Girls Like Girls // Top Ten Tuesday


Happy Valentine’s Day! For some people, this day means giving the one you love chocolate, cards, and other gifts; for others, it means finding cute but store-bought valentines for your entire class at school; and for others yet, this is simply a Tuesday in February. No matter what you think of today, today’s TTT topic is all about the romance. I decided to go with books with great F/F romances – unfortunately, there aren’t nearly as many as M/F romances, but the number is increasing all the time and I hope there are plenty more of them out there for me to love.

In the meantime, these are the ones I like so far – well, some of them. See, I just haven’t read enough books with awesome F/F relationships! There are some where I liked one or both girls, but not them together, so I stuck with ones where I actually liked them as a couple – which wasn’t ten. So, I split this into two parts – the F/F relationships I like and the ones I wish had happened. And, to make this even more jam-packed, I’m throwing in some F/F relationship books that are on my to-read shelf that might make this list in the future (you know, if I do it again, which could happen if I can’t think of a future Valentine’s Day post…)


I really need to reread Everything Leads to You – all I really remember is that I loved them together and was anxiously waiting to see how it would all be ruined – any sort of drama, F/F-related or otherwise. Here’s the great news: IT WASN’T! Yes, if I remember correctly, this book had a pretty happy ending overall, and we need that with QUILTBAG stories of all kinds.


Oh look, another graphic with a typo (this didn’t happen recently, but I was looking at an older post that did have a graphic typo recently, so it feels like it happened recently). Anyway, Hannah and Natalie’s budding romance is not the main point of The Inside of Out – they aren’t the main characters – but it is important, and more importantly, I thought it was a nice and sweet growing relationship. I want more from it, please and thank you.


I was a little thrown because I thought both girls were already out and knew what they wanted and Under the Lights ended up having more “figuring out the whole liking girls thing” first, but once Vanessa finished all that, things got better. This was a great relationship story that dealt with multiple issues, like a lesbian and bisexual girl together, a public figure who’s already having trouble because she’s a POC and now needs to figure out how much to share about her sexuality – and there was a male POV that we really didn’t need as much, but it wasn’t that bad. But we’re focusing on the F/F relationship for this post, obviously.



Sorry, just yelling at my own graphics. This isn’t a typo so much as it seemed to have lopped off the whole title – this is Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel. This one is a bit of a spoiler, but I really needed more F/F relationships for this post! There was a different F/F relationship to start off this book about a queer POC girl, but she eventually realized (after most of the book – it was kind of the point of the story) that that relationship wasn’t healthy and found the perfect girl kind of in front of her all along. So yay for figuring things out, not instalove and all that.


The romance between a white girl and a black girl who both feel uncomfortable with their sexuality because it’s the freaking 1960s isn’t the healthiest, obviously, but I found the romance in Lies We Tell Ourselves interesting, whether I supported it or not. I don’t remember exactly how it ended, but it was interesting and looked at plenty of issues related to race, sexuality, and the intersection between the two.

And now for the romances I wish would happen already!


These two are awesome friends – now just throw in a brief and beautiful relationship between them during their teen years and we’re golden! I don’t think they need to end up together forever (although I wouldn’t say no to that), but anything would be great. One of the wonders of the internet, though, is that we can have this (kind of)! There are plenty of people who support lots of “rare pairs” online and are creating plenty of awesome graphics, fanart, and fanfiction to show us how awesome these couples are – check out one of these great Tumblr sites here, because I love it and check it out all the time, and there are plenty of other awesome F/F relationships, as well as gay and straight ones!


These two have a great friendship, but why couldn’t it be something more? I don’t want to suggest that all friendships need to be sexual somehow, but it would be cool if some of them became something more so that we actually have more F/F and M/M relationships in our books! In Since You’ve Been Gone, Emily was a bit co-dependent when it came to Sloane, but that could be an interesting exploration when it comes to a romance as well as a friendship.


This is a bit of a two-for-one goodie – this applies to the friends in The Revenge Playbook and Smart Girls Get What They Want! Yay, so many choices!

Another friendship, this time between four girls, that could have used a little queerness, either a brief fling to help some of the girls deal with all the drama and patriarchy bullshit they have to put up with or the start of an epic love story that involves a football team scavenger hunt.

As for Smart Girls, this is a trio of girls who are there for each other no matter what, and there’s no reason that that couldn’t lead to a cute romance happening in between all the boys. The only problem with this is that there would be a third wheel, so… OT3?


I think Chloe and Derek are an interesting couple, but don’t tell me that you aren’t intrigued by the antagonistic friendship between Chloe and the witch Tori becoming more? No, just me? Eh, that’s what fanfiction and imagination are for.


Another wonder of Tumblr and the internet – I hadn’t thought of these two as a couple much before I started seeing things online, often in context – we could have had it all! Sure, I loved Matthias and Nina together and the Inej/Kaz coupling had Inej in it, so I was going to love it no matter what, but these two together would be perfection as well. Come on, give us a surprise sequel to Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom where these two at least have a little fling (THAT DOESN’T RUIN THEIR FRIENDSHIP – VERY IMPORTANT) in between all the planning and scheming.

And now for the books on my to-read shelf, because come on, we need even more books!

OurOwnPrivateUniverse LookBothWays WithoutAnnette itsnotlikeitsasecret

Our Own Private Universe // Look Both Ways // Without Annette // It’s Not Like It’s a Secret

georgiapeachesandotherforbiddenfruit SisterMischief

Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit // Sister Mischief

Well, this isn’t nearly enough. Bring on the F/F romances, publishing world!


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