Spring Into My TBR // Top Ten Tuesday

I know this was last week’s topic, but I wanted to do this anyway because I like the Season TBR posts, even if there’s not much to them other than listing a bunch of books. *shrug*

T H E   R E L E A S E D   B O O K S


(1) Incredibly Alice I am determined to finally finish reading this series this year. It’s so freaking long (25 books!), but they’re pretty quick reads because there isn’t that much to them. Despite all the melodrama, this is a decent enough series, and I want to see Alice’s adventures to the very. This is Book #23, so I’m finally almost done, I just need to actually sit down and read them and see what life has in store for a pretty relatable teenage girl – seriously, this is a good series if you’re just getting into YA as an actual teenager, but I’m mostly reading them now out of nostalgia and sheer determination to see them all the way through.

(2) Industrial Magic This is another long, already-finished series I’m slowly working my way through, so for a while, there’s probably going to be one of these books on each of these seasonal lists. This is the fourth book, so I’m pretty comfortable with the world at this point, but these adult books are definitely denser than my YA spinoff babies.

(3) Shopaholic and Sister Hmm, maybe I should have saved my “another long series” bit for this book – I’m also working my way through this series! It’s definitely a lot lighter and fluffier than the Women of the Otherworld series. Much quicker and more fun to read.

(4) My Not So Perfect Life Look, another Sophie Kinsella, because she’s fun and this is a new book from her! I don’t actually know anything about this book – of course, I read the summary when I first put it on my to-read shelf, but mainly I saw a cute cover, an interesting enough summary, and the author, and that was enough for me. I put a hold on it at the library, so hopefully I’ll get to it soon.

(5) Camp So and So This is a really different book from Marcy McCoy’s historical noir that was her debut, so it’s hard to judge how much I might – or might not – like this book based on her first one, but such a weird sounding book that I saw compared to Beauty Queens at some point is going to get my attention every time. This is also a mystery, and mysteries are my favorites, especially when you make them quirky and weird, so I’m pumped for this book.

T H E   E A R C S


(6) Fireworks This is one of the many eARCs I hope to get to this spring. I’ve enjoyed Katie Cotugno’s books in the past, but I haven’t been blown away by any of them. This one has more of a focus on friendship than her books in the past, not to mention it’s set in the ‘90s and involves girls getting famous, so all of these things get my attention – hopefully this can easily be my favorite Cotugno title.

(7) One of Us is Lying This is another eARC, and here’s another pattern – I don’t remember what this is about! But it’s another mystery and obviously we have someone who isn’t very honest or trustworthy, so sign me up.

(8) Antisocial One of these times I’m going to double-check what these books are about ahead of time, but I’m too lazy for that right now, so all I need to remember is that this involves anxiety and another mystery, maybe? The hashtag on the cover is really the only thing to keep me from being interested, but obviously, it’s not deterring me.

(9) Eliza and Her Monsters The last “I don’t know but I’m excited,” I swear! I enjoyed Francesca Zappia’s debut about a girl with schizophrenia the first time around, but then I reread it and loved it, so that got me really pumped for her second book, which took way too long to come out, thank you very much. I’m pretty sure there are illustrations in this book, and illustrations are fun for all ages, so color me super-pumped for sure.

T H E   R E R E A D S


(10) Rereads Sure, this is more than one, but I’m putting them all together and, you know, my blog so my rules. Anyway, there are plenty of books I hope to reread in the next couple of months, but here are the ones at the top of the list, the ones I’ve been planning on rereading for over a year and that I am DETERMINED to finally get to!


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