My Bookish 2016 So Far


I saw that Lauren of Bookmark Lit had done a Mid-Year Blogging Update and Goals post, so I was inspired to do one of my own. Yes, lots of people do these posts, but I’ve giving credit to her because it was looking at all her stats that made me want to recap things a bit.

Everything I’ve Read So Far – 60 Books

HyperboleAndAHalfJellicoeRoadBookishlyEverAfterMostLikelyToSucceedFridaySocietyAlex+AdaLiesMyGirlfriendToldMeExquisiteCorpseAlice14IllGiveYoutheSunAlexAda2AlexAda3GloryOBriensHistoryoftheFutureInsatiableDietlandAskingForIt99DaysOverbiteMediator1AfterHoursLuckiestGirlAliveIslaandtheHappyEverAfterMediator2FirstsAlice15Mediator3Mediator4Mediator5ThisIsMyBrainOnBoysMediator6Something RealRemembranceUnderTheLightsSummerOfChasingMermaidsTheLexieProjectThePossibilityOfNowKillTheBoyBandGirlAgainstTheUniverseTheGirlFromEverywhereTextsFromJaneEyreKingdomOfAshesTheDeadHouseRavenBoysTheWrathAndtheDawnTheRoseAndTheDaggerFindingAudreyWWF jacketmech_OTP-REV.inddStolenScarlettEpsteinHatesItHereWhenWeCollidedInTheCountryWeLoveTheFixerMadeYouUpMyLadyJaneTheDreamThievesSquareRootOfSummerOnceUponAKiss
(the numbers are a little off because I read some bindups and didn’t have a picture of a novella, but still, look at all these books!)


So far, I’m doing pretty well on my challenges – I’ve even accomplished one of them! These are my stats and some of my favorite books from the more specific challenges.

2016 Challenge


New Books Challenge

45/50 – almost there!

Debut Challenge


TheGirlFromEverywhere InTheCountryWeLove MyLadyJane

Sophomore Challenge


KingdomOfAshes TheRoseAndTheDagger

Diverse Challenge


JellicoeRoad MostLikelyToSucceed AskingForIt ThisIsMyBrainOnBoys Remembrance UnderTheLights TheFixer

Backlist Challenge


Insatiable Overbite WWF jacketmech_OTP-REV.indd

Mental Health Challenge


HyperboleAndAHalf GirlAgainstTheUniverse FindingAudrey MadeYouUp

Retellings Challenge


*I don’t want to repeat any books, but trust me, I read some great retellings this year as well*

Some Stats Because They’re Fun

Books Actually Read: 57

New Books Read: 45

Books Reread: 12

Books DNFed: 3

Total Authors or Author Combos Read: 43

Standalone Books: 26

Part of a Series Books: 31

Shortest Book: 124 pages (Exquisite Corpse by Pénélope Bagieu)

Longest Book: 551 pages (Stolen by Kelley Armstrong)

Most-Read Author: Meg Cabot with 10 (and counting, because she’s awesome, duh)

Biggest Surprise (in a good way): The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

Biggest Surprise (in a bad way): Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira

Best Series Starter: The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Best Sequel: Under the Lights by Dahlia Adler

Best Series Finale: Remembrance by Meg Cabot

Checking Up on My Resolutions

As I normally do, I wrote up some resolutions back in January for this year, even though I’m terrible at them. Let’s see how I’m doing so far!



I think I’m doing a good job of looking at posts that interest me on other blogs and doing my own thing with them (without plagiarizing, obviously – DON’T DO THAT). I mean, this post is an example – I saw this on Bookmark Lit, as well as some similar posts, and decided it was interesting enough to put my own spin on it. I could do more in terms of being inspired and actually writing posts, but I’m definitely working on it.



Well, I’ve been reading some nonfiction, both memoirs and general nonfiction, so yay! Yeah, it’s only like three or four books so far, but I’m still counting it. As for classics, both ones I’ve already read in school and those that are new to me… yeah, I’m totally failing on that. So, yeah, this is about half and half so far, could definitely use some more work.



I’ve done okay-ish with posting more pictures on my Instagram account, but especially lately, I’ve been failing on that front – I need to start taking some more pictures, especially now that I’m home and have all my lovely books and bookshelves on hand.



I mean, I’m often busy and don’t always read, but I think I’ve done a better job of reading in public, like when I was stuck waiting for a flight for a few hours and did plenty of reading without worrying about being the weird girl sitting there by herself and reading for hours. I get easily distracted while reading, especially when in public, but as long as I keep reading when I feel like it, I’ll consider this a success.



I haven’t been great about posting a lot, but I feel like I’m kind of organized? It’s hard for me to decide because I feel very organized in my regular, everyday life, including with my reading, it’s just the blogging that I’m unsure about.



Yeah, other than the amazing Book Blogging Love-a-Thon, I’ve been horrible at interacting. I need to get better at linking up posts on Twitter, let alone actually talking to others. I’ll try, I promise I will!



This is partially due to not blogging a lot, but I have let many features fall by the wayside – hopefully those will come back when I start posting more regularly.



Yeah, I haven’t been more upfront about my blog and telling people about it. I’m just way too shy to do that, especially when I’m being so inconsistent with posting. There have been times when I thought about talking about some ARCs I had or something along those lines, so maybe I’ll finally pluck up enough courage to say something at some point. *shrugs*



I haven’t been doing as much writing as I would have liked, but I have been talking about it a lot more on here and working on planning and such thanks to Pinterest, so I’m counting it as a partial success.



I am horrible about reading over my own writing to check for spelling errors and such, so I’m counting that. I don’t agonize over whether or not a post is ready to go up or not – I finish it, schedule it, and decide that it’s ready to go. Is that a good thing?

Looking Ahead

Already Released Books I Desperately Want

TheLongGame WithMalice TheNaturalists SheWentAlltheWay JustVisiting TheUnexpectedEverything MovieStarByLizziePepper FinnikinOfTheRock

Upcoming Releases I Also Desperately Want

TheInsideOfOut PSILikeYou CrookedKingdom TheBoyIsBack Gemina SolutionsAndOtherProblems


5 thoughts on “My Bookish 2016 So Far

  1. Love this! Thanks for linking to me 😉

    I agree with both surprises – I LOVED The Fixer and wasn’t sure if I would, and I DNFed Bookishly Ever After 😦 The Long Game was an amaaaazing sequel! Hope you can get to it soon 🙂 Also loved Just Visiting!

    1. Of course – I loved seeing your bookish year so far, it obviously inspired me a bit. 😀

      I NEED THE LONG GAME. *ahem* But yes, I obviously do, every review I’ve seen of it has been amazing and makes it sound even better than the first one. I also have a hold on Just Visiting because, again, so many great reviews! Aw, the bookish community and its rave reviews.

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