Retrospectively Reading (35)


Look, I made some NEW GRAPHICS! I thought this post could use some prettiness, besides all the books, of course, and I was inspired by various graphics around the blogosphere like floral-themed ones on Bookmark Lit and Paper Fury. I got these as “free goods” on Creative Market, which is awesome and has plenty of goodies!

Well, this is my last weekend of summer break. 😦 Classes start tomorrow, so we’ll see if things slow down (even more, that is) – apologies ahead of time.


ThreeDarkCrowns TheWrongSideofRight PSILikeYou

Look at all these great books I’m working on right now! The first two (eARC and reread) are slightly on hold while I devour P.S. I Like You – it’s might overtake my love of her first fluffy romance, The Distance Between Us, but that’s another book I plan on rereading soon, so we’ll see. 😀 The other two books are great in their own ways (can’t really compare a dark fantasy with a fluffy political contemporary…), so I’ll happily get back to them once I’m done with my darling Kasie West.


Skulduggery5 WildSwans KillerInstinct AllIn AskMeHowIGotHere DimeStoreMagic TheRavenKing

So this is from the past three weeks? I think? I’m finally continuing my amazing reread of Skulduggery Pleasant (good idea, I do recommend, despite all the sadness and darkness); Wild Swans was as amazing as the reviews suggested, which definitely surprised me after I gave up on Jessica Spotswood’s debut trilogy after two books; I’m all caught up on the published Naturals books and I can’t believe that I have to wait until November for the fourth book D: ; Ask Me How I Got Here was a thin but beautiful collection of prose that dealt with abortion and figuring out yourself; Dime Store Magic was a pretty typical paranormal adult book (although I say this as someone who wasn’t read much of that genre yet), but it was pretty fast and entertaining and I am ready for the rest of this series; and I finally finished The Raven King! I’m not as obsessed as some people in the blogosphere and Tumblr, but I still enjoyed it for the most part and came out of this book liking the Adam-Ronan pairing more than the Blue-Gansey one (so much angst), and it had plenty of pretty writing, of course.


SecretsLiesAndScandals PantsOnFire LiarsAndLosersLikeUs

Secrets, Lies, and Scandals and Pants on Fire were relatively quick and so-so books – I don’t regret reading them, but I’ve already begun to forget them just two weeks or so later, so *shrugs* I actually DNFed Liars and Losers Like Us, but I decided to put it here because I think the book had its merits, especially in regard to sexual assault and diversity (although this is partially due to reading over reviews, not my own reading), but the voice just didn’t work for me – I’m still interested in seeing new books from Ami Allen-Vath, though, so it wasn’t a total fail.



I think I happened to read this book on a bad day, but it just made me so freaking mad. This book might have gotten 2.5 or 3 stars otherwise, because overall I was just kind of meh about it, but the fact that it left me so bored and then seemed to feed into my weird and unfounded anger made me far too unhappy to bother giving this book a higher rating.


books i need to reread

Skulduggery6 BeautyQueens TheRevengePlaylist Truth About Forever DistanceBetweenUs

La de dah (that’s not how you spell that, is it?) – someday I’ll get to all the books I own that I want to reread…

books i own but still need to read

SkulduggeryPleasant7 Skulduggery8 TheUnexpectedEverything BloodRedRoad ConfessionsOfAShopaholic GoingTooFar

I’m so sorry, The Unexpected Everything, I promise I’ll get to you soon! As well as some new books I got at an amazing clearance sale – you can catch a picture of most of my haul down below.

from the library

TheSteepAndThornyWay LookBothWays Winning TheOnlyThingWorseThanMeIsYou FinnikinOfTheRock ThisSavageSong MovieStarByLizziePepper 26Kisses JustVisiting AWindowOpens TheGirlontheTrain

Someday I might ban myself from going to the library until I’ve read all of my current library books – but that day didn’t happen at all these past few weeks, as you can probably guess.


Avenged LongMaySheReign

I GOT AN EARC OF RHIANNON THOMAS’S NEW BOOK! 😀 Definitely excited for this one, but it doesn’t come out until 2017, so I’ll probably wait a while to get to it – you know, when my side table isn’t overloaded with library and owned books.


Just Released

EnterTitleHere Vicarious

Hmm, not much, and nothing I’m super-excited for – but that’s just because I am shallow and am not very impressed by the cover of Paula Stokes’s latest – it’ll probably be just as good as her other books, so I’ll just have to pretend that I’m not such a shallow person and read it.

Just Added

TellTheTruthShameTheDevil WhereAmINow Fireworks IndustrialMagic Haunted Broken NoHumansInvolved PersonalDemon LivingWithTheDead Frostbitten WakingtheWitch Spellbound Thirteen

I’ve just been adding books from the Women of the Otherworld series one at a time as I read them, but that’s just silly, so I added them all at once, and I picked these pretty covers that probably don’t fit the stories but who cares? I also added the new Melina Marchetta and Katie Cotugno books because why not, and why yes, I did add Mara Wilson’s upcoming book almost solely based on my love of her in Matilda, because why not?



What a wonderful surprise to get while reading Kasie West – the new cover of an upcoming book of hers! It definitely fits with P.S. I Like You, and I love the combination of her shoes and all those books, but the couple-y pose is kind of meh. But whatever, this is Kasie West + a girl locked into a library/bookstore with a boy, so I’m perfectly happy.


Look at all these beautiful books I got at a Half Price Books clearance sale! I think I ended up getting 18 books, a combination of childhood favorites I want to have in my future classroom, comic book collections, recent reads I want, and some unread books I’m taking a chance on because it was cheap and I am susceptible to the peer pressure of books.


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