Big Friendships on the Small Screen // Top Ten Tuesday


This week’s topic is a TV-themed freebie, so I went looking around other blogs to find inspiration and saw that Cee on The Novel Hermit did a post about great TV friendships and decided that was a great topic to do. So, let’s look at some great friendships (in no particular order, because that’s just too difficult)!


1. Lydia & Allison Teen Wolf

What’s that you say about Allison not being around anymore? Don’t be silly, she’s totally still on the show and these two are being adorable friends together! These two are always there for each other, especially during all the paranormal weirdness that goes on in their town. I still need to catch up on the latest season, but things just aren’t the same without Allison – I definitely hope that Crystal Reed comes back for the final season, hopefully not as an Argent ancestor (which she apparently did on the latest season? Like I said, I still need to watch it) – Ghost Allison to the rescue! They’re a great combination of brains and brawn (although Allison is no dummy and Lydia can hold her own as well) and their friendship is just as strong as any romances – any stronger than quite a few of them.


2. Zeta Beta Zeta sorority ★ Greek

There’s tons of drama in this sorority and two of the girls pictured here, Casey and Rebecca, certainly have their share of arguments and times they just generally hate each other, but this is still a group of sisters that actually made me regret never even thinking about Greek life at my school – a short-lived feeling that only lasts while I’m watching the show, of course, but it still counts! I just love how these girls are always there for each other, no matter how many times the sorority nearly self-implodes and such. I still have to watch the last one or two seasons, but I don’t see my love of these girls going away anytime soon. There are plenty of great friendships on this show, male and female alike, but this group overall stood out to me when looking for friendships for this post.

drake-ramoray: “ 10 Currently airing shows # Community. ”

3. the Study Group  Community

Oh, my dear, dear study group – you went to the wackiest and most interesting community college ever and how I wish I could be part of your group. There were romantic entanglements among a group of singles, of course, but ultimately this was a big group of friends, diverse and unique in their own way. The early seasons will always be the best of this show, especially as various members jumped ship towards the end (Troy! Shirley! How are we supposed to have a show without you? And I suppose Pierce had his moments as well…), but this show had a great six year run – now let’s have a movie to show off the last hijinks of these great friends!


4. Alex, Dave, Penny, Max, Jane, and Brad  Happy Endings



But seriously, this sextet is one awesome group. Like the study group from Community, there are some hookups since the majority of the group is unmarried, but it never really ruins their friendship, even though the show kind of opens with that worry (Alex leaves Dave at the alter and the group is left trying to figure out how to still remain friends when Dave kind of hates Alex). Jane and Brad are also one of the best married couples I have ever seen – they’re also best friends while still being a romantic couple.


5. Jane and Lina  Jane the Virgin

I need to catch up on most of the second season, so I don’t know how big a role Lina plays, but their moments together are great. In between all the romantic and family drama, Jane just really needs a best friend, and Lina is one hell of a friend, even though they’re in very different places in their lives.


6. Shawn and Gus  Psych

How can you not fall in love with these two? They are completely best friends for life, and if you threaten one of them, then you are in trouble. I still haven’t seen all of this show, especially the later seasons, but it would take a lot to ruin this friendship for me (so don’t do it, please and thank you).



7. 99th Precinct ★ Brooklyn Nine-Nine

There are so many individual friendships on this show that are amazing, but as whole, they’re spectacular. They’re always there for each other, even through petty spats and outside drama. As police officers, they regularly have to trust each other with their lives, but as a comedy, they obviously have plenty of light moments in between the silly and serious cases.


8. the Keating Five ★ How to Get Away With Murder

This isn’t the most healthy friendships (they become closer because they’re trying to cover up a murder, after all), and the fifth member, Asher, is often left out of the Murder Squad, but I love the light-hearted moments that happen between all these law students. They are there for each other during difficult moments, obviously, but they need to have some more happy moments where they can just goof off and mock each other about their romantic lives.


9. the Recruits ★ Quantico

This is another group of people who have SO MUCH DRAMA, but I love it when they’re just a group of friends trying to survive the difficult world that is FBI training at Quantico. I used this GIF set that’s all about the girls, but there are plenty of male recruits who are part of this group. As with many of the groups, that means that there is romantic drama as well, but I’m focusing on the friendships here. I hope that season 2 can still keep up some of these relationships while Alex goes off to the CIA.


10. the Delinquents ★ The 100

Before I start: I HAVEN’T FINISHED SEASON 3 YET! I know plenty of spoilers already, but I’m sure there are some things I’ve managed to avoid so far, and I hope to keep it that way. Of course, it’s season 1 that really focused on the delinquents since they were all on their own, but I hope that I still have plenty of family-esque Delinquent moments.


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