Let’s Read All the Books This Summer // Bookish Summer 2017

Seasonal Banners

Summer is such a fun time – flowers are blooming, the sun in shining, lightning bugs are flickering outside your window at 9 o’clock because it doesn’t get dark until quite late, and there’s a general freedom that you don’t feel in other seasons. Of course, summer is only like this if you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere like I am – some of you lucky people get the joy of cuddling up in warm blankets while it steadily gets colder outside, but that’s not the book of Bookish Summer 2017! I felt like doing some posts that are summer-minded, so I’m doing my own little feature this season. There’s nothing planned, just me trying to come up with as much summer-related posts as possible. There could be twenty-some posts for it, there could just be this one, who knows – definitely not me. For now, though, I’m going to look at the many books I hope to read this summer, and I’ll check back in around August or so to see how horribly I did – but I’ll have fun while doing it, so who cares? Again, definitely not me. 😀

the new releases

Fireworks TheUpsideofUnrequited alwaysandforeverlarajean flameinthemist whendimplemetrishi ibelieveinathingcalledlove onceandforall WhatILost SaintsAndMisfits HelloSunshine thisishowithappened luckyinlove

There are some great books coming out this summer, as well as some that came out in the spring that I still need to get to. There’s definitely a lot of contemporary on here, and it’s great to see how many wonderfully diverse books managed to break the mold in the past few months. #WeNeedDiverseBooks – please and thank you.

the rereads

IgniteMe ToAlltheBoysIveLovedBefore PSIStillLoveYou EverythingLeadstoYou DangerousGirls

Honestly, I would love to reread ALL the books, but I’m trying to be semi-realistic here, so I know I’ll finish my reread of the Shatter Me trilogy, I’ll reread the first two Lara Jean books before reading the last one, and I’ll hopefully get at least one or two non-series rereads in, so this is me, trying to be realistic and practical – and yet, I’ll probably still be too ambitious because I keep getting too many books from the library. Darn you, wonderful library that lets me read so many books without buying them!

all the rest

shopaholicandbaby Freya Hellcat2 YoungAvengers2 YoungAvengers3 afterido tellmethreethings TheRestOfUsJustLiveHere

As I already mentioned, the library is a wonderful and horrible place with plenty of books to read, so I’m sure there will be plenty of other books that make it into the mix, but this seems like, once again, a semi-manageable number of books that don’t fit in either of the above categories. I really don’t want to get burned out or feel overwhelmed by all the books I want to read, so I’m hoping this is an acceptable number that I can read most of, if not all.

So, as I said, I’ll try to do some posts under this fun and super-original Bookish Summer 2017, but it’s all about seeing where the summer and the mood takes me. One thing’s for sure, though – I’ll definitely be reading.


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