Retrospectively Reading (37)


Hey, only three weeks between this and the last RR post – not bad! I haven’t been around as much as I’d like to be lately, but I’ve still slowly been reading in between all the school. Starting tomorrow, though, I have two weeks in the classroom, each and every day, so I might be a bit too tired to do much of anything – we’ll have to wait and see…


SixOfCrows TheOnlyThingWorseThanMeIsYou Wanderlost

I’m happily rereading Six of Crows before I get to the sequel, which I bought because it’s pretty and has red edges and WHY NOT? I’m also reading two new books, The Only Thing Worse than Me is You and Wanderlost, which I both recently started and am quite enjoying so far.



This is really the only book I’ve read lately that I really liked, which is a bit disappointing, but oh well. Kara Taylor might be writing under Kara Thomas now, but her books are just as engaging, although this was definitely a gritter book than her Prep School Confidential trilogy.


msmarvel msmarvel2 morningglories morningglories2 WithMalice TheWicked+TheDivine2 thewickedthe-divine3

I’ve read a lot of graphic novels this month, and while none of them wowed me, they were all relatively short and engaging with their awesome illustrations and such. With Malice was also in there, and while it didn’t live up to my expectations, it wasn’t too bad and helped fill my need to mysteries lately.



*sigh* I hate to do this, but until she manages to sell or self-publish another book in the Archived series, I think I’m going to give up on Victoria/V.E. Schwab. She’s a great writer and I like following her on Twitter and such, but her books just don’t seem to work for me.


books i need to reread

Skulduggery6 BeautyQueens TheRevengePlaylist Truth About Forever DistanceBetweenUs EveryBreath EveryWord

ONE DAY I WILL REREAD THESE BOOKS! Maybe I’ll start to feel guilty enough if I keep them on here…

books i own but still need to read

SkulduggeryPleasant7 Skulduggery8 TheUnexpectedEverything BloodRedRoad GoingTooFar EveryMove CrookedKingdom findme theyearoftherat

I went to a library sale recently and got a TON of books, a few of which I’ve gotten around to putting on Goodreads – I’m lazy, though, so I’m still working on adding them here, especially since I already have so many other unread books I want to get to and actually paid normal prices for.

from the library

RocksFallEveryoneDies ThisShatteredWorld TheYoungElites georgiapeachesandotherforbiddenfruit

For once, I don’t actually have that many library books, so I’m doing my best to keep this stack short.


Avenged LongMaySheReign

I’ll definitely read Avenged soon because it’s being published in early November and I need to get to it before it expires.


Just Released

MyUnscriptedLife TellTheTruthShameTheDevil TheBoyIsBack Gemina

A new Melina Marchetta – and it’s a mystery (I think)! AND A NEW MEG CABOT!

I will never not be excited when there’s new stuff from her.

Just Added

campsoandso morningglories3 morningglories4 morningglories5 morningglories6 morningglories7 morningglories8 morningglories9 morningglories10 aminormalyet andidarken aweekofmondays cherry firstthen leaveme parallel tellmethreethings thebigrewind thehatinggame theregulars thesweetterriblegloriousyearitrulycompletelylostit thewickedthedivine4

Um… yeah, I added a lot of books in the past few months. In between starting Morning Glories, which has a lot of volumes out so far, and moving some books from my “maybe” shelf to my “to-read” shelf, that makes for plenty of books.

Now to read them all…


badromance whendimplemetrishi onceandforall flameinthemist thisishowithappened


I think this has been the first time where I pretty much love all of the covers. Dead flowers, a happy POC with great taste in rings, a delicate Sarah Dessen cover that matches the most recent makeover of her books, an awesome fire bird with dagger-flower-things, and a cover that incorporates a photograph with social media comments – all approve.

Since I enjoyed her latest so much, I tweeted about it – and Kara Thomas liked it!

And the last new book cover, Paula Stokes’s This is How it Happened, is about a girl named Genevieve! And when I happily tweeted about that, Paula Stokes retweeted it! 😀 I will never get over seeing actual authors retweet anything I write.


I couldn’t choose because I’ve been doing the #SpooktacularBooks tag this month and have really liked some of my pictures so far.


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