My Childhood is Made Up of Many, Many Books // Top Ten Tuesday


This week is all about looking at the books you’ve forgotten that you love. I decided to split things up – there are my favorites from my childhood (well, some of them – I read a lot and am very nostalgic) and some pre-blogging books that I might have mentioned on here, but not nearly as much as the books I’ve read since I’ve been blogging.


( 1 – Casson Family series )

I got Saffy’s Angel from a Scholastic Book catalogue and fell in love with the wonderful, quirky Casson family. I have all of the books and did a reread/full read of it a few years ago. I don’t really read middle grade, but nostalgia controls me much of the time.

( 2 – The Bobbsey Twins )

Most of you people have probably never heard of this series – the only reason I have is because I have older parents who grew up with them and kept a couple of their books. I think the adventures of these two sets of twins (brown-haired older boy and girl and blond younger boy and girl, all one family) is probably similar to the Boxcar Children books, but I just thought it was cool because it had twins and they had a “New Bobbsey Twins” series that I still have an old, falling apart book from (I probably got it at a secondhand store or something – the cover is barely hanging on).

( 3 – Calvin and Hobbes )

My friends and I spent many school library visits checking out the same bunch of Calvin and Hobbes collections. I have most of them now and haven’t had a reread of them in AGES. I loved them back in elementary school and still love them – I’ve even grown up with them: when I was little, I would mostly skip the strips that were more wordy and didn’t understand some of the jokes and ideas, but now I understand it all and can really see how clever it is. MUST REREAD.

( 4 – California Diaries )

I loved the Babysitter’s Club like many young girls, but I don’t know if as many people read the spin-off, California Diaries. It followed Dawn, one of the main characters, as she stayed with her dad in California, and covered a lot of heavier topics. There are multiple diaries for the different main characters, including at least one who was an artist and therefore had some illustrations in her book. I remember a lot of things from these books (anorexia, dying mother, abusive romance), but the main thing I remember is seeing the word “navel” and learning that meant “belly button.” Oh the things you learn when you read.

( 5 – The Jewel Kingdom )

This was my sister and my SERIES. Yes, we loved many things, but this just seemed like my childhood – four sisters who get to rule over their own themed kingdom (ice kingdom, kingdom in the trees, etc.) and have adventures and are represented by a different jewel. The very first story I wrote when I was little was basically a ripoff of this series but the main characters were all superheroes and were also me, my sister, and two of our neighbors. Originality – little me had it!


( 6 – Impossible )

I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but seriously, it was one of my favorite books. I don’t know what it was about it, but this little fantasy about sexual assault, adoption, vindictive fairies, and childhood friends falling in love found a place in my heart.

( 7 – Another Faust )

I don’t remember how I got this – I think my sister and I saw it in the bookstore and it just caught our eye. It’s about a group of teenagers who basically make their own, modern Faustian deals and also go to a fancy prep school as a result. I haven’t read it in forever and it’s possible that I’ll hate it when I finally reread it, but I thought it was such an interesting idea when I first read it. Too bad I didn’t like the sequel, about a twisted Peter Pan story, as much.

( 8 – All-American Girl )

I don’t know which book was my first Meg Cabot book, but it’s very possible that this was it. Protagonist Sam was a Gwen Stefani-loving, artistic, redheaded, sarcastic, and quasi-punk-wannabe and I loved reading her adventures of accidentally saving the president’s life, falling in love with his son, and falling out of love with her older sister’s jerk of a boyfriend. The sequel was also one of the first books I read that looked seriously at safe sex and relevant issues, such as sex-shaming.

( 9 – How My Private, Personal Journal Become a Bestseller )

I don’t remember how I discovered this book, but with a title like that, of course I’m going to find it and fall in love with it. The protagonist accidentally turns in a story she wrote for herself when she was basically venting and complaining about the mean, popular people and her teacher likes it enough that she tries to get it published. Of course there’s a huge bidding war over it and the protagonist becomes very famous while also dealing with regular high school problems. I’m sure I wouldn’t be too impressed if I read it for the first time now, but I will eventually find this book and love it because I am 99% nostalgic and 1% girl.

( 10 – Cat Royal series )

The story of an orphan living in a theater in the 1800s with a name like Cat Royal is definitely going to get the attention of middle school/high school me – I’m really not sure when I discovered this gem of a series. I never finished it because the library didn’t have the last couple of books, but I finally finished collecting them all and then I’m going to have a nice reread/full series read, once my reread pile finally gets smaller.


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