Spring Has Ended Without Getting That Pesky 500 Page Block // Spring 2017 Bingo


OK, let’s back up for a second. I decided to do Pretty Deadly Review‘s Spring 2017 Bookish Bingo, and while I did really well, as you can see below, I didn’t get that “Over 500 Pages” block, but I should have! I was making great progress on the 500 page plus The House of Hades, but I got sidelined by taking my sister to the train and messing up my sleep schedule by not getting to bed until 6 am and still being screwed up a few days later. I was so close!

*ahem* Anyway, like I said, I did quite well, so I guess I should focus on that. Here’s my BINGO board for the past couple of months.

Spring Bingo

I got four bingos, which seemed pretty good to me, especially since I feel like I’ve been a bit off with all the busy-ness of student teaching and such, even though my numbers really aren’t that different this year. Maybe next time I’ll get a bit more.

Anyway, Pretty Deadly Reviews has already released their Summer Bingo as well, so here are some of my to-read books that I hope to read and fill the various boards with.

Over 5 Years Old

MurderOnTheOrientExpress IndustrialMagic shopaholicandbaby TheSugarQueen


ReconstructingAmelia DangerousGirls EveryMove

Red Cover

BloodPassage Bandette




WithoutAnnette OurOwnPrivateUniverse EverythingLeadstoYou

Summer Release

onceandforall WhatILost badromance SaintsAndMisfits HelloSunshine thisishowithappened luckyinlove littlemonsters thesecrethistoryofus

White Cover

Crazy WellAlwaysHaveSummer tellmethreethings

Blue Cover

MyFairGodmother ChinaRichGirlfriend TheRestOfUsJustLiveHere TheUpsideofUnrequited

On Your TBR Forever

SkulduggeryPleasant7 SpiritBound BloodofOlympus PrincessesBehavingBadly

A Sequel

ScentofMagic RoyalWeddingDisaster alwaysandforeverlarajean TheLastOfAugust

Name in Title

Skulduggery6 ReconstructingAmelia JessesGirl SavingJune

Flowers on the Cover

TasteofDarkness ByTheTimeYouReadThisIllBeDead ThePeachKeeper flameinthemist

Outside Your Comfort Zone

PrincessesBehavingBadly Americanah HooksRevenge Poison


JessesGirl BlindSpotForBoys WhenJossMetMatt AskAgainLater

These are just some of the books on my to-read shelf that could work, and of course there are always the books on my might-read shelf that I spot at the library and try to give a chance, not to mention the many books I never realized fit some of these categories. I was really disappointed to see that there weren’t any books on my to-read shelf that fit the “Asexual” category, other than the upcoming Let’s Talk About Love, which unfortunately doesn’t come out until 2018 so doesn’t work. You can check back in around August or September to see if I managed to beat this season’s bingo score!


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