Retrospectively Reading (46)


Wow, did not notice how long it’s been since I posted a Retrospectively Reading until I saw just how many books I’ve read – although part of that was fits of awesome reading. I’ve been doing decent blogging lately, posting multiple times a week, but I obviously forgot about some bits. Oh well, you can catch up on my reading for the past month or so – quite a few decent, good, and great books!


onedarkthrone PSIStillLoveYou shopaholictothestars WesleyJamesRuinedMyLife

I am SO CLOSE to finishing One Dark Throne – I’ve got about 50 pages left in the eARC, so about 70-100 pages left if it were a physical copy (I haven’t quite figured out the ratio, and I’m really too lazy to try). I’m really getting into it, which makes me regret reading an eARC when I have to wait a whole other YEAR for the next one, but oh well. I haven’t read too much of P.S. I Still Love You because library books have been pulling my focus, but I’m still enjoying the Lara Jean adventures whenever I do actually read it. I just started Shopaholic to the Stars and will start Wesley James as soon as I finish this post, but they’re library books, so they’re at the top of my priority reading list at the moment.


ThisIsJustMyFace IgniteMe LabyrinthLost WhatILost ToAlltheBoysIveLovedBefore minishopaholic onceandforall Lumberjanes2 TheHeartsWeSold IfBirdsFlyBack  insomeotherlife

*takes a little bow*

You go ahead and take a bow as well, many, many great books that I have read lately. We’ve got loads of genres here – a nonfiction book, some graphic novels, contemporary books, paranormal ones, and even a parallel universe/contemporary book (hello, newly-finished In Some Other Life!)


TheInfluencingMachine Fireworks HowToBreakABoy TashHeartsTolstoy Batgirl1BeyondBurnside WonderWomanTheLies BloodofOlympus

A lot of mixed books as well, but mixed doesn’t mean I didn’t like them, I simply didn’t love them. There was definitely a lot of interesting mixed in here.


Freya ThePrincessDiarist TheRomantics TheTakedown

Unfortunately, I had a lot of DNFs as well – Freya, The Princess Diarist, and The Romantics were all DNFs for different reasons. I did technically finish The Takedown, though – I read the first 50 pages, skimmed the rest, and still managed to get the gist enough to know that I did NOT like this book. I wrote little reviews for all of these on Goodreads, so I’m already over them and don’t feel like talking about them anymore.


books i need to reread

Skulduggery6 Truth About Forever DangerousGirls

My stack of immediate rereads is slowly but surely getting smaller…

books i own but still need to read

SkulduggeryPleasant7 Skulduggery8 GoingTooFar 

Same with the new books I still need to read…

from the library

badromance troubleisafriendofmine  HungryHeart TheGalleryofUnfinishedGirls WynonnaEarp

And even though this library stack keeps fluctuating, when you look at it today compared to earlier this week, I am doing AWESOME, so I refuse to feel bad about my loyal library habit.



See, all the piles are down this week, even the pile that was only two books large the last time around!


Just Released

thesecrethistoryofus PatsyWalkerHellcat3 TheHeartsWeSold insomeotherlife NoLimits 

The rush of all the summer releases has certainly slowed down, but fall isn’t a bad time for great new books either. I’ve even read two of these already, so I think I’m actually doing a good job of staying on top of 2017 releases at the moment…

Just Added
Archie4 CoverComingSoon CoverComingSoon CoverComingSoon CoverComingSoon CoverComingSoon
The Brightsiders by Jen Wilde // The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo // Circle Unbroken & Untitled by Zoraida Córdova // Batgirl: Volume Two – Son of Penguin by Hope Larson

Where are all the covers?

Oh well, at least we get cute birds in the meantime.



See what I mean about a lack of covers? It’s been horrible all summer. *glares at bookish gods* I want new covers and I want them now. Also, something is just off about this cover – I think it’s the coloring. Hopefully it’ll be better in person.



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