I’m a Horrible Book Binger


Everyone is binging these days – TV shows mostly, but the idea of consuming a whole series can certainly extend to books as well. I spend way too much time watching TV and plenty of time reading, so it makes sense that I would binge book series as well, right? I mean, I’ve already reread and am in the process of rereading multiple trilogies and series this year, and I think I’ve been very successful. When I was reading a post that Lauren at Bookmark Lit wrote, where she talked about how she struggles to binge books all in a row, it made me think about how I’m a horrible series binger.

Mediator1I don’t know if this is a new thing or the way I’ve only been, I just noticed recently. For instance, when I was last rereading my SUPER-FAVORITE series, The Mediator by Meg Cabot, I kind of ran out of steam towards the middle. I LOVE these books, as evidenced by all the capslock in this paragraph, but due to a combination of always rereading the series every year and my apparent dislike of binging that I’ve just begun to recognize, it’s gotten harder. This is also evident as I work on rereading the Skulduggery Pleasant books in my effort to finally finish the series with the final three books I haven’t read yet. I started this reread at least a year, maybe two years ago, and I’m still only five books in.


Well, I have the answer – obviously, otherwise why bother writing this post?

I seem to run out of steam when I overindulge in things – books and otherwise. For instance, I can be happily binging a TV show and nearing the end and suddenly… urgh, do I have to watch it? I could be loving the show and need to know what’s going to happen, but I just can’t bring myself to keep watching more than an episode or two at a time and then taking a break. Sometimes it’s running out of steam before finishing a season, sometimes it’s the whole show, but something just blocks me from getting to the end. It’s the same with books.

I haven’t quite figured out why this happens, but I has figured out how to work around it. I suppose I could reread seven book series over seven years with one book a year, but that sounds like a horrible idea that would lead to me forgetting so much in the long breaks between books. Instead, I have a better idea: breaking up rereading series with rereading other series.

EveryBreathEarlier this year, I decided to reread Every Breath and Every Word before finally reading Every Move. It was kind of slow-going for a large number of reasons, but it became very clear that it wasn’t fair to these great books if I had to “suffer” through the whole thing in one slog. So, when I once again gave audiobooks a try by listening to a few chapters of Shatter Me before switching to the physical book, I decided to switch them up. When I finished one of the Every books, I focused on a Shatter Me book, and alternated as I worked through them. This worked so well that I’m doing the same now, as I reread the Lara Jean trilogy – I read one of those books, and in between I reread a standalone book (on deck: Dangerous Girls and The Truth About Forever) or a book I own and haven’t read yet (Once and For All).

So far, it seems to be working great. I get to reread a series mostly in one go, but I get little breaks in between. I think it’s upping the number of books I reread – it’s been a decent summer for rereads as a result, and fall is looking promising as well. Sure, it’s possible that this is a “Just for Now” fix and that I’ll burn out on my fix-the-burning-out idea, but I like it right now. I’m the type of person who likes binging things, like TV and books, but I’m also someone with attention span issues. It’s just one more example of how contradicting I can be – another lovely reason why life is just so difficult sometimes.

Luckily, I have great rereads and series to keep me happy during these difficult times.



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