In Which I Am Very Picky About What Goes into My Bookish Shopping Cart


I’m a bit of an in-between person – to the average, not-so-book-obsessed person, I own a lot of books and probably buy a lot as well, but compared to many people in the bookish community, I’m not so bad at saving my money when it comes to going overboard with the book buying. As such, I don’t feel like I’m the type of person who has a lot of “Auto Buy” authors, or authors whose books I automatically pre-order when I hear about them. In fact, I almost never pre-order books, since I often get books in actual bookstores or use Barnes & Noble coupons, which exclude pre-orders. So, when I saw Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews talking about her auto-buy authors, my first thought was “well, I don’t really have those.” I remembered doing a post about Auto Buy authors complete with pretty awesome graphics, if I do say so myself (well, I had fun making them), but a lot of them aren’t REALLY auto-buy.

The main reason I don’t automatically say “I NEED THIS BOOK” as soon as I hear about a new book from an author I like is because I know myself, and I know how fickle I can be. Things like my mood, a secondary character, or the love interest can keep me from loving a book, as well as too-high expectations, which can really come into play with an author I already like. I know that it’s much smarter to get the book from the library or read an ARC of it before, just to make sure that I really enjoy the book enough to own it. As a result, the number of authors who might come across as auto-buy is a small one, and plenty of them have exceptions. So, I decided to review some authors I’ve listed as “auto buy” in the past and figure out just who gets me to seriously consider pressing that “pre-order” button online.


Total Books Written: 83* // Books Read: 58 // Books Owned: 26

Ah, Queen Meg Cabot – she’s a tricky one to categorize. As you can see, I’ve read a LOT of her books, but she has a ton of books that I haven’t read as well, simply because she writes SO MANY BOOKS (not a bad thing – never stop writing, please). Some of her books are middle grade, which isn’t really my thing, which accounts for some of the books I haven’t read, and some are really old books that I’m not interested in because I know she’s grown and they’re more romance-focused than I’m really into (I think – there are also less likely to be reviews of them, which makes it harder for me to decide if I should check them out). That being said, just look at all the books of hers that I have read, especially in the last couple years or so as I read more adult books.

But what to call her – auto-buy or not? I think we’re going to have to go with a Draw – for certain books, like The Mediator, Princess Diaries, Queen of Babble, or Heather Wells, auto-buy all the way, but these are all finished series (or are they? Queen Meg gave us new entries in The Mediator and Princess Diaries series in the past couple of years with adult additions, so I’ll always be hopeful), but for the more untested series, I’ll stick to the library, at least for a first read. Rest assured, I’ll check out just about anything she writes, but I’m a little more discerning when it comes to actually buying them.

* There were so many combined editions and short stories and anthologies and foreign additions (just look at all those “and”s – that should tell you plenty!), so I have no idea if this number is accurate, but it’s pretty close to the large number of books that Meg Cabot has written for MG, YA, and adult


Total Books Written: 7 + many, many anthologies // Books Read: 7* // Books Owned: 6

I’ve always considered myself to be a huge Libba Bray fan, but it wasn’t until I was making this post that I realized I own and have read almost every book from her – Going Bovine is the only one I haven’t read, and the anthology I mention below, Summer Days and Summer Nights, is the only one I’ve read but don’t own. She writes big books that have so much in them, and I love them. There’s feminism and magic and great female characters, as well as some male ones, and even though her twitter can make me anxious because it has so much politics on it, she still makes plenty of great points and it’s not her fault that politics are so stressful right now.

So yeah, I think I would classify her as an actual Auto-Buy Author – it would take truly dismal reviews and a horrible-sounding premise for me to not buy one of her books, let alone pick it up and give it a shot.

* I’m counting the short story of hers that I read in Summer Days and Summer Nights since I enjoyed it so much and I would consider buying the anthology for her story, among others


Total Books Written: 18* // Books Read: 11 // Books Owned: 9

I’m kind of shocked that she has so many books – I always think of J.K. Rowling as the Harry Potter and Cormoran Strike author, but she does have some other stuff, mainly the recent collection of smaller companions to Harry Potter. So, if you count all of her stuff, I’ve read just a couple more than half, but if you focus on just the actual books, then I’m pretty sure that I’ve read all of them. I’ve also bought most of them, and for the two that I don’t have (The Casual Vacancy and the third Cormoran Strike book, Career of Evil), it’s really just a matter of time.

So, if we’re going to talk about the full-sized books, then J.K. Rowling is definitely an Auto-Buy Author. I tend to get her books from the library first (well, not Harry Potter back when it was still being written), but I would be fine with just buying them first, I simply find it easy to find cheaper versions at Half Price Books.

* I think I included all of her books under Robert Galbraith and shorter books like her new Harry Potter stuff, but I might have missed something…


Total Books Written: 8 // Books Read: 7 // Books Owned: 2

I would be a perfect 8 for 8 if my darn hold on her latest had come in already. Anyway, it’s obvious that I’m a Kasie West fangirl, like much of the blogosphere – even her “lesser” books have gotten 4 stars from me. She writes fluff and romance quite well, and you just need that to comfort you sometimes, especially in this current climate of politics and such.

Yet, despite having read almost everything she’s written and immediately putting her unpublished books on my to-read shelf as soon as they’re announced, I don’t actually own that many books from her. I was surprised, actually, when I checked out my bookshelves and only saw two of her books on there. I think this is mainly due to me having trouble finding her books at Half Price Books and slight caution on my part – she’s written so many good books, so eventually, one has to end up bad, right? Like the next author on this list, she’s certainly an auto-read author, but I’d classify her as Not an Auto-Buy Author – at least, not at the moment.


Total Books Written: 3 // Books Read: 3 // Books Owned: 3

It’s harder to figure out if Huntley Fitzpatrick is really an auto-buy author since she only has three books out. Yes, I own them all and I pre-ordered her latest, The Boy Most Likely To, which is the companion to her first book, My Life Next Door, which made me fall in love with Fitzpatrick in the first place. I loved her first book, thought her second book was quite good but still need to reread to see how I feel about it now, and I was a little disappointed by her third and latest book since I had extremely high expectations. So, I guess things are kind of mixed at this point.

I remain hopeful that her future books wow me the way her debut one did, but I think I’ll switch to checking her books out from the library first, in case things don’t work out. So, Fitzpatrick is Not an Auto-Buy Author – at least, not right now. Things can always change and she make it back onto the list.


Of course, the Top Ten Tuesday post I mentioned had ten authors, not just the five above, so what about them?

Well, we had Jessi Kirby, whose books I’ve mostly read and half of which I own, but they aren’t books I reread as much (I haven’t reread any of hers yet – oops), so she’s never been an auto-buy author.

There’s Ally Carter, whose Gallagher Girls and Heist Society series I own, but I didn’t care for her latest series, so I’m kind of off with her unless she finally writes another Heist Society book – for the most part, I think I’ve just outgrown her books.

I have three of the books in Maggie Stiefvater‘s Raven Boys series, but I’ve never been all that interested in checking out anything else she writes, so she definitely doesn’t make the elite list of auto-buy authors.

I love, love, love E. Lockhart‘s Ruby Oliver quartet, but nothing else she’s written has reached that level of love, so I’d definitely want to check out future books of her from the library to see how I feel first.

And finally, we have Rick Riordan, who I’m slowly catching up on (I’m finally reading the huge last book in the Heroes of Olympus series, and then I’ll check out Magnus Chase and his Apollo series since I hear they’re all getting quite diverse and inclusive), but I’ve definitely reached the “check it out from the library, read it once, and move on stage.” I’ll always have a special spot in my heart for the Percy Jackson series, which I own, but part of that is nostalgia, and his books seem a tad young for me at times.

Of course, as I look around at my bookshelves as I type this from my bed, I see plenty of other authors whose books are well represented – I finally have all of Derek Landy‘s Skulduggery Pleasant series, three of which I bought without reading, and I’m excited for his current series, so he could be a stealth auto-buy author; there’s the Cat Royal series by Julia Golding, a series I started back in high school or so and bought with the intention of finally finishing, even though I read the first four books a while ago and haven’t read the last two at all yet; and A Series of Unfortunate Events by the nom de plume of Lemony Snicket/Derek Handler which I finally completed buying and can begin my reread of whenever I actually have the time. There are plenty of authors out there whose books I’ll buy after falling in love with them, and the odd book here and there that catches my attention for whatever reason, even unread, but I’ve definitely a fickle and picky person when it comes to what books end up in my bookish shopping cart.


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