Retrospectively Reading (45)


Hmm, do you notice something different around here? Oh, you’re so smart!

After I saw that Mel at The Daily Prophecy had done a bit of a makeover herself, I felt like changing things up a bit – new graphics and such always get me inspired for just about everything. Since I’m in a bit of a blogging slump right now, I figured, why not? Some things haven’t changed too much – for instance, I’m using a similar font for the features, like this one, but the colors match the new color palette. And that’s something else new – I tried to work with a specific color palette, mainly blues with some greenish-blue and purple mixed in. I’ve only made new graphics for the features that I use the most right now and haven’t updated the Features page as a result, so we’ll see what I do with that.

You’ve probably noticed if you’ve been visiting this blog for a while, but I don’t update the graphics in old posts. I like keeping them as time capsules of the different looks of the Reading Shelf. So, enjoy the new look and the slow reveal of new graphics as I actually get around to writing posts.


ThisIsJustMyFace IgniteMe HowToBreakABoy TheInfluencingMachine

Plenty of books that I’m working on right now, but is that really new? I’ve just started the memoir of Gabourey Sidibe, This is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare – I don’t know much about her, so I’m interested to see if all the praise for her writing and observations in the summary are true. I finally finished Every Move, so I’m finishing my reread of the Shatter Me series with Ignite Me. I’m also barely into How to Break a Boy and haven’t started The Influencing Machine – so, basically, I have a lot of books I’m just starting right now, but I’m relatively excited for them all, so I’m happy with my load of books.


RoyceRolls TheUpsideofUnrequited Hawkeye Bandette Bandette2 Troublemaker Hellcat2 EveryMove Saga7 GiantDays4

LOOK AT ALL THE GREAT BOOKS! Almost all of these books were finished/read in the last week or so because I was in a bit of a reading slump – not where I wasn’t happy with what I was reading, as you can see by all the “Best of the Best,” but simply because I didn’t feel like doing much reading at the time. But now that I have a HUGE, liable to fall over any second stack of library books, I’ve broken out of it with plenty of graphic novels as well as the occasional contemporary, mystery, and memoir.


I’m putting these two together because THERE AREN’T ANY BOOKS IN THESE CATEGORIES! Yep, all of the books I read recently have been 4 stars and above. It’s nice to actually have nothing in this category – normally empty bits means I’m not reading or posting, but this is GOOD and deserving of ALL THE CAPSLOCK!


books i need to reread

Skulduggery6 TheRevengePlaylist Truth About Forever DistanceBetweenUs  

books i own but still need to read

SkulduggeryPleasant7 Skulduggery8 GoingTooFar theyearoftherat 

from the library

Freya Fireworks TheLastOfAugust LabyrinthLost TheRomantics TheTakedown HiddenOracle ThePrincessDiarist minishopaholic

This looks like a lot, but as you can see from the many books I’ve read recently, this was a LOT bigger before the past few days. I got a whole bunch of books I just picked up because or were on my “maybe” shelf – that’s just the kind of mood I seem to be in lately, and since I’m reading a lot, I’m certainly not going to mess with it.


TheAfterlifeOfHollyChase onedarkthrone

Let the dark, scary-looking (okay, just the throne is scary) books be read!


Just Released

HelloSunshine thisishowithappened luckyinlove

Yes, the summer releases have slowed down for the books on my shelf. I already read This is How It Happened, so I’m read for some summer-y fun with Hello, Sunshine and Lucky in Love!

Just Added
covercomingsoon covercomingsoon covercomingsoon covercomingsoon Bandette3 NoLimits covercomingsoon
* Untitled by Huntley Fitzpatrick // Undead Girls Gang by Lily Anderson // Leah on the Offbeat & Untitled by Becky Albertalli // Saga: Volume Eight by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

O.o So many uncovered books. Also, I think I need to update the “Cover Coming Soon” graphic to match my new theme.



This category was almost blank as well – seriously, why aren’t I seeing any new covers for all my books? You see how many uncovered books I added the past few weeks? I need covers for all of these things, please and thank you, universe!

I was so excited to finally see a new cover on my “uncovered books” shelf that I haven’t even looked at it much. I think I know that font…


OK, I don’t have any pictures here, but I do have some plans for pictures that I hope to do soon, so hopefully this will be full of pretty pictures next time – in the meantime, settle for the 1,000 or so words that are possibly in this post?

Oh, who am I kidding, this post is mainly graphics and books, and I regret nothing.


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