Let’s Go to the Movies // Top Ten Tuesday


Sorry that I haven’t been around much – between school, NaNoWriMo (not on track, but still working, which makes me feel pretty happy about my slow but steady progress), and my keyboard being on the fritz, not a lot of time for posting. But I like movies and I’m borrowing my mom’s computer, so you get to see my Favorite Life Action Movies! I was just going to do Favorite Movies in general, but there are way too many Disney movies and I felt like I was ignoring some other great movies, so there are all the live action movies that I watch over and over again. Like, seriously, over and over again – I’m much more of the mind that I should rewatch a movie that I love rather than checking out a new movie just because I haven’t seen it before.

Adventures in Babysitting, 1987 80steenmovies:    Adventures in Babysitting, 1987 (dir. Chris Columbus)

1 // Adventures in Babysitting

I first saw this on TV and, even though it was obviously dated, I kind of fell in love with it. It’s a total ‘80s movie where a bunch of teenagers get into totally unrealistic trouble, but it’s so entertaining. Elisabeth Shue is the titular babysitter who gets stuck watching three kids and gets them into some trouble when they all go into the City (Chicago, I think) and hijinks ensue. I showed it to one of my friends last year and it was so much fun to just watch her watching it. Apparently they remade it into a Disney Channel movie recently, but this is the real deal, with the babysitter yelling “Don’t fuck with the babysitter” at a gang (makes sense in context) and a look-a-like Playboy model. Just go watch this.

10 Bring It On Hairstyles to Copy Even if You Aren't on a Cheerleading Squad | Bustle 10 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming A Cheerleader

2 // Bring It On

Where was this movie all my life? I only saw this a few years ago but wish it had been in my life sooner. I love how realistic it seemed while also over the top fun and ridiculous. I also love how it shows all the work that goes into cheerleading. There are plenty of straight-to-DVD sequels, but this is the best for sure.

  giselle enchanted | giselle - Enchanted Photo (32150252) - Fanpop fanclubs

3 // Enchanted

OK, still going with a Disney movie, but it’s only partially animated. This is just such a cute movie with plenty of catchy songs and an adorable Amy Adams. Apparently they’re making a sequel to this? I’m pretty happy with the way things ended with this homage-giving and lampshading movie, so I don’t really need more.

Photo Freaky Friday (2003) | A Ranking Of 27 Classic ’00s Teen Movies, From Worst To Best

4 // Freaky Friday

Lindsay Lohan at her best, plus plenty of other funny people. I just love this movie about family drama and a difficult mother-daughter relationship. As you’ve probably figured out, nostalgia is a big thing for me, so plenty of these movies are childhood favorites that have stuck around.


5 // The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

I saw some GIFs of this movie on Tumblr so checked it out from the library to give it a chance – and I was immediately hooked. Like most of the movies on this list, as soon as I discovered it, I was super-obsessed, and I don’t even quite know why. I mean, I love the characters, the dialogue, the adventures, the humor, the style – seriously, there are so many things to love about it. I need a sequel – please make that happen, universe. Also, it has a great Alicia Vikander before she became mega-famous.

Miss Congeniality, 2000 quotes from movie Miss Congeniality

6 // Miss Congeniality

I remember when I first saw this movie on vacation when my cousins were watching it. I might have been a tad young for it, and I remember my dad not being very happy that my sister and I watched a PG-13 movie (I know, so scandalous), but I loved it, and ever since I’ve been old enough to watch PG-13 movies without permission (so, a long time), I’ve had fun rewatching this movie so much. I think this was Sandra Bullock at her best, and it’s definitely superior to the sequel.

I got 18 out of 20 on How Well Do You Know "The Parent Trap?"! Alondra take this quiz!! 12 Things Twins Hear All The Time

7 // The Parent Trap

More Lindsay Lohan when she was adorable and wonderful! And did you know that there’s a young Katerina Graham for a second as a friend. But this movie is adorable and probably didn’t help a lot of kids of divorced parents but is too awesome for me to care about that right now.

Your sarcasm is unparalleled. | Community Post: 16 Signs You Might Actually Be Beca From "Pitch Perfect" Pitch Perfect 3 is gonna be Aca-AWESOME!

8 // Pitch Perfect

This movie has its problems, as well as its sequel (too many POC, LGBTQ, and fat stereotypes), but it’s also so much fun and is easy to jump pop in and watch. And so many great songs and singing.

The Princess Diaries images <3 wallpaper and background photos Grooming Tips for Men - Esquire

9 // The Princess Diaries

The movie is only slightly based on the books, especially the sequel, but as its own movie, this totally stands on its own. Anne Hathaway is Mia for me, and I love seeing her come into her own with plenty of great music and touching family moments.

Ugh, young Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You was so swoonworthy </3 Having bad days is inevitable. | 21 Lessons You Learned From "10 Things I Hate About You"

10 // 10 Things I Hate About You

I swear I didn’t put this one at #10 on purpose – I simply went in alphabetical order since that’s how my movies are organized. I first saw this movie in my high school Latin class, actually (Shakespeare = old, Latin = old, that’s about all that they had in common), as a reward for having a bad experience with a sub that ended in some dentions and such (it makes sense in context – you know, the context of my own life). Anyway, I loved it right away. This did such a great job of updating a Shakespeare classic and making things more feminist and girl-power-y. Plus, if you watch this, you can pretend that Heath Ledger is still around and has plenty of life left, like being in the also great A Knight’s Tale.

And, hey. You saw them through some serious awkwardness too. | 24 Reasons Childhood Friends Are The Best Friends


Harry Potter – duh. But that’s too many movies to list. And there are plenty of other great movies that didn’t make this list that I love as well, but not quite as much as THESE AWESOME TEN MOVIES!

If I weren’t watching TV as I wrote this up, I would stick one of these movies in and happily watch it instead of sleep.

Oh, who am I kidding, I love sleep too much.


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