My Babies Are Even Cuter As Babies // Beautiful People


Here’s another Beautiful People post, this time probing into the childhood of a character. You can find out more about this awesome challenge hosted by Cait and Sky here.


I decided to focus on Lucy, the main character from The Teleporter – I felt like I knew more about her childhood than some of my other protagonists, plus I think learning more about her (I mean, coming up with more because I’m a writer not a reader) would help the story as I work on the second draft (which I really need to start doing – summer project?)

Lucy and Luca:

1 // What are their first childhood memory?

It would likely be of Tomas, her adoptive father. He took her in after her parents when on what was basically a suicide mission when she was only one or so, so she doesn’t remember them at all. Of course, those weren’t really strong memories, because she was young – the memories she holds onto the most are simple ones where she feels like she’s a part of family, like with Tomas or Luca, who had a quasi-internship at the magickal private detective agency Tomas runs – he came on when he was in high school and Lucy was four or five years younger.


2 // What were their best and worst childhood experiences?

She loved getting the chance to help Tomas, even if he kept her out of his daily business most of the time. She does remember, just barely, the horrible day when she started asking about her parents and Tomas had to sit her down and tell her why they were gone and never coming back.


3 // What was their childhood home like?

When she lived with her parents, they had a regular suburban house with a white picket fence and a tire swing out front, but Tomas lives in an apartment above his detective agency. It’s not very well-furnished – the above picture looks nicer and homier than it really is – but it’s still home to Lucy. She still lives there with Tomas, even though she’s now 19 or so and could live on her own if she really wanted to (she really doesn’t, though, obviously).


4 // What’s something that scared them as child?

She was terrified that she would lose Tomas like she lost her parents, especially since he sometimes dealt with some dangerous people in his line of work. She  was also a bit afraid of the unknown as a result, although it’s a more abstract fear.

Lucy and Luca:

5 // Who did they look up to most?

Tomas for sure, and then Luca a little when he entered her life. Of course, she spends most of her time with him getting into mock fights and messing with him, but she really does look up to him – Tomas will always be her hero, though.


6 // Favourite and least favourite childhood foods?

She learned from an early age that Tomas is not the best cook and that is she refuses to eat what he puts in front of her, then she doesn’t get to eat at all (although she does have some connections – namely, she can sneak down to the break room of The Agency and get food if she’s really hungry). So, she’s not really a picky eater out of necessity, but she does get really happy when Tomas makes a buffet-esque dinner with tacos and plenty of different choices.


7 // If they had their childhood again, would they change anything?

She knows that she should say that she would want her parents back, but she never really knew them and had a pretty damn good childhood, so one of her greatest secrets is that she wouldn’t change anything (well, she might wish that Tomas had gotten her that blue canopy for her bed that she begged for over and over again when she was eight, but that’s really the only thing).

Lucy and Meow:

8 // What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

She was totally curious and a bit wild and devious as well. She was always sneaking into meetings she wasn’t supposed to be in, avoiding her homeschool lessons so that she could assist Tomas or simply work on her manipulating objects (this is a paranormal and that’s her power – she can “manipulate” or change things, although she is definitely a fledgling when it comes to her powers, even in the current storyline). She also enjoys messing with people, especially once Luca came into the picture.


9 // What was their relationship to their parents and siblings like?

This is just mean. It was basically nonexistent – they loved her so much that they gave her to their best friend while trying to save the world (although they knew their chances of coming back were slim), but Lucy still felt a bit abandoned. She hides her real feelings, though, so even Tomas doesn’t realize that she sometimes thinks she hates her parents for leaving her – she obviously doesn’t, but she’s extremely hurt and feels abandoned.


10 // What did they want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?

She always wanted to work with Tomas at his Agency, and now that she’s graduated (she’s about 19 or 20, I’ll have to double-check), that’s exactly what she’s doing. Sure, she’s still working more on a trial basis because she’s young and Tomas is a little over-protective of her, but she’s doing her dream job and nothing will stop her from getting better at it.


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