWereFour TheKnockoff GenuineFraud

I ended the year with a few DNFs, including a book that I really wanted to like and am sure plenty of people will like, even love (Girls Made of Snow and Glass – it was just too slow and fantasy-esque for someone like me, who really doesn’t read all that much in terms of fantasy and slow-moving books); then the year began with three books that I did read all the way through, but mainly by skimming. Not a fan of them, but I just had to see where they would go, which was the only reason I kept going.


books i need to reread

Truth About Forever DistanceBetweenUs EverythingLeadstoYou

Someday some year, I’ll finally read these books!

books i own but still need to read

Skulduggery8 GoingTooFar TheBigF


Half of these posts are meant to shame me into reading, at this point.

from the library

TheLooseEndsList notnownotever TheLastOfAugust sisterhoodofthetravelingpants ATaxonomyOfLove




Just Released

ChillingAdventuresofSabrina2 Saga8 NiceTryJaneSinner ATaxonomyOfLove LoveHateAndOtherFilters TheWickedAndTheDivine6 LetsTalkAboutLove ReignTheEarth AmericanPanda

Just Added
SurpriseMe GiantDays7 GiantDays8 Lumberjanes8



Everyone takes a holiday during the winter holidays, huh?

This doesn’t match the first book in the series, but once I got over that, I actually like it. It’s an interesting cover that definitely gets my attention. I also just noticed that skull on the bee – extra points for that.


*whistles innocently* Someday I’ll take pictures ago…


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“I Decided to Get My DNA Tested” @ Hello, Chelly


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