These Books Shouldn’t Be Underrated So Go Read Them // Top Ten Tuesday


I feel like I read a nice variety of books, but apparently I don’t have that many books that count as “underrated” according to this week’s topic (less than 2,000 ratings), so I decided to increase the limit to 3,000 ratings or less. Plus, some of the ratings a bit unreliable with more recent releases that’ll probably get higher numbers of reviews in the coming months. Anyway, too much talk, on to the underrated books!

InkIsThickerThanWater NotOtherwiseSpecified MostLikelyToSucceed

Ink is Thicker Than Water (Amy Spalding) | 417 ratings
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This isn’t my favorite Amy Spalding book (but that’s a bit higher on the list), but it’s still a nice family gem. I need to reread it – I’ve forgotten a fair bit of what happens, but I remember liking the protagonist’s parents and family, especially the fact that her older sister is adopted and is trying to figure out what she wants after finding her biological mother. Yay for interesting sisterly relationships!

Not Otherwise Specified (Hannah Moskowitz) | 771 ratings
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I was surprised that this book had so few ratings – I thought Hannah Moskowitz was a fairly popular author, even though this is the only book of hers that I’ve read so far. This book has so much awesome diversity, especially in its black, bisexual protagonist who is still recovering from an eating disorder. Etta got on my nerves sometimes because she was quite over-the-top, but I loved her so much anyway.

Most Likely to Succeed (Jennifer Echols) | 1,062 ratings

My favorite book in the Superlatives trilogy was the second book, but I still really enjoyed this one about a girl getting out of a bad relationship (not abusive, but the guy was full of himself and didn’t like the fact that his girlfriend was successful and smart) and finding love with the class joke. Sure, it was a bit predictable, but things don’t have to shock you to be entertaining and fun to read.

TheRevengePlaylist ShesSoMoney Illusive TopTenCluesYoureClueless

The Revenge Playbook (Rachael Allen) | 1,254 ratings
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Seriously?! Sometimes I think I’m in the book blogging community too much and am always surprised to see books that can be quite popular in that community aren’t necessarily well-known among the “common” folk. Anyway, this book is awesome, so I guess I should start pushing it on people and change that number.

She’s So Money (Cherry Cheva) | 1,341 ratings

I discovered this book randomly at the library one day and fell in love with it. It’s quite melodramatic upon reread, but it’s still pretty fun and is a nice little diverse surprise that involves smart people scheming (but in a more realistic way than the typical YA heist story).

Illusive (Emily Lloyd-Jones) | 2,175 ratings
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This book has a bigger number of ratings than its sequel, but that’s often the case and I decided it would be better to highlight the first book. This duology (I think that’s what it is, even though the ending of the second book could totally lead to more books, which I hope ends up being the case) is lots of fun, combining cons with paranormal powers.

She’s So Clueless (Liz Czukas) | 2,200 ratings
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This is the type of book that makes me wish there were more movies like it – you know the type, where there’s an isolated story about a bunch of teenagers having fun despite how ridiculous things might get. I could use more books like this as well, but I have to admit that it left me wanting more stories about this group of teenagers working together at a grocery store.

Reece Malcolm List TheGirlFromEverywhere FridaySociety

The Reece Malcolm List (Amy Spalding) | 2,408 ratings
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See, more Amy Spalding – go read her books, especially her debut! I loved the family dynamic in this and want more Devon-Reece feels. There need to be more of these interesting daughter-mother dynamics, as well as protagonists who might be shy and a bit insecure, but also know what they’re good at and are proud of it without worrying about seeming vain or egotistical.

The Girl From Everywhere (Heidi Heilig) | 2,479 ratings

This is a debut from this year, so hopefully the numbers will go up, but I wanted to get the 10, okay? Anyway, this was a debut I was totally going to pass up, which would have meant that I missed out on a pretty fun and interesting ride. I mean, a map-traveling ship that goes to late 1800s Hawaii? Come on, tell me that you’re not even a tiny bit interested.

The Friday Society (Adrienne Kress) | 2,547 ratings
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Three awesome girls fighting together and being awesome in a kind of steampunk or slightly fantastical historical London (I think? or something similar to London) that obviously looks down on them simply because they have vaginas? Yes please – and you should get your hands on this book if you haven’t already.


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