Retrospectively Reading (42)


I know I just announced my hiatus a couple of weeks ago, but let’s be honest, I’ve been on an unofficial hiatus for a while now, so it feels like I’m coming back after a long break – yes, that’s right, I got a new computer! And, yesterday, I graduated from college (!), so now I’ll have some more free time to look for a job (!!) and maybe actually blog and read (!!!), so I’m officially ending the hiatus now. I’m going to try and slowly wade back into the waters, though, so that I can spread out posts at first and not get burnt out right away.


EveryWord  elizaandhermonsters

I’ve been reading all of these books for a while thanks to the busy-ness of completing student teaching. I’m slowly but surely working my way through all of these books. I already know that I loved Every Word the first time around, so I’m not worried about rushing it or anything, even though the beginning is kind of slow and angsty, but I’m a little iffier on the other two. Camp So and So is fairly entertaining, but there are too many characters and I just don’t feel a connection with any of them, which makes it less impressive; I kind of hate the protagonist, Eliza, in Eliza and Her Monsters, but I’m working on it, plus I liked Francesca Zappia’s debut book, Made You Up, more the second time around, so I’m still optimistic, and not liking Eliza doesn’t mean I dislike the book.

So, tl;dr – I’m not super-impressed by anything I’m reading right now, but they all have good points and I’ll try to work on them more now that I have some more free time.


BeautyQueens thisisourstory Winning  BloodRedRoad TheShipFromBeyond  antisocial oneofusislying EveryBreath     

LOOK AT ALL THE BOOKS! This is what happens when you go on a hiatus and there’s already long periods of time between these posts. Plenty of good and great books in the past two months or so, so that’s awesome.



This classic was pretty entertaining, but unfortunate Native American (or Indigenous people in general) representation that shows me just how much this book was a product of its time, not to mention some awful, old-fashioned gender roles prevented me from loving it.



A few DNFs that weren’t bad but simply weren’t the books I was really in the mood for and weren’t blowing me away, so I set them aside. I read all of The Sign of Four, but it goes down here because the mystery got lost in a lot of boring stuff, more lovely racism (hello, classics written by old white dudes), and some weird insta-love that just really threw me. It took the parts I liked about the first book and mostly got rid of them, just focusing on the parts I didn’t, so that was fun.


books i need to reread

Skulduggery6 TheRevengePlaylist Truth About Forever DistanceBetweenUs  

I’m slowly working my way through my rereads. I know I say this every time, but I’ve really been feeling the rereads lately, so I’m feeling good about this bunch getting smaller the next time I get around to doing another one of these posts, whenever that might be.

books i own but still need to read

SkulduggeryPleasant7 Skulduggery8 GoingTooFar EveryMove findme theyearoftherat

This bunch is getting smaller, but not quite as fast because I’m working on two rereads of series right now, so it’s hard to think about the ones I haven’t even read yet.

from the library


At least my stack isn’t too big right now, but it could definitely be smaller.



Like this pile! Only two more eARCs after I finish Eliza, and I still have a good chunk of time to read them, so hopefully they won’t all get down to the wire like some of the ones I’ve read lately.


Just Released


Hmm, really not that many. I guess my TBR should be thankful.

Just Added


My TBR also thanks me for not having too many books added to it in general. I try, I really do.



LOOK AT ALL THE COVERS! Some are definitely better than others (um, what were you thinking, Girls Made of Snow and Glass?), but I’m just glad that there’s something here for once.



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