Monthly Rewind // August


My Month in Review

Well, it’s back to the good ol’ grind of school for me, but this is the last “real” semester I have before student teaching and then graduating. So, basically, scary things that mean I’ll get busy again – not that you could tell that I had a ton of free time this past month, considering I still didn’t post that much. The last month or so of summer sure went by quickly, even as I enjoyed my last couple weeks of freedom while all the local schools were back in session, but there was a nice cap to the month: we got a new cat, an adorable little 9 month old cat we got from a local animal shelter. She’s been settling in fairly well, but our other cat seems a bit miffed that all her “spots” have been contaminated by a newcomer, but she’ll just have to get over it, because they’re all adorable and need to be best friends.

Music of the Month

I was interested in listening to covers back in July, so a large majority of this playlist is covers of songs both old and new. I love it when songs are de-constructed or made much more epic and whatnot compared to the original (not to knock originals, of course – there are some of those on here as well).

Top Books Read

SummerDaysAndSummerNights TheLongGame Skulduggery5 WildSwans

  1. Summer Days and Summer Nights (Stephanie Perkins): This was a mixed bag of stories, to be sure, but there were definitely some great ones among the lesser ones, so a decent introduction to anthologies.
  2. The Long Game (Jennifer Lynn Barnes): This was another thrilling book from Barnes, but it did have a bit of a trigger for me (SPOILER: a school shooting) that threw me, unfortunately. Really great otherwise, though.
  3. Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil (Derek Landy): I’m finally continuing my reread of this spectacular and dark series before I get to the newer books so that I can finally finish this series.
  4. Wild Swans (Jessica Spotswood): All the great buzz I heard about this book was true, so don’t wait as long as I did before giving it a shot. It has a great look at family and self-identity, always good subjects.
  5. Killer Instinct and All In (Jennifer Lynn Barnes): Oh, why didn’t I wait until it was closer to the release of the next book to catch up on this books? I need the fourth book now!
  6. Ask Me How I Got Here (Christine Heppermann): I’m not a big poetry/prose person, but god was this book beautiful and heartbreaking even with a scant 200 pages or so. Christine Heppermann definitely has my attention now, after this and her first book.
  7. Dime Store Magic (Kelley Armstrong): Not perfect, but it was a fun paranormal adventure that has me interested in speeding my way through the rest of series, which luckily is all published.
  8. P.S. I Like You (Kasie West): KASIE WEST, YOU ARE SPECTACULAR! This newest from her is right up there with my love of her first contemporary, The Distance Between Us.

KillerInstinct AskMeHowIGotHere DimeStoreMagic PSILikeYou

Quote of the Month

A pretty mindless duty, lending itself to daydreaming. Although, really, what didn’t lend itself to daydreaming?

– P.S. I Like You (Kasie West)

Favorite Posts

  1. Running From Assassins Makes For Fascinating Characters // Beautiful People
  2. The Dead Never Really Leave Us // Remembrance by Meg Cabot
  3. Six Years and So Many Books
  4. Once Upon a Dream of Dragons // Kingdom of Ashes by Rhiannon Thomas
  5. Appearance Isn’t Everything – Except When It Is // Beautiful People
  6. Come Check Out My Dream Classroom Library // Top Ten Tuesday

Books I’m Excited About

TheUnexpectedEverything JustVisiting ThisSavageSong TheRevengePlaylist

Oh school, why did you have to start back up when my library and owned book stacks are so high? I still haven’t read The Unexpected Everything, which I bought back in July, and Just Visiting and This Savage Song are library books, which means I don’t have forever, and The Revenge Playbook is yet another book I own that I want to reread but keep putting off because they don’t take precedence over books that I only have for 3-6 weeks or so.

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

WhereAmINow CrookedKingdom

Hmm, not a lot of books coming out in September – at least I have new fall TV coming out, right?

Challenges – Progress

2016 Challenge


Debut Challenge

12/12 – I just finished this one, and only one (the last one) was a DNF! *pats self on back*

Sophomore Challenge


Backlist Challenge


Finished Challenges

Mental Health Challenge

New Books Challenge


Diverse Challenge


Retellings Challenge

10/10 – the same

Reading Statistics

Books Read This Month: 16
Books Read for Challenges This Month: 13
Pages Read This Month: 5,465
Average Rating This Month: 3.77
Highest Rating This Month: 5
Lowest Rating This Month (Excluding DNFs): 1

Total Books Read for Challenges: 76
Total Pages Read: 29,347
Total Average Rating: 3.94

Favorite Non-Book Things

1 // Dead of Summer: I’ve been enjoying this new Freeform show – it’s been over the top and campy sometimes (no, that’s not a pun about this 80s-set show that takes place in a summer camp), but quite enthralling at times. I have two episodes left, so no spoilers – I know there’s plenty more death to get through, but I want to see how it all ends.


2 // Legends of Tomorrow: I was too busy back in the spring to watch this new DC show, but it’s been playing through the summer, so I’m finally catching up on it. Like the previous show, it can be cheesy and I’m normally bored during the fight scenes (which is why I’m a mild superhero fan, not a huge one), but there are some interesting relationships, and Sara Lance is an awesome, bisexual heroine who deserves all the love.


3 // You’re the Worst: I’m not really big on shows and movies with a ton of adult humor, and You’re the Worst certainly has some darker moments, which is why I gave up on Hulu’s acclaimed Casual, but there’s something about all the characters and relationships that drew me in episode after episode. I’ve watched the first season and am excited to binge the second one before the third one comes out – in fact, I think it came out yesterday? So yay, plenty of episodes to watch! And I’m both excited and a little terrified to see the upcoming (well, for me, anyway) depression storyline, which has gotten plenty of praise.



4 // The Olympics: I’m one of those people who loves seeing all of the world come together for a world-wide competition – I watch all the countries come in during the opening ceremony and get annoyed when the NBC coverage almost exclusively focuses on the United States. There were too many emotion-wringing background stories and watching American athletes prepare for their events rather than watching events without Americans in them. I’m sad to see it’s over, despite its problems – I want my gymnastics and volleyball back!

5 // How to Get Away With Murder: I’m rewatching the first two seasons before it comes back and because they were both at the library and why not? I forgot how addicting it can be and it’s gotten me excited for the new season all over again, although I still have another 9 episodes or so to go before I have to go back to waiting.


6 // Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Allow me a hipster moment: I discovered this show before the rest of the blogosphere began obsessing over it. That being said, I will admit that I only really got interested in it after the obsession started. I originally got it for my mom from the library because I’ve gotten quite good at finding new shows for her (basically get something from PBS or the BBC or something that could be from one of those and she’ll probably like it). I watched a bit of it with my parents, but it was more their show and I refused to really consider it because it was a “parent show.” Of course, that’s just silly, so I’m trying to actually watch all the episodes now so that I can really get into it, without all that silly prejudice.


A Goal for September

Keep up the good work of doing bookstagram pictures and posts at least a good third or half of the month, considering that I’m back to school *sob* I’m ready to stop being a student and start being a teacher – although that means because an adult, which is also scary, so can it just keep being summer for another few years or so? But maybe with fall weather and new TV shows and all the great holidays of fall and winter? That can be my goal – make seasons work the way I want them to – so, basically, I want to run the world.


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