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It’s time for another Beautiful People, hosted by Cait and Sky – I’m just barely getting the June questions into June, but as today is June 30th, I did manage it!

Anyway, this month is just a grab-bag of questions, so I decided to focus on the main characters of one of my stories that I’m trying to (slowly) edit: The Teleporter, with protagonist Lucy Marshall.


I’ve talked about The Teleporter a bit, like in this post about baby Lucy, but I’ll give a little blurb: Lucy grew up raised by the owner of a private detective agency (thus the title of the series, The Agency) that caters to magical crimes because it’s a part of the magical underground. Lucy adores her guardian and his work and is doing her best to become an official employee, but things get tougher when a guy from her guardian’s past comes to town. Sounds intriguing, right (well, I think it’s interesting)? Well, I just need to edit it… and then rewrite it over and over again, and then maybe people can enjoy it other than me!

Anyway, onto the questions!

 o n e . what’s their favorite place they’ve ever visited?

Lucy has never actually gone on vacation before. Her guardian, Tomas, is a workaholic who runs his own magic private investigator’s agency, so he only ever takes her out of the city they live in when it’s for a job. The only place she can really say she’s “visited” is her childhood home she lived in for a year or so before her parents went off on a mysterious suicide mission and gave her to their best friend, Tomas, to raise, and she has some very mixed feelings about seeing that house.

t w o . what’s one mistake they made that they learned from?

In The Teleporter, the main lesson Lucy is working on learning is that you can go too far and you need to think about the consequences and decide when and how you’re going to make a stand. She makes some mistakes and probably thinks too much with her emotions instead of her head at times, but these important lessons are vital to her life, so any mistakes, as long as they don’t hurt someone, are ones she can learn from and reflect upon.

t h r e e . what was their favorite subject in school? or favorite thing to learn about?

Lucy was home-schooled by a variety of employees at the Agency and she kind of hated it – not the home-schooling, but the learning about regular subjects when all she wanted to learn about was magic. She wanted to improve her skills of manipulation (the ability to transform things, which she’s only slightly mediocre at so far), not learn the difference between affect and effect and about the nine planets (she didn’t pay attention much, so in her mind, there are nine planets, thank you very much). So, if she had to pick, it would be learning about magic, which wasn’t part of her “regular” lessons, although don’t remind her of that.

 f o u r . what’s their favorite flower/growing thing?

Lucy isn’t much of a flower person. She does love filling her room with green things, but she often forgets about them and is amazed that her room isn’t full of dead plants by now (honestly, she should have remembered that Tomas loves her too much to let her feel guilty about killing a bunch of plants – he either waters and cares for them himself when she’s not around or manipulates them so that they’re alive again).

f i v e . have they ever made someone cry? what happened?

When she and her boyfriend, Grant, broke up only kind of mutually (they both agreed that things weren’t quite working, but they’re both still pining over each other a bit), they both spent a little time crying into their pillows at night, although neither would admit it. Luca, however, isn’t too proud to admit that she occasionally got in a particularly good punch or something during sparring practice that really, really hurt.

 s i x . would you consider them a reliable or unreliable narrator?

I’d say pretty reliable, but she could certainly be oblivious to things, like people’s feelings about her or what exactly is the smartest idea. She would never knowingly lie in her narration, though – plus, this is one of my few stories that is 3rd person POV but doesn’t have multiple character perspectives, so it’s even less in her head, simply from her viewpoint.

s e v e n . what do they dream about at night?

Lucy doesn’t dream about specific things. She mostly has weird but entertaining dreams that she promptly forgets about when she wakes up; occasionally she has weird, frightening dreams involving the parents she never knew; and even rarer, she’ll have bad nightmares about some of the bad people she’s helped put away.

 e i g h t . they’ve gone out for a “special meal.” what would they eat?

Anything that her friend Luca might make for her. He’s a pretty impressive chef when he’s not acting like an annoying older brother or being a quite competent employee at the Agency. He’s more of a baker, though, so Lucy would have to deal with a meal consisting of mostly baked goods and desserts – poor, poor Lucy.

n i n e . do they have any distinguishing or unique talents?

Um, the ability to manipulate and transform all objects, even living beings (although she’s not nearly there, ability-wise – she’s very much a novice who just WISHES she could do the great things that Tomas can do with ease)? That seems pretty unique, although not so much among my books that involve magic…

 t e n . what’s at least one thing they want to do before they die?

Even though she doesn’t like to talk about them unless it’s listening to Tomas’s tales of his youth running around with her parents, she does genuinely wants and really needs to know what happened to her parents. It doesn’t matter if it’s simply knowing 100% that they’re dead, she needs to know how and why to truly feel at peace.

all the images are from my pinterest board for Lucy’s character

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