Did I Read All the Books This Summer? // Bookish Summer 2017

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Well, it’s officially September, so I guess I should officially announce the end of my Bookish Summer 2017 series, something that I mostly forgot about and used to make a pretty graphic (see above – I didn’t even put it together, it was a template from Canva). At the beginning of the summer, I set out a list of books I wanted to read, from new releases that came out in the fruitful past few months to older ones I own or can get from my fabulous public library – so, how did I do? As should come as a surprise to no one, mood reading, weeks where I read a lot and weeks where I read a little, and library holds and such mean I didn’t get to everything that I had hoped.

the new releases

whendimplemetrishi thisishowithappened ibelieveinathingcalledlove TheUpsideofUnrequited Fireworks WhatILost onceandforall

I did actually manage to read a lot of these new spring and summer releases, so that’s pretty good. There was a lot of romance and fluff, but there were some deeper issues mixed in, both as Issue Books (hello, post-death-of-a-boyfriend-and-car-crash This is How it Happened and Eating Disorder book What I Lost) and lighter books that also dealt with issues (romance + race = When Dimple Met Rishi, Once and For All is about summer weddings and romance and a trigger-inducing past event). I did pretty well with 2017 releases, if I do say so myself, and the lowest rating of the bunch was 3.5 stars, so not too bad.

Did Not Read

alwaysandforeverlarajean flameinthemist HelloSunshine luckyinlove

Only a handful of 2017 releases didn’t get read, and one of these (Always and Forever, Lara Jean) is in a stack of books to be read, as soon as I finish rereading P.S. I Still Love You and Dangerous Girls. The rest are on hold at the library, so it’s on you, non-living building, not me.

the rereads

IgniteMe ToAlltheBoysIveLovedBefore

Hmm, the rereads were a little less successful, but I’m in the process! I finally finished my reread of the Shatter Me trilogy, just in time for the recent (well, semi-recent at this point) announcement that we would be getting three more books – yay! I also started my Lara Jean reread in preparation for the third and final book – it’s the summer of the trilogy rereads, obviously.

Did Not Read

PSIStillLoveYou EverythingLeadstoYou DangerousGirls

Ooh, so close! I’m currently rereading P.S. I Still Love You and Dangerous Girls is the next one up. Everything Leads to You is a complete fail, though – I haven’t added it to my physical stack of books to reread, so it’s easy to forget about it. I will reread it at some point, hopefully sometime this year!

all the rest

shopaholicandbaby Hellcat2 Freya

Not bad – well, not bad if you don’t look down below. Of course, one of these books was a DNF almost straight off the bat (looking at you, Freya, squandering mythology and such), but I enjoyed my continuation of the Shopaholic series and the second Patsy Walker aka Hellcat! graphic novel, so the good outweighs the bad.

Did Not Read

YoungAvengers2 YoungAvengers3 afterido tellmethreethings TheRestOfUsJustLiveHere

Yeah, let’s pretend this didn’t happen. I never checked out any of these books, so it’s a wonder I thought I’d read any of them. In my defense, though, I did try to finish the Young Avengers graphic novels, but the second book always seemed to be checked out whenever I tried to get it. Once again, foiled by the library!

Well, I was a success when it came to new releases, so-so on my rereads, and failed at “all the rest,” so all in all, a decent Bookish Summer 2017 for me, I’d say. I didn’t do much under this fun little banner, but I had fun trying to get as many books read, and I matter most on my own blog and in my own reading life, right? We’ll see how Summer 2018 goes! Although perhaps I’ll focus on the rest of 2017 first, huh?


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