Challenging Yourself Is Fun When It Comes to Books // Challenges 2017

The theme of this month is that I’m finally catching up on all of these things that I should have done back in December and January. One of those things is talking about the challenges that I want to attempt this year, mostly oldies but goodies as well as a couple new ones. Onto the graphics and books I’m hoping to check out this year!


As always, I want to read at least 100 books this year. This is the goal that I set on Goodreads, so I always get those lovely “You’re X Books Behind” or the actually lovely “You’re X Books Aheads” messages when I look at my challenge. There aren’t any specific types of books that work for this challenge – EVERYTHING COUNTS! I always counts DNFs and just add the actual number of pages I read to my page total.


This challenge is specifically for books I’ve never read yet. So far, all of my books have been new, but I don’t count DNFs in this number. I’ve been doing so well at reading new books, though, that I might give myself a nice challenge of actually rereading books – there are just so many goodies at the library and they have due dates while my own books don’t!


As always, I’m still trying to read as many debut books as possible. I want to try out loads of new authors, and there’s always a nice new crop every year. I might change this around in the future, though, maybe include New-to-Me authors as well, not just authors writing their first books. Of course, this is a pretty common and popular challenge around the blogosphere, which is the main reason I haven’t messed with it too much.

Debuts On My To-Read Shelf

thehundredliesoflizzielovett tocatchakiller yourewelcomeuniverse theheartbeatsofwingjones thehateugive itsnotlikeitsasecret whendimplemetrishi WhatILost dearmartin antisocial oneofusislying

Debuts On My Might-Read Shelf

29102902 31423554 30807329


Normally I do the Sophomore Authors Challenge, aka author’s second books released in that year, but lately I just don’t have enough books to choose from, between not liking enough debut authors and other debuters putting out their second book two or so years later, instead of the next year. So, instead, I’m making this challenge all about getting authors a second chance to wow me, no matter what the book – it could be their actual second book, or perhaps their latest or even their first, as long as it’s only the second book I’ve read by them. It doesn’t matter what year it was published in, either – it’s all about the second helpings, thus the super-inventive title for this challenge.

batgirl2 52reasonstohatemyfather therosesociety elizaandhermonsters campsoandso ibelieveinathingcalledlove thisisourstory LookBothWays TheLastOfAugust TheUpsideofUnrequited SolutionsAndOtherProblems


As always, I want to read as many diverse books as possible, and it’s a little easier to remember that when I have a challenge dedicated to it. I count diversity in terms of main characters or a very diverse cast overall – for example, even if the protagonist is a straight, white, neurotypical character, if he or she is surrounded by enough diversity that’s relevant, and not just thrown in as a token character, then it counts. I look for different kinds of diversity, from racial and sexual to mental health-related.


I still want to continue to find older books to enjoy and thus hopefully find older authors who have more books out instead of all these darn debut authors who have the nerve to write just one good book so far and leave me wanting more. I went ahead and slapped a specific date on it so that I’m never questioning “is this old enough?”

MurderOnTheOrientExpress CanYouKeepASecret shopaholicandsister shopaholicandbaby minishopaholic IndustrialMagic Haunted Broken TheSugarQueen FinnikinOfTheRock GoingTooFar


And finally, I want to start reading more books that take place somewhere other than the United States. I really don’t want all of these books to be England- and Australia-set either, but actually all around the world. Bring me all the countries and cultures and experiences!

We’ll see how all of these challenges go – I’m sure I’ll manage to complete most of them, but it takes a lot of skill (ok, it just takes a lot of reading) to beat them all, so only time will tell.


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