Monthly Rewind // July


My Month in Review

Yeah, I didn’t really do much at all around here for the past month, but I did change things up a little at the very end of the month, so yay? And it’s funny – I really wasn’t that busy this month, I just wasn’t motivated. You always see people saying “wow, where did the month go?!” but you know what – this has felt like the longest month in a while. I think about the Fourth of July and my parents going on vacation and other things that happened at the beginning of the month and it feels like ages ago. I kept thinking “Oh no, I haven’t done my Monthly Rewind, I’m running out of time to read books and have a decent reading month, how many pages have I read?” before realizing I still had a week or so left before August arrived. I don’t know why, but this month was just long – not bad, since it’s summer and all that, but it just stretched on forever.

Too bad I only spent the first and last weeks or so actually reading and being productive. Middle of July Me, where were you?

Music of the Month

Kesha is finally back and I want all the world for her after everything she’s been through. I think I might have liked all of her stuff no matter what, but the new stuff is amazing, so let’s shine a light on it, like her first single, “Prayer” – she also has two more, all in about three weeks. She is on a roll!

Top Books Read

Lumberjanes TalkingAsFastAsICan ibelieveinathingcalledlove TheUpsideofUnrequited

  1. Lumberjanes (Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis) This was a pretty cute graphic novel with awesome girls adventuring, even though I got a bit lost at times.
  2. Talking As Fast As I Can (Lauren Graham) I kind of took a break from finally watching Gilmore Girls, but I decided to pick this memoir up, and man, was it fun. I stayed up until like 2 or 3 am to finish it because the voice was superb and I just wanted to learn more about her life and thoughts. Maybe I’ll finish GG someday?
  3. I Believe in a Thing Called Love (Maurene Goo) This book was awesome – but I didn’t actually care for the romance? I know, a book with love in the title and I wanted to see the protagonist with someone else or the love interest with a better personality, but I can’t help the way I feel. Definitely want more from Goo, though.
  4. The Upside of Unrequited (Becky Albertalli) I enjoyed Simon vs. the Homo Sapeins Agenda, but I didn’t LOVE it like most of the blogosphere did, so I was a little nervous for the new book from Albertalli, but I LOVED it – yep, 5 stars. I just felt SO connected to the protagonist, agreeing with basically all her feelings, good and bad.
  5. Bandette: Volumes One and Two (Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover) This was a cute French-set graphic novel about a teenage thief who’s obviously just having so much fun making friends and causing problems for bad guys.
  6. Patsy Walker aka Hellcat! Don’t Stop Me-Ow (Kate Leth & Brittney Williams) This is one of the graphic novels that make me think that I just might truly be a comic book/superhero fan now. But apparently the third volume is the last one in this series? Say it ain’t so! This is the second, so I still have one to go before saying goodbye. 😥
  7. Every Move (Ellie Marney) I finally finished this book and the trilogy! It took me awhile, but not because I didn’t enjoy this superb Sherlock Holmes retelling along the way.
  8. Giant Days: Volume Four (John Allison & Max Sarin) Still really enjoying this series, glad it’s not only three volumes long *side eye awesome but short graphic novels*

 Bandette Hellcat2 EveryMove GiantDays4

Quote of the Month

“…But that’s the thing I’m most afraid of. Not mattering. Existing in a world that doesn’t care who I am.”

– The Upside of Unrequited (Becky Albertalli)

Favorite Posts

Yeah, it wasn’t a great posting month, mostly Retrospectively Readings and such.

>> Goodreads Book Tag

Books I’m Excited About


Summer is all about fluffy and pretty-covered contemporaries with a few fantasies and such mixed in, isn’t it?

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

littlemonsters PatsyWalkerHellcat3 insomeotherlife TheHeartsWeSold

But apparently that in-between season of summer days with leaves starting to fall into autumn is all about the mysteries, graphic novels (with finales *sob*), the occasional contemporary, and paranormal tales. Yay for variety!

Challenges – Progress


94/100 (94%)
So close, I think I can reach my goal in August!

Lumberjanes TalkingAsFastAsICan thisishowithappened ibelieveinathingcalledlove shopaholicandbaby RoyceRolls TheUpsideofUnrequited Hawkeye Bandette Bandette2 Troublemaker Hellcat2 EveryMove Saga7 GiantDays4 TheInfluencingMachine


81/50 (162%)

Lumberjanes TalkingAsFastAsICan thisishowithappened ibelieveinathingcalledlove shopaholicandbaby RoyceRolls TheUpsideofUnrequited Hawkeye Bandette Bandette2 Troublemaker Hellcat2 EveryMove Saga7 GiantDays4 TheInfluencingMachine


8/12 (67%)

Ooh, didn’t realize that I hadn’t read any debuts this month. I have a couple in my library book stack, so hopefully I’ll get closer next month.


16/15 (107%)

ibelieveinathingcalledlove TheUpsideofUnrequited Bandette Bandette2 Hellcat2


53/75 (71%)

Lumberjanes thisishowithappened ibelieveinathingcalledlove RoyceRolls TheUpsideofUnrequited Hawkeye Hellcat2 Saga7 GiantDays4


21/25 (84%)

shopaholicandbaby Bandette TheInfluencingMachine


19/20 (95%)

shopaholicandbaby Bandette Bandette2 EveryMove GiantDays4

Reading Statistics

Books Read This Month: 16
Books Read for Challenges This Month: 14
Pages Read This Month: 3,738
Average Rating This Month: 4.19
Highest Rating This Month: 5 (!)
Lowest Rating This Month (Excluding DNFs): 3.5*

Total Books Read for Challenges: 7
Total Pages Read: 25,298
Total Average Rating: 3.78

* Ooh, so close to have 4 stars be my lowest rating for the whole month – seriously it was a pretty good reading month, when I actually read.

Favorite Non-Book Things

1 // The Mummy It was probably because the new, Tom Cruise version came out, but I started seeing a lot of GIF sets about the original movie, so I finally decided to check it out. It was actually pretty entertaining – I kind of tuned out when all the fighting and such was happening, but in the quieter moments with humor, I was all in.


2 // The Bold Type Argh, how am I behind on this show when it’s so awesome? Amazing friendship, so many great points, and some nice feminism, all in one captivating show. Watch it so that it gets renewed – and now I need to stop being a hypocrite and catch up myself.


A Goal for August

Be more consistent.

And end the next month by having a goal that isn’t basically the same thing said in a different way.


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