I’d Have These Things If I Ran the World // The Totally Should’ve Book Tag

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This is a tag that’s been going around (I think it started on YouTube?) – as is often the case, I saw this, wanted to do it, so I’m going to do it.


01 // A Book That Totally Should’ve Had a Sequel

I need to reread this book because it has been too long (it’s been a year, but that’s a lot of books in between!), but no matter what I’ve forgotten, I haven’t forget how much I loved this debut. I would love to see what happens with Kate’s family after the dramatic happenings of this book – they all did a good job of growing as a family, but they could use some more work, so why not write about that? The author has said she has some ideas about a college-set story, which would be awesome, because the romance was also fairly cute but didn’t really stick in my mind as much as the family stuff.

HarryPotter1 HarryPotter3 HarryPotter5 HarryPotter7

02 // A Book That Totally Should’ve Had a Spin-Off

I NEED A MARAUDERS STORY! Lily Evans is a beautiful soul whose story needs to be told! And the rest of the Marauders as well – we can see Peter actually being included, James-and-Sirius friendship (sorry, but I don’t think I’ll ever ship Sirius and Remus because James and Sirius were obviously the two leaders – they could have a flirtation or something, but I think Sirius only had eyes for James), and of course more Lily and James awesomeness! Too bad I can’t have a Marauders story without Snape, though – hopefully it wouldn’t romanticize him like the movies and way too much of the fandom does.

Ruby1 Ruby2 Ruby3 Ruby4

03 // An Author That Should Totally Write More Books

I know the E. Lockhart has written some books other than the Ruby Oliver series, but not much and nothing that I’ve loved nearly as much as these books, so I need more from her! Channel some more Ruby-awesomeness! I think the fourth book ended well, but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t like more Ruby.

Unearthly Hallowed Boundless

04 // A Character Who Totally Should’ve Ended Up with Someone Else

Now, here me out – I liked who Clara ended up with. I don’t think I would have been 100% happy either way because the two boys that Clara is interested in are both interesting. It’s been a while since I read the trilogy, but I just couldn’t quite figure out who I wanted Clara to end up with, which meant the third book’s ending left me wanting something else, while still being pretty happy with the happy ending for the other couple. It just left me so conflicted! I just really need to reread these books and see if I can find a favorite boy. And, of course, I want to relive Clara’s adventures and see if I like the final book a little more this time around.


05 // A Book That Totally Should’ve Ended Differently

I think this is a common choice when people talk about disappointing endings, books that need different endings, and such. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I wasn’t happy where Alina ended up at all, and the resolution with the series Big Bad did seem like a bit of a letdown, and I wasn’t as interested in him as many other readers. It put a bit of a damper on the first two books and made me wary of checking out Leigh Bardugo’s new book, Six of Crows – but I got over that, luckily, because that book is pretty awesome.


06 // A Book Series That Totally Should’ve Had a Movie Franchise

I don’t know about a whole movie franchise, but this could definitely be an interesting movie if it’s done right. We need more girl power movies, especially ones that don’t sneak in some pesky racial and lesbian stereotypes (I like the Pitch Perfect movies, but they are not perfect, especially when it comes to their minority characters *sigh*). This could be such a great comedy + girl power + survival adventure story all in one, as long as it has the right writers, directors, actors… basically, it would be perfect in my magical make-believe world, but I don’t know how well it would work out in the real world.

HeistSociety UncommonCriminals PerfectScoundrels

07 // A Book or Series That Totally Should’ve Been a TV Show

I know these books have been optioned for a movie, but I think they could make for an interesting TV series ala Leverage and White Collar (although I’ve never seen that show, I’m just guessing it’s fairly similar). I think it would be interesting to see a teenage crew traveling around the world and doing various cons and jobs week after week while also building up the various relationships, like Kat’s relationship with her various family members, as well as the romantic ones (because of course those are going to be featured).


08 // A Book That Totally Should’ve Had One Point of View

I liked this sequel to the fantastic The Wrath and the Dawn, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the sudden POV chapters narrated by Shazi’s younger sister. I wanted to get to know her better after such a small role in the first book, but randomly getting her perspective threw me off a bit. I wanted to spend all my time in Shazi’s head, with a bit with Khalid, and sticking in this new perspective complete with a new, slightly-rushed romance frustrated me a little (although I still really enjoyed this sequel).

TheNaturalists KillerInstinct AllIn BadBlood

09 // A Book or Series That Totally Should Have Had a Cover Change

I don’t think these covers are horrible, and they might even be growing on me a tad, but they’re still not great.


10 // A Book or Series That Totally Should’ve Kept the Original Covers

Come on, this cover is gorgeous! The new covers aren’t horrible, and I’m sure I would have liked the new covers a bit more if they hadn’t replaced these covers. Well, cover, because we didn’t even get to see a cover for the second book that matches this one. Come on, why take away the prettiness?!

PoisonStudy ShadowStudy

11 // A Series That Totally Should’ve Stopped After Book One

Not book one, but the original trilogy. I really liked the first three Study books, so when another three books were announced, I was relatively hopeful, but it just didn’t work for me for some reason. I got a few chapters into the fourth book and was on the edge of falling into a horrible book slump if I didn’t stop reading it, so I had to set aside this series for my own good. Maybe someday I’ll change my mind, but it just didn’t work for me.


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