Monthly Rewind // July


My Month in Review

This was a much better month for me both blogging- and book-wise. I’m still not great at regularly posting, but I still have multiple posts from the past 31 days, so that’s good enough for me. And I annihilated reading this month, getting up to 19 books with only one of these ending in DNF position – seriously, I was on such a roll. I haven’t been as busy as normal, so that probably helped, but I was also just doing great overall. I also had a nice mini-family reunion back at the beginning of July and spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing the house with my parents in preparation for family coming to stay with us for a few days (which never happens, so there was a LOT of cleaning and  organizing to do), so I think just doing my regular 8 or 9 books would have been impressive enough. So, I’m feeling quite smug right now, if I do say so myself.

Music of the Month

I have a full playlist, but I’m lazy and am just going to combine it all and have a July/August playlist. But here, have a couple songs that are on it in the meantime…

Top Books Read

ForestOfRuin DiplomaticImmunity ExitPursuedByaBear Buzz Kill IfIWasYourGirl

  1. Forest of Ruin (Kelley Armstrong): This wasn’t my new favorite Armstrong book or anything, but it was still fairly fun and wrapped up this trilogy fairly well.
  2. Diplomatic Immunity (Brodi Ashton): I took a chance on requesting this eARC, since my experiences with Ashton’s earlier work has been a bit up and down, but it was a surprisingly good and fun contemporary.
  3. Exit, Pursued by a Bear (E.K. Johnston): Ow, my poor heart. Seriously, though, this was an awesome Shakespeare retelling, and based on the summary on Wikipedia for A Winter’s Tale, I’d say it’d a lot better, girl power-wise, than the original.
  4. Buzz Kill (Beth Fantaskey): This was a pretty quick and fairly entertaining mystery that has me waiting for future Fantaskey books.
  5. If I Was Your Girl (Meredith Russo): I really need more trans books in my life – it’s clear that there’s so much more to learn, and hopefully in the form of books that are just good all by themselves, regardless of content.
  6. As I Descended (Robin Talley): Another eARC, another Shakespeare retelling, this time a Macbeth retelling that finds its Lady and Dude Macbeth in two twisted girls, as well as plenty of other interesting characters. Seriously, keep up the awesome diversity, Talley.
  7. The Inside of Out (Jenn Marie Thorne): After loving Thorne’s debut, I took a chance on buying this new book from her, and luckily I loved it just as much – please write lots more, and very quickly, thank you.
  8. The Naturals (Jennifer Lynn Barnes): I don’t know why I’ve been so reluctant to check out most  of Barnes’s books – I’ve enjoyed just about all the  ones I’ve read, including this first book in a Criminal Minds-esque series – I need the rest of the series now.
  9. Queen of Babble series (Meg Cabot): I reread this trilogy and I regret nothing – it was just as fun the second time around.
  10. Up to This Pointe (Jennifer Longo): What a magnificent combination of ballet and Antarctic exploring – I definitely need to check out Longo’s debut.

AsIDescended TheInsideOfOut TheNaturalists QueenofBabble UpToThisPointe

Quote of the Month

“Sure. Normal. Because whenever I walk anywhere, I always spoon the person in front of me.”


“I’m going to change my name to Phyllis Muffler and run away to Tahiti.”
“What will you live on?”
“Lost potential and broken dreams and whatever I can get for the Toyota.”

– Diplomatic Immunity

Favorite Posts

  1. My Bookish 2016 So Far
  2. These Books Shouldn’t Be Underrated So Go Read Them // Top Ten Tuesday
  3. Getting to Know Me // Top Ten Tuesday
  4. Romance Behind the Scenes // Under the Lights by Dahlia Adler
  5. I’d Have These Things If I Ran the World // The Totally Should’ve Tag

Books I’m Excited About

TheUnexpectedEverything ThreeDarkCrowns TheLongGame TheWrongSideofRight

I HAVE ALL OF THESE BOOKS IN MY POSSESSION. Ahem. I bought The Unexpected Everything (it had Target exclusives! how could I resist?!), have an eARC of Three Dark Crowns, my hold on The Long Game finally came in, and I want to reread The Wrong Side of Right, especially after loving Thorne’s latest (see above). So, yeah, I’m in a pretty happy place, book-wise.

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About


Apparently I don’t have many books on my to-read shelf that are coming out in August. Sad day – or month, I should say.

Challenges – Progress

2016 Challenge


New Books Challenge

56/50 – look, another completed challenge! not so surprising, considering the majority of the books I’ve read so far this year have definitely been new-to-me books, as well as plenty of actually-new-this-year books

Debut Challenge


Sophomore Challenge


Diverse Challenge

52/50 – yay diversity! yay completing another challenge!

Backlist Challenge


Retellings Challenge

10/10 – I was on a roll this month!

Finished Challenges

Mental Health Challenge

Reading Statistics

Books Read This Month: 19
Books Read for Challenges This Month: 14
Pages Read This Month: 5,864
Average Rating This Month: 3.94
Highest Rating This Month: 4.5
Lowest Rating This Month (Excluding DNFs): 3

Total Books Read for Challenges: 63
Total Pages Read: 23,882
Total Average Rating: 3.96

Favorite Non-Book Things

1 // bullet journals: Yeah, yeah, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I haven’t been doing much with it right now, but I already have some nice layouts for when school starts back up at the end of this month (*sob*) ad I have some cool t0-read/to-watch/to-whatever pages right now, so I’m feeling pretty good about this awesome hobby.

2 // From Dusk Till Dawn: I’m rewatching the first season of this show for the first time, even though I bought the DVD months ago, and I’ve quickly been reminded of my love for this show. I think I need to buy the second season now and see if I can actually find the third season somewhere alone while it’s broadcasting come this September.


A Goal for August

Continue to be awesome, book- and blogging-wise. I mean, school is approaching on the scary horizon, so I might as well be a bit ambitious and overly confident, right?


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