Retrospectively Reading (32)


I know this is a day late – yesterday was my last day of my summer semester, so I had to finish up the last bits of my assignments. IT’S NOW OFFICIALLY SUMMER FOR ME! *throws confetti* Maybe I can start catching up on all my reading (finally) – it’s sometimes fallen by the wayside, unfortunately. Also, two days ago was my sixth anniversary if I remember correctly, so expect a celebratory post about that sometime this week!

The Books I’m Currently Enjoying

SquareRootOfSummer MyLadyJane TheDreamThieves MadeYouUp

I have so many different books I’m reading right now and yet I’m not really reading any of them, thanks to stupid school. I’m the furthest into The Dream Thieves, but then I started ignoring it in favor of all the new books (sorry Raven Boys, you’re still nice, you’re just not new – until I finish the series, of course). Made You Up is another reread, but I started rereading it for a school project and I think I might be more into it than I was the first time reading it last year, so it caught my attention a lot. The Square Root of Summer‘s first two chapters left me confused, but the third chapter left me confused and hooked, so I think it might be picking up for me. My Lady Jane has been entertaining so far, but it was also in the set-up stage, so in between homework and putting off homework, I wasn’t as interested, but things are starting to pick up – intrigue! Hopefully I’ll get through all these books now that school isn’t in my way.

The Best of the Best This Week (Or the Last Month)…

ScarlettEpsteinHatesItHere WhenWeCollided InTheCountryWeLove TheFixer

As you can see, I’ve been quite busy, since this is all the books I’ve read in, what, three or four weeks? *hangs head in shame* At least they were all pretty good – Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but it was still pretty fun, especially towards the end when Scarlett started being an awesome feminist taking down some older, white men for their pretentious privilege. When We Collided made me happier – I kind of hated Vivi’s character, but I loved her as an in-depth look into a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, dark side and all, so I guess I’ll continue giving Emery Lord a chance in the future. I threw in a random memoir via In the Country We Love, which was a great look at our country’s horrible immigration laws and how it affects people like Diane Guerrero, who’s in Orange is the New Black (which I’ve never seen) and Jane the Virgin (which I love and need to catch up on). And, finally, The Fixer was a super-awesome surprise and I need the recently-released sequel NOW.

…and the Unfortunate Rest

NOTHING! At least I have that going for me…

The Books on the Reading Shelf

books i need to reread

QueenofBabble QueenOfBabbleInTheBigCity QueenOfBabbleGetsHitched BlueLilyLilyBlue Skulduggery5 Skulduggery6

I need to get reading, obviously. Chop chop, me.

books i own but still need to read

SheWentAlltheWay SkulduggeryPleasant7 Skulduggery8

Once I finally finish rereading the Skulduggery Pleasant books that I already have, I can finally start reading the ones I haven’t read yet – I’m a bit scared but also excited. I also have another old new (to me) Meg Cabot book that I got for cheap at a bookstore, so I hope to finally read that soon.

from the library

OnceUponAKiss ForestOfRuin TheRavenKing WildSwans ExitPursuedByaBear UpToThisPointe IfIWasYourGirl

I need to stop going to the library.

But, obviously, I’m not going to stop going to the library anytime soon…


DiplomaticImmunity ThreeDarkCrowns Avenged AsIDescended

I should also probably stop requesting eARCs – but, in my defense, I really don’t do it that much, I just went on a mini-spree recently and actually got most of the ones I requested. Who cares – look at these beauties!

The New Books I’m Anticipating

Just Released

TheInsideOfOut TheWaytoGameTheWalkOfShame MyLadyJane HowItEnds

The huge summer releases finally seem to be slowing down – maybe I can catch up now? Oh, who am I kidding, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Just Added

TheLongGame TheNaturalists BloodRedRoad RocksFallEveryoneDies Wanderlost WithMalice RebelBelle SolutionsAndOtherProblems

Especially when I keep adding new books, both released and unreleased, to my “to-read” shelf. Oops?

The New Covers and News of the Book World

TheUpsideofUnrequited TheShipFromBeyond LongMaySheReign FreedomsSlave

There are finally new covers! And look at them all – a new book from Becky Albertalli that matches her debut, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, quite well; a matching and equally intriguing cover to this year’s awesome debut, The Girl From Everywhere; a cool little kingdom that shows Rhiannon Thomas, author of the A Wicked Thing duology has good luck when it comes to cover; and a decent cover to the Exquisite Captive trilogy finale that still makes me miss the original covers.

A Picture, Rather than 1,000 Words

As you can see, I really liked this book.

In the Spotlight: the Posts that Got Me Thinking this Week

“Her Story: Ladies in Literature with Maurene Goo” @ Pop! Goes the Reader

“Her Story: Ladies in Literature with Paula Stokes” @ Pop! Goes the Reader

“Who Is the Intended Audience for YA Books? (And Does It Even Matter?)” @ Paper Fury

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2 thoughts on “Retrospectively Reading (32)

  1. I just finished reading When We Collided recently, and I felt the same way about Vivi. Her personality was SO OVERWHELMING at times, but overall the story was really well crafted and I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Mostly, I loved Jonah ❤

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