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Look, a second post in the same month, and the shortest month at that! This month’s Beautiful People post from Cait and Sky is all about the love and the couples that are falling into it or doing their best to keep it going. Last year, I put a spotlight on one of my smaller couples, Autumn and May, so that I could get to know them better. This time, I’m going with a bigger couple that I simply want to analyze more and really get to know: Rain and Hunter from my story, Forgotten, which I’m in the midst of editing, so getting to know the romantic couple would help me when I finally finish and get around to writing a second draft.


o n e . How and why did they meet?

Hunter’s father found Rain wandering in a field with no memories and blood on her hands (the rain washed it off before he found her, though, and the rain was the inspiration when she named herself, having no memory of her name). He brought her home because he knew she couldn’t stay alone, and thanks to knowing the right people (and this being a book – a bit of suspension of belief because the story called for it), they manage to foster her.

Rain and Hunter: t w o . What were their first impressions of each other?

In the first draft, Hunter was a bit hostile to Rain for intruding into his blissful life as an only child, but that’s not Hunter, so things will change in the second draft. He’s not super open, but he just needs time to get to know her. As a result, he can seem quiet and a bit unhappy to see her, but he’s just trying to figure her out. Rain is a very bubbly person, so she’s quick to try and befriend him and ends up getting annoyed that he needs more time. So, Hunter’s first impression of Rain is that she’ a bit over the top and hard to figure out, since her amnesia means she’s sometimes all over the place, emotions-wise. Rain, meanwhile, thinks of Hunter as a bit of a grumpy teddy bear, although she quickly realizes that he’s simply quiet – a cautious but very cuddly teddy bear.

Rain: t h r e e . How would they prove their love for each other?

By being there for each other. Hunter is demisexual, so Rain is the first person he’s ever been remotely interested in, romantically, and he prefers taking things slow. Rain is bisexual and had a girlfriend in her former life, but she obviously doesn’t remember that, so for her, this is her first relationship as well. They show that they care about each other, and very likely love each other (they’re about 17, they’re not ready to throw the love word around yet) in the little moments, in holding hands and cuddling on the couch and knowing each other.

f o u r . What would be an ideal date?

Just being along together, probably curled up on the couch watching a movie or Rain trying to remember how to play the piano and also teach Hunter at the same time. Rain would drag him along on an adventure every once in a while, especially if it involves dancing and loud music, but she respects the fact that he doesn’t like doing that stuff much, so it only happens once in a while. Plus, they have plenty of other things to worry about, like a mysterious guy trying to kidnap Rain and figuring out what happened to her before she lost her memories.

f i v e . Is there something they emphatically disagree on?

Rain is a very emotional person, someone who likes saying what she’s thinking, running around and expelling all of her excess energy in physical ways, and hugging people and generally being kind of touchy-feely. Hunter is more closed off, only opening up when he really knows someone, and he’s extremely calm, always meditating or simply thinking things through. So, they tend to handle things differently, but they work well together as a result.

 : s i x . List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)

Rain knows: Hunter could be the posterboy for “Drink Milk” // he’s a good baker, especially when it comes to chocolate chip cookies // of course, he makes chocolate chip cookies, he needs something to eat with all that milk // he drinks milk at all meals, though – then, for everything else, he relies on water, like after boxing practices // he only made cookies when his parents needed them for something, but now that Rain is around, he does a lot more baking

Hunter knows: Rain is a pretty crap cook (hey, she has no memories of cooking – because she never did cook in her old life) // she likes to help him bake, though // she likes to eat in general, especially home-cooked meals // as a result, she’s a tiny but curvy little fireball who burns off most of those calories with cheerleading // she loves grapes, and often gets a nice big bowl of grapes as a healthy but delicious after-practice snack

Rain and Hunter: s e v e n . What’s one thing they know about each other that no one else does?

People have noticed that Hunter has never dated and doesn’t seem to be very interested in girls or boys, but Rain is the first one he comes out to as demi, both teaching her about demisexuality as well as getting the chance to reaffirm that that label fits him and he actually fits in somewhere. Rain obviously doesn’t know much about herself at all, but she does open up to Hunter about her worries. To everyone else, she’s the bubbly and optimistic new girl with amnesia, but Hunter knows that she also has some sort of emotion-based powers (yep, this is a paranormal story) and that she’s freaked out by how little control she seems to have over her emotions and therefore her powers.

e i g h t . What’s one thing that they keep a secret from each other?

They don’t really have secrets, since they’re often figuring things out together, like piecing together Rain’s memories and understanding her powers. Rain will eventually remember bits and pieces of her past that she doesn’t want to share with Hunter right away, though, but they’re solid and she won’t wait long before talking to him about it all, even her ex-girlfriend. As for Hunter, the only reason he would keep something a secret from her is because he simply hasn’t told her yet because he keeps things close to his heart.

Rain and Hunter: n i n e . How would their lives be different without each other?

Hunter would be missing that person he could open up to, so he’d still be as closed off as possible. He might have found someone else that he could have eventually fallen for, but Rain is his person. As for Rain, who knows what would have happened to her, alone and memory-less, if she hadn’t had Rick Norton and, by extension, Hunter. Rick brought her into their family, but Hunter brought her into his heart and is doing his best to help her learn control and peace and all of that fun and very difficult stuff.

t e n . Where do they each see this relationship going?

As I said, they’re taking things slow, but they are in this for the long-haul and will deal with anything that gets in their way. I really want to explore their relationship in future books and show a romance actually happening, rather than getting the couple together at the end and not showing how people work together as a couple and stay together instead of all apart. I want to show them dealing with the small and big problems and coming out stronger for them. Of course, that’s where I see their relationship going – these two are just taking it one day at a time and getting to know each other and themselves.


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