Can I Just Have a Couple More Days? // Summer 2017 Bingo

Seriously, universe? You couldn’t give me just a couple more days to completely fill in Pretty Deadly Review‘s Summer 2017 Bingo? I only have TWO more blocks to fill, and I’m currently reading three books that could work for them – I just need  more time!

Oh well, let’s focus on the good – look at all the cute animals I did get by reading (almost *glares at calendar*) all the books!

Summer Bingo

See, I was SO CLOSE, and I was even reading One Dark Throne (Royalty) and The Blood of Olympus as well as If Birds Fly Back, which could both work for a Latinx MC. *sigh* I think I got 7 BINGOs? I did better than last time around, but those two squares are going to bug me. *glares*


But now it’s time to look forward, to the next bingo! Yes, the leaves are starting to change (well, they’re thinking about it), and school is back in session, and most importantly, the new TV season is almost upon us *PRIORITIES* so it’s time for the Fall 2017 Bingo! Once again, I want to go through my own TBR on Goodreads and find plenty of books to fill the boxes, even knowing I’ll probably end up finding different books because planning ahead is for smart people.

Mental Health

Crazy FallingIntoPlace ItsKindOfAFunnyStory Ruby1

Different Culture

inaperfectworld RonitAndJamil flameinthemist 


HooksRevenge RoyalWeddingDisaster

Black Cover

ReconstructingAmelia SomethingStrangeAndDeadly onedarkthrone DarkPlaces GirlsMadeofSnowandGlass aminormalyet findme littlemonsters TheAfterlifeOfHollyChase flameinthemist

Wow, there are a lot of black covers – not that surprising.

First in a Series

HooksRevenge Vicarious troubleisafriendofmine

Set in Another Country

Skulduggery6  Wanderlost ChinaRichGirlfriend

Person on Cover

WynonnaEarp WesleyJamesRuinedMyLife HungryHeart IfBirdsFlyBack

Magic in the Real World

TheHeartsWeSold  FireFall IndustrialMagic

Over 500 Pages

 BloodPassage DarkPlaces BeforeTheDevilBreaksYou

(At least, according to Goodreads – it better not be lying to me)


ThisShatteredWorld TheKnockoff

Ensemble Cast

Lumberjanes3 GiantDays5 YoungAvengers2 TheRestOfUsJustLiveHere

2017 Debut

DearMartin  TheGalleryofUnfinishedGirls 

American History




Fall Release



 TheresSomeoneInsideYourHouse Skulduggery6

Asian American Author

PSIStillLoveYou alwaysandforeverlarajean therosesociety 



Yellow Cover

shopaholictothestars RebelHeart


  TheHeartsWeSold WynonnaEarp


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