Running From Assassins Makes For Fascinating Characters // Beautiful People


It’s time for another look into my characters, thanks to Beautiful People from Cait and Sky. It’s a little late, since this is July’s batch of questions, but whatever, I got them up.


Wandering was my first finished NaNoWriMo story, which I wrote the bulk of in that November and then finished in the next year or so. I’m working on writing a second draft right now before really editing it, so I want to get to know my protagonist, Wren, better so that I can be inspired to work on this story more and actually finish the second draft!


(1) Do they want to get married and/or have children? Why or why not?

She’s a teenager who ran away from her foster home before she really started to think about romance and all that. She’s never done anything, not even had a chaste first kiss or held hands with anyone other than her best friend, Ethan, who is basically her brother (a long time ago, like at the beginning of the first draft, he was one corner of a love triangle, but luckily I thought better of that and decided that they are awesomely close friends who really are like brother or sister, not romance waiting to happen), so she’s definitely never thought about getting married or having children. She’s much too concerned with now, aka surviving assassins chasing her, so she’s not going to think about adulthood choices for a while.


(2) What is their weapon of choice? (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical weapon.)

Wren doesn’t like using weapons, but as someone constantly battling assassins, she doesn’t always have a choice. Pierce, the name she gave to the one female assassin who’s obsessed with her, uses a lot of knives (which is where she got her nickname from), spends a lot of time attacking her, so Wren does her best to fight off the knives and similar weapons and has slowly learned how to use them whenever she can snatch something from Pierce.


(3) What’s the nicest thing they’ve done for someone else, and why did they do it?

Wren took a chance on a boy who claimed to be in the same situation as she is (ie, being chased by assassins). She was extending a helping hand toward a boy who needed it, but she was also being selfish – she hoped that he could help keep her alive and that she wouldn’t have to be so alone.


(4) Have they ever been physically violent with someone, and what instigated it?

Definitely, but it’s not her fault – when you’re being chased by assassins, sometimes you have to get violent in order to survive. She’s very defensive and rarely strikes first, and even when she does, it’s all part of a larger defense against the assassins.


(5) Are they a rule-follower or a rebel?

Hmm… I think she’s more of a rule-follower, but life has forced her into being a rebel in order to survive. If she had been a normal girl, she’d be the type who would hesitate to break any rules. Ethan would probably have to persuade her to do anything that toes the line.


(6) Are they organized or messy?

She’s somewhere in between. She has to be organized enough to stay alive and keep out of the reach of the Malum (that’s the assassin group) but she’s not too interested in writing lists and keeping her few belongings organized. She’s a regular person who has organizing frenzies and times when she can’t be bothered to clean up after herself.

Wren and Ethan:

(7) What makes them feel loved, and who was the last person to make them feel that way?

Ethan – he’s the only person who’s ever really cared about her. She’s had some good foster homes, as well as some decent and bad ones, but Ethan was the first person who seemed to care about her as a person, and not just as a cute little kid. They are each other’s family for better or for worse.

Josh, Wren, and Ethan:

(8) What do they eat for breakfast?

Whatever she can find. She doesn’t have the luxury of having favorite foods when she never really knows what her next meal will be.


(9) Have they ever lost someone close to them? What happened?

She doesn’t really know what happened, but she knows that she was abandoned by her parents, and the only way she can think about her family and not get sick is if she imagines that they’re dead. She’ll find out the truth eventually, but as of the first book, she only knows that her family isn’t there for her and that there’s no guarantee that she’s going to even find them.

Wren and Josh:

(10) What’s their treat of choice? (Or, if not food, how else do they reward themselves?)

Just getting the chance to relax is a treat for her. Having small, quiet moments where she can relax and joke around with Ethan or her new companion, Josh, is a treat that she doesn’t take lightly.

all images are from my Pinterest board for Wandering

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