Getting to Know Freya // Beautiful People

I know that this is about two months two late or something at this point, but thanks to my computer-induced hiatus, I never got around to writing up this post, and since I’m really focusing on this particular story right now, I had to finish it up and post it anyway. Anyway, this is March or April’s Beautiful People series, hosted by Sky and Cait.

This is kind of an introspective horror story, which is something I’ve never done. There are a lot of pulls from my own life, as well, which makes this story even more personal but also terrifying. I need to make sure that I actually craft a story of its own and differentiate it from my life. Freya, the main character, has the most shades of me, so let’s get into her head a bit and make sure she’s her own person (character, whatever).

 : 1   .   W h a t ’ s   t h e i r   f a v o u r i t e   b o o k / m o v i e / p l a y / e t c . ?

Freya loves fairy tales and mythological tales of all kinds, so if you’ve got a story that begins with “Once Upon a Time” or involves the many beliefs and ideas of different cultures, then she’s interested. She doesn’t like dry history, so she sometimes gets bored reading certainly anthologies or histories, but if you have an interesting hook, she’s in.

2   .   I s   t h e r e   a n y t h i n g   t h e y   r e g r e t   d o i n g ?

She sometimes regrets that she’s never reached out to more people – she has her family and her family friends, so there are basically two people she really, really cares about in this world – her sister, Liberty (her parents like mythology and Significant Names), and best friend Roman (their family likes interesting names, too – maybe that’s how they bonded!). Sometimes she wishes she could have had more people to care about, but she loves her two best friends with all her heart and that’s the most important thing. Of course, this is also one of the main sources of her problems, which is also the source of the bookish problems.

: 3   .   I f   t h e y   w e r e   s i c k   o r   w o u n d e d ,   w h o   w o u l d   t a k e   c a r e   o f   t h e m   a n d   h o w ?

Liberty is a good sister and she’s definitely help out, but Roman would be the one by her sister from the second she’s sick until she’s all better. She’d do the same thing for him, of course. He wouldn’t really know what to do, though, so he’d really just be emotional support while other people actually nursed her back to health.

 : 4   .   I s   t h e r e   a n   o b j e c t   t h e y   c a n ’ t   b e a r   t o   p a r t   w i t h   a n d   w h y ?

She has an old book of fairy tales that was her mother’s when she was little and sparked the love of tales in Freya’s heart. She brings it everywhere with her, so it was lovingly packed away in its own little bag for this particular trip (the book takes place during the summer as Freya’s family, the Oswalds, and Roman’s family, the Seymours, spend the season at their shared beach house).

5   .   W h a t   a r e   5   w a y s   t o   w i n   t h e i r   h e a r t   ( o r   f r i e n d s h i p ) ?

  • Buy her a fairy tale collection or mythology anthology
  • Write an amazing retelling for her
  • Spend hours watching Disney movies, especially Disney Princesses
  • Give her the space she needs and understand that her sister is always going to be her priority
  • Be Liberty or Roman (maybe Roman’s brother, Brett, or Brett’s best friend, Baptiste) – basically, you’re not going to win her heart or friendship anytime soon

 : 6   .   D e s c r i b e   a   t y p i c a l   o u t f i t   f o r   t h e m   f r o m   t o p   t o   b o t t o m .

She likes sophisticated, comfy, and light – she puts effort into buying clothes for her wardrobe so that most things work together and she can just throw on whatever she wants.

7   .   W h a t ’ s   t h e i r   f a v o r i t e   t y p e   o f   w e a t h e r ?

She loves sunlight streaming in through the window, wading through the water at the beach and feeling the sun on her skin while protecting it with sunscreen because, no offense, but none of my characters are ever going to tan – be happy with your own skintone and stop fetishizing white people with temporary brown skin while ignoring the people whose skin is naturally brown.

 : 8   .   W h a t ’ s   t h e   w o r s t   f i g h t   t h e y ’ v e   e v e r   b e e n   i n ?

One of Freya’s problems is that she has trouble getting her emotions out – she lets them simmer, getting more and more angry without ever exploding. It’s going to happen one day (probably during the book because DRAMA), but it hasn’t yet, so she’s never really been in any kind of bad fight.

9   .   W h a t   n a m e s   o r   n i c k n a m e s   h a v e   t h e y   b e e n   c a l l e d   t h r o u g h o u t   t h e i r   l i f e ?

I guess you could shorten her name to “Frey” or something, but another trait that Freya shares with me is that she likes her name and doesn’t want to shorten it. So, she’s Freya or she’s not answering you.

1 0   .   W h a t   m a k e s   t h e i r   h e a r t   f e e l   a l i v e ?

Being at the beach house, surrounded by the people she loves and the people they love, disappearing from the “real” world and falling into the nostalgic wonderland that is Sea La Vie, their beach house. Yeah, would you expect any other kind of name from two families whose children are named Freya, Liberty, and Roman (and Brett, but someone has to break the mold, right?).


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