Monthly Rewind // June


My Month in Review

I READ 19 BOOKS THIS MONTH! Sure, nearly half of those happened in the last three or four days thanks to all the graphic novels I read at once, but it still counts because I was a reading machine! And that’s not too bad considering that I didn’t feel like reading much at all when I spent almost a week at a mini-family reunion and I read some pretty great books (sorry books, it was all me, not you – well, a couple of us, but only a select few really let me down). I haven’t been blogging too much either (um, what’s new?), but I think I’ve been doing a better job than I have in the past – but let’s hold the applause until I get down to the part where I highlight all the fabulous posts I’ve written and see if there are actually any posts to put there. As usual, summer can be a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to motivation and time, so we’ll see how the second full month of summer goes – and hopefully it involves some job interviews and maybe an actual job, because it’d kind of be nice to have a teaching job by the time the school year ends – not that I’m worried, no, why would you think that someone who has anxiety over little things would sweat the big things? Well, I’m not that worried, but only because I often cope with anxiety by ignoring the things that worry me, even though that’s probably not too smart.

Anyhoo, onto the bookish parts of this post – but first, my spring playlist!

Music of the Month

Top Books Read

Hellcat UnravelMe howtokeepaboyfromkissingyou SaintsAndMisfits

  1. Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat! Hooked on a Feline (Kate Leth) I don’t know why I avoided this book – it was adorable, Patsy Walker is adorable, and it has so much awesome girl power!
  2. Unravel Me (Tahereh Mafi) I’m definitely enjoying this series, liking it more the second time around and really delving into Juliette’s mental health and state of mind.
  3. How to Keep a Boy From Kissing You (Tara Eglington):
  4. Saints and Misfits (S.K. Ali) There really was quite a bit of drama in this one, but ultimately it felt like a great character study that told us something we should already know – that everyone is a person, no matter their religion, culture, or gender.
  5. Queens of Geek (Jen Wilde) I don’t know if I loved it as much as some people, but that just means it got a lowly 4 stars – poor book, right? But a plus-sized protagonist with anxiety and Asperger’s + a bisexual Asian protagonist – yes, more representation like this, please.
  6. Giant Days: Volumes 1-3 (John Allison & Lissa Treiman) Why did no one tell me that this was an awesome graphic novel about girls forming a strong friendship at a British uni? WHY?!
  7. When Dimple Met Rishi (Sandhya Menon) The third person perspective threw me a little when I started it, but this was a pretty cute romance and, more importantly, a wonderfully diverse addition from the much-needed OwnVoices movement.

QueensofGeek GiantDays GiantDays2 GiantDays3 

Quote of the Month

“I am nothing more than the consequence of catastrophe.”

– Unravel Me (Tahereh Mafi)

Favorite Posts

Books I’m Excited About


I went on a bit of a library spree a week ago, so I actually have all of these books between ebooks (The Flame in the Mist), books I bought and need to actually read (Always and Forever, Lara Jean), and the regular library books (Shopaholic and Baby and The Upside of Unrequited) – I just need to do all the actual reading, which is luckily the fun part!

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

HelloSunshine luckyinlove littlemonsters

Two summery-looking contemporaries that will hopefully be adorable and fluffy fun – and then there’s the dark-looking mystery. Hmm, I wonder which one is the odd one out?

Challenges – Progress


78/100 (78%)

DeadGirlsSociety HouseofHades Hellcat theregulars UnravelMe howtokeepaboyfromkissingyou SaintsAndMisfits QueensofGeek GiantDays GiantDays2 FreshRomance GiantDays3 ChillingSabrina PublicRelations Archie3 GoldieVance Kaptara Snotgirl 


66/50 (132%)

HouseofHades Hellcat UnravelMe howtokeepaboyfromkissingyou SaintsAndMisfits QueensofGeek GiantDays GiantDays2 FreshRomance GiantDays3 ChillingSabrina PublicRelations Archie3 GoldieVance Kaptara Snotgirl 


8/12 (67%)



12/15 (80%)



44/75 (59%)

HouseofHades Hellcat theregulars UnravelMe SaintsAndMisfits QueensofGeek GiantDays GiantDays2 FreshRomance GiantDays3 GoldieVance Kaptara 


18/25 (72%)

HouseofHades UnravelMe howtokeepaboyfromkissingyou


14/20 (70%)

HouseofHades howtokeepaboyfromkissingyou GiantDays GiantDays2 GiantDays3

Reading Statistics

Books Read This Month: 19
Books Read for Challenges This Month: 14
Pages Read This Month: 4,175
Average Rating This Month: 3.74
Highest Rating This Month: 4.5
Lowest Rating This Month (Excluding DNFs): 1

Total Books Read for Challenges: 59
Total Pages Read: 21,560
Total Average Rating: 3.71

Favorite Non-Book Things

watched wonder woman last night and i really enjoyed it!! here’s some fanart of her wearing the jacket i wore to the cinema bc why not 💪✨1 // Wonder Woman I don’t see movies much in theaters, but I knew I had to see this one, AND I DO NOT REGRET IT! I’ve always loved Wonder Woman, not because I read any of her comics or knew much more about her than the regular person, but because there just aren’t that many mainstream female superheroes to choose from. I wish Wonder Woman had gotten her own movie – hell, movies, if Spiderman et al can have so many reboots – a lot sooner, but it’s true what they say – not only is this movie awesome, but it was worth the wait. We need we female directors making awesome movies about awesome women and girls. {source}

2 // Wynonna Earp I’d see some praise for this show on Tumblr because it has a prominent F/F relationship, but I don’t have Syfy, so I never really had the opportunity to check it out. Thanks to my sister’s subscription to Netflix, though, I was able to watch it (but not its current season, so NO SPOILERS!), and it’s basically AWESOME! Two kickass sisters and loads of humor = pretty awesome show in my book.


3 // Schitts Creek Another show I’d seen rumblings about, but never bothered checking out mainly because of that name; now that I’m over halfway through the first season, though, I can say that this show is much more than stupid crude humor (haha, the town sounds like a bad word, how funny) and is actually more in line with my understated and dry humor.

Also, if you can’t tell by those attention-grabbing eyebrows he clearly got from his father, Eugene Levy’s son plays his son on the show as well, as well as a waitress in the titular town played by his daughter – it’s a family show (no, it’s not, never watching this with my parents)! And yes, that’s Catherine O’Hara – some big names all around, yet this Canadian gem doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

4 // Agatha Raisin I have a habit of getting British shows at the library that I think my mom would like (Miss Fisher and Indian Summers), and sometimes I end up quite liking them myself (like Miss Fisher, although it did take longer to grow on me than it apparently took the blogosphere who immediately latched onto it, but I like to be a hipster and point out that I found it first), including this one. The titular character is played by Christine from Ugly Betty (any fans from that?), and like many British shows these days, it involves small town murders being solved by an eclectic group of villagers and with a good dose of humor.

I mean, just look at the pun-y poster there – definitely a show that mixes humor in with all the people dropping dead in a pretty small village that should run out of citizens soon…

5 // Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates This wasn’t a new favorite or anything, but it was an entertaining enough to pass an evening and it surpassed my admittedly super-low expectations, so that was nice. It was way more crude than I like and the characters could be quite unlikable, but also endearing every once in a while, so *shrug*

My favorite parts in the movie were the strong friendship between the girls and how much the boys loved their sister, even when they were screwing things up, so obviously I’m not quite the audience for this movie, but whatever, I didn’t feel the need to turn it off in the first ten minutes or so like I did with another Zac Efron movie (Neighbors – just not my thing), so again, no regrets.

A Goal for July

Just let myself read what I want – because I read so many graphic novels at the end of the month, my 4.0+ monthly rating went down because there were so many just-okay-not-spectacular books mixed in with the good ones. I don’t know why I think I’m so “objective” if I don’t give all the books 4 stars and higher rating – that simply means I’m better at figuring out what I enjoy and reading those books. So, long story short, I want to read more books I want, and pick up more books because they interest me, whether they’re on my list or not (my “might read” shelf has saved me – a way to keep an eye on a ton of books and sometimes pick them up, but no pressure).


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